How to Feel 100% Worthy of Money, Love and Success (life-changing)
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How to Feel 100% Worthy of Money, Love and Success (life-changing)

we always get in life a reflection of
what we believe we deserve and if we believe that we don’t deserve money love
or success then we will actually block it out of our life now this video I
believe will change your life because it will help you to feel more worthy so
that you have money love and its success coming after you welcome back to another
video my name is Erin and I hope people expand their consciousness now in this
video I’m gonna be sharing with you how you can feel 100% worthy whole and
complete of having money love and success in your life and I’ll tell you
right now that I used to believe I wasn’t worthy of any of those and I’ll
get into the reasoning behind it in a little bit and there’s a little that
will play on words their reasoning because when we believe that we’re not
worthy hole complete of money love or success then we continuously block it
out of our life and this was something that I experienced for years wondering
thinking maybe I’m just not supposed to be abundant in life thinking why is it
so hard believing that love I always had as I’m
one was attracting certain types of relationships into my life that were
showing me that I wasn’t worthy showing me always kind of having a female in my
life that was trying to control me that had to do with my sense of worthiness
and what I was comfortable feeling due to past experience now let me show you
this though as well this is our old self think of this as the self that maybe
doesn’t feel worthy is not abundant is conditioned by past experience the
version of us that is in the autopilot mind think in the same thoughts every
day and it has the pain of the past kind of wearing it on our back and that’s all
based on the meaning we give to our past experience and the meaning we give to
who we are now we are currently thinking acting and feeling equal to this version
of us now here’s the thing and here’s what makes manifestation so much easier
to understand if we want to create our dream reality all we have to do is in
imagine the best version of us that feels worthy that is bold the version of
us that is passionate that feels loved and abundant imagine that version of us
and then what we must do is simply be that version of us now now this seems so
simple and it’s like well it’s not that easy and the only reason it’s not easy
is because we’ve been believing and bought into this one for so long we’ve
believed that and identified believing we are the past we are conditioned we
are in the autopilot mind we are not abundant we are not worthy this is all
been based on just autopilot that’s it when we can start to learn that we can
become less of this and become more of this this is how we experience amazing
things in our life if you’ve read the works of Nevel Godard even Joe Dispenza
feeling the emotion now allows you to perceive of the reality you want so
think of it if we’re not feeling worthy we will get a reality that shows us that
we are equal to not being worthy which means people may treat you like you’re
not worthy you may go in groups of people and feel
like you’re not enough or you have two kind of people please or kind of agree
with people in order to be worthy you might feel that when it comes to money
that you don’t have enough of it and you don’t feel worthy of it and that’s your
reality all reality is is a reflection of what we believe we deserve and who we
believe we are so this video is going to show you how to redo those reasonings
the way that you see yourself so that you can then experience more of the love
and abundance that is in your life now here’s the other thing that I wanted to
share now you could say yes I just have to feel I just have to feel worthy if I
feel worthy that I attract more of into my life but this is how it really works
the way that it really works is we first have a belief a belief about who we are
then that belief causes us to have a feeling and then that feeling causes us
to think thoughts consistent to the feeling that is our state of being if
we’re in a certain state we think certain thoughts and then our thoughts
are equal to that feeling then those thoughts lead to us saying hey maybe I’m
going to take a certain type of action maybe I’m
not gonna go after my dreams because I don’t feel worthy maybe I’m not gonna go
talk to that guy or girl over there because I don’t feel worthy and then
that action or not action then leads to a result which then fuels that same
belief so for example the most common limiting belief that there is is the
belief I’m not enough and if we believe I’m not enough then we will feel like
we’re not enough we will feel inadequate insecurity and then from there we then
think thoughts that are similar to that now I’m not enough I’m not secure and
then we will take the action or the non action based on that end result and it
becomes a perpetual cycle so this isn’t about just looking at the feeling and
saying well I’m gonna feel worthy we have to first off become aware of the
belief the belief is the reasoning and let me share with you a couple stories
about how I went through this and even more recently I’ve become aware of
certain beliefs and meanings that I gave to things in the past so for example I
had a couple root experiences so am i enough am i worthy when we say am i
worthy we’re really saying am i enough and what happened was is I was thinking
that I wasn’t enough because of past experience and that’s where most people
get caught up most people are caught in the knots of their past believing that
their past is who they are identified with past experience thinking this is
Who I am if I wasn’t worthy in the past and how am I ever going to be worthy in
the future but the part here that’s important to understand is the identity
the identification so for example when we look at this I found certain route
experiences we all have route experiences of things that have happened
in the past where we then gave things meaning that then became on autopilot
and those things that were then based on that meaning then sin to run themselves
out in subconscious ways for example I had this one called clown boys what I
wrote right here I had this one experience with my I became aware of
this actually while deep into meditation actually I kind of even remembered it
consciously but I forgot about it because sometimes in the busyness of
life you forget about sort memories and I asked myself why don’t I
feel worthy why do I feel such a desire to prove myself to people and why do I
feel inadequate and insecure and I remembered this one memory that I had
back when I was younger my dad didn’t mean this I love my dad dearly however
at the time he was probably trying he probably had his own reasons for doing
this and when I was about nine ten years old I did this weird thing with my
tongue or what I would do is I would lick like the sides of my mouth don’t
know why I did it I’m sure there’s you look up Louise hay
or something you can hear your life so there’s a thing about it but I was doing
that I was looking the sides of my mouth and what happened was then it caused a
rash that would go right around my mouth where then it would turn red and then it
looked like I had this white this red thing going around my mouth and I
remembered that I was very insecure of it and my dad noticed it and I’m sure my
dad had good intentions at some level about this my dad’s a very caring person
but he maybe he just wasn’t aware in this moment when we were in a car and I
was with him and I think it was also with the influence of my ex stepmom who
may have told him like you need to tell him to stop doing that or something like
that that’s the feeling I have but he was saying like why you keep doing this
thing like it’s gonna keep the rash there and then he’s like he’s like you
keep doing it he’s like okay clown boy clown boy and he said it like that I
remember I just started crying because here the way that we view our parents is
normally the way that we view God in a way that’s who is bringing us up and
that’s why a lot of times you’ll notice that a lot of people that maybe don’t
have much they don’t want to connect to their spirituality sometimes it’s
because their relationship with their parents may have reflected back
something to them and therefore that’s how they then viewed reality
spirituality the way the world works so in that moment though I felt insecure
and even the person that I probably look to the most in the whole world thinks
and calls me clown boy and the meaning I then gave that situation was that I
not worthy I am insecure and I am not enough and for a long time after that
there was a lot of times where I was always trying to prove myself I then
started associate that if I can do certain things then maybe I will finally
be worthy if I then and then I I even realized for a long time I was really
seeking his approval over anything he wanted me to I know he wanted me to like
go to college and get a degree I went to college for a year or two but it wasn’t
my passion I knew I wanted to do something different and I found myself
feeling guilty like I wasn’t enough and secure do I have his validation and then
there was another experience that was 1/root experience that clearly came to
my mind in meditation and then it was also in my conscious mind and then
obviously you’ve probably heard of my story before of my ex stepmom my ex
stepmom was in my life between seven and fifteen years old
during that time my brother and I had almost zero freedom whatsoever we
weren’t allowed to have friends we weren’t allowed to do normal kids stuff
like watch TV and ride bikes and stuff we were normally locked outside of the
house and had to do yard work drinking water out of a hose my brother and I
would try to make time go by if we we were also not given that much food so
we’d get a bowls here in the morning TV dinner at night we were both very skinny
my dad divorced when I was 15 years old and at all the sudden then my brother
and I have all this freedom and it was like a whole new reality however I
because I was talked down to physically mentally and emotionally abused by my ex
stepmom between that time I felt like I wasn’t enough I felt like my value
wasn’t there and the thing is is that remained on autopilot I actually
experienced that of someone was some female figure was always in my life that
was very similar to my extant mom trying to control me because I was comfortable
with that emotions and the meaning I gave to a woman is that women want to
control me woman controlled my dad the woman could and then and then she
controlled me this is just how it is so even after my ex stepmom 15 years old
comes around then I have all this freedom then about 18 years old I have I
had a girlfriend before that that was also
a little bit controlling and then I had a girlfriend for four years that was
contrite and control me very jealous tanned like if I was
hanging out with friends I thought my energy was too much and I dealt with
that and then I was working at Nordstrom’s and woman shoes broke up
with her a couple years later then guess what I got transferred from one
department to a new department that new department had a manager that was almost
the same personality as my ex stepmom it’s very interesting how that works
and here was the game changer years into it we were trying to get her fired for a
long time because she was so in the department because she was so she would
say and do things that she shouldn’t gotten away with but she was protected
by upper management nothing ever happened you want to know when
everything changed was when I realized these things I realized from the past
that I was given things a meaning then I was my past I believe that the heaviness
of my past was Who I am and then I changed that meaning I saw the meaning
in a completely new way I then was able to see that those things that happened
to me were actually positive because it led me to becoming more aware it led to
waking me up and if you’re here right now then let me tell you something you
are waking up to more of who you are the things that happen in your past led you
to going within it served a purpose when I realized that the pain of my ex
stepmom and all that stuff led to my spiritual awakening I then changed the
meaning of the past now realize this this is the scale of consciousness right
here we have shame fear anger that’s where I lived for a long time was in
fear and anger the neutrality was where I learned meditation I learned how to
observe my thoughts to observe the things that happen in the past then what
happened is I became aware of the reasoning the reasoning is the meaning I
gave meaning to things in the past I gave the meaning to my ex stepmom
situation as I am not worthy I gave meaning to the whole I have ADHD
and can’t focus thing and then realize that I agree to it we are the ones that
make up these meanings and now many times many other people may agree and
see and yes of course that’s a meaning that you
should agree with I would agree with that too yeah you shouldn’t have
experienced that when you were younger but here’s the thing we have to realize
that we generated the meaning when we see that we generated the meaning and
agreed to it in the first place we can then change it by reframing it I think
that a lot of the extant mom stuff happened because then it led me to my
spiritual awakening so that I can now help so many people
that’s me changing the meaning when I change the meaning it changed my life in
so many different ways so our worthiness is directly correlated with how that our
sense of value are we enough and if we have this big value system in our mind
these rules that say I know that I will feel worthy once X Y Z then we’re
putting our sense of worthiness outside of ourselves let me tell you something
this will change your life understanding this right here you are worthy and
valuable for just being you that’s it you don’t need to do anything for me to
love you you don’t need to do anything or be in a certain type of way for me to
accept you you are worthy for being you you add something unique and special
into the world there is no one in the world that can do what you do in the way
that you do it everything on this planet has a purpose if you were to watch
different nature documentaries the way the seasons work the way everything in
nature work it all has a purpose and it is part of this rhythm of life and if we
can agree that everything has a purpose you have a purpose and you have a
purpose and something that you’re meant to be in body and in this life and the
more you embody that the more value you put out into the world when I started
doing what I’m passionate about which is these making these videos I started to
feel more you don’t want to get it and think that you what you do is what makes
you worthy but you need to know that I am Who I am right now me making videos
as Who I am sharing these ideas as who I am the more you tap into who you are the
more valuable you will feel and when you get rid of those past meanings that you
gave things that’s when you start to become free you may have give things in
the past the meaning that I feel anger fear whatever shame for what happened in
the past that’s why it feels so heavy right now and you’ve thought and
identified with your past and that’s what’s brought it into the present
moment and then you said I’m not enough you are enough you don’t have to do
anything to be enough you just are when you lessen the degree of the rules you
have as to what it takes for you to feel valuable
that’s where everything begins to change when you realize your own worthiness
when you believe that you are enough because you see that you don’t need to
be in the level of reasoning reasoning is where all the pain happened in the
first place I’m not worthy I believe this I believe that that’s all reasoning
the truth is you are loved you are loved and you have value just by being you
that’s it this whole belief thing is from the reasoning and below paradigms
now will still use this in our life but the key is knowing who you are at your
core you are loved the more you tap into who you really are expressing it not
caring what people think is the more free you are going to feel so realize
that you are enough and all you have to do is get to the core experiences that
caused you to feel like you’re not enough there may be many of them there
are many more than just two for me but as I become aware of them I then see
them for what they are just meanings things I gave meaning to in the past
they are not really Who I am and then as I change the meaning it then changes my
life you see we all have a story we tell ourselves we have a story that says that
I’m not enough I’m not worthy I’m not abundant that’s just a story and if you
want to be worthy all you got to do is let go of this story
and realize that you really are loved at your core you are enough you are enough
and you have value just by being you and when you lesson and you re do that in
your mind remember because belief comes from the meaning then your feeling will
come and you will finally feel like you’re enough and when you’re in that
feeling state you will perceive of opportunities you will perceive of more
money in your life you will perceive and be at the right place at the right time
to attract love that’s all it really takes but the key to this is feeling
100% worthy whole and complete by completing the past and realizing you
have value for being you and if you didn’t know one of my most popular
meditations I have is on feeling wonder scent worthy only complete and
completing those past experiences listen up for 21 days it will transform your
life and it will allow more money love and success to come into your life I’ll
go ahead and link that below plus an end card right here you can click on it and
listen to that for 21 days read the comments and see what’s possible other
than that you are enough peace much love


  • Aaron Doughty

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