How They Really Make “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” – Lights Out with David Spade
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How They Really Make “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” – Lights Out with David Spade

(chip bag crinkling) – [Offscreen Woman] Well,
I’ll interject here– – God damn it. – What you told Carly,
Carly told me, and I told– – [David] Hey, is she
talkin’ about Carly B? – It’s Cardi B. – I think she’s saying Carly B. – There is no Carly B. – Is there a cardio? – [Offscreen Woman] Be
flirtin’ with the stylist! – This is my cardio, this
fucking chip! (David laughing) Ha ha! Got it! Nahhh! Ah! Ha ha ha! Chips for everyone! (chips crunching) I got a bad batch. That’s a bad
batch. Hey, I think we went a little
nuts on this, uh, fake eyelash
budget. Those are fake, right? I mean, God damn. I didn’t know they were gonna
strap two pterodactyls to the eyes. Aahhh!!! She’s like, it’s like a
workout, they look sleepy. They’re like (grunting). She looks like Lambchop. You remember Sherry Lewis and
Lambchop? Remember Lambchop? Puppet named Lambchop? Can you Google Lambchop? Hey, Chad. They’re goin’ at it, I like
this. Hey, guys, keep fighting, but stay away from the corner
where they spilled the wine. Did they clean that wine up? Chad, did you guys ever
clean up that spill? Welp! No you didn’t! That wasn’t your bad. Lawsuit! – [Basketball Woman] Catch. – [David] Well, she’s good. Way better than him. Is that his uh, is that his kid? – No, that’s his
ex-girlfriend’s girlfriend. – That’s his– His ex-girlfriend is dating a
girl? – Yup. – Um… He sucks! Did anyone mention to me he
sucks? He said in the meeting
he’s good at basketball. Hey, Chad, this guy sucks! Why is it Brickhouse time? Clang, clang, clang goes the
trolley. They named it Seafood and
Things? That’s too fake for even our
show. You know what they should call
it? Sean John Silvers. (David laughing) You know who Sean John is? Sean John’s Puff Daddy, isn’t
he? – [Woman In White Dress] I
wanna thank all of you guys that came out– – So this is the big surprise. I gave ’em a mic because
I got Chappelle, my buddy, to come down and do 15 minutes. Hey! Hey, pass the mic! Anybody got eyes on Chappelle? Tell him two seconds. Nobody likes that story! Chappelle’s leaving. Chappelle’s leaving, guys! Great! You fucked it all up! Okay, fight! They’re gettin’ back in me good
graces. – [Woman In Red Dress] With
this Bachelor’s degree, bitch! – She’s got a Bachelor’s
degree in “The Bachelor”. That’s a class. Look, my new shoes came in! – [Woman With Headphones]
They gave you the wrong ones. – Or did they? Fuck! These are a nine. All right, I’ll jam me
little tootsies in there. All right. Finish up, will ya’! I have something that
goes perfectly with this. (rock music playing)


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