How to get a baby and get married in The Sims Freeplay (2017)
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How to get a baby and get married in The Sims Freeplay (2017)

Hi this is Jon with an updated video on how
to have a baby in The Sims Freeplay for November 2017. Things are subject to change but hopefully
they’ll stay similar to what you see before you. So I’m going to put a checklist on the
screen so you can keep up to date with exactly how your progress is going this will take
you around 3 days in total to complete, you can probably do it a bit quicker if you use
your Life Points but I tried not to use them until absolutely necessary. So start off as
per usual, select a Sim and put him into the world (or her). I’m going to run through the
tasks as they come up. So first part of the tutorial is showing the camera movement. OK
so your first task is to buy a toilet. Select the cheapest one available which is the free
one, and there you go, first task done. Next task is to use
the toilet. And you’re level 2 now so you should have 1 Life Point. Next you want to
wash your hands in the sink. And then you’re going to expand a room. Expand it by a small
amount to use the least amount of money. Next you want to add some flooring and some new
wallpaper and that will take you up to level 3. Next task is to buy a lamp and then to
move an object once you’ve actually bought it. Next up you’re going to be asked to browse
the clothes in the wardrobe, just click on the wardrobe and select browse. You don’t
actually have to do anything here, just come straight back out. OK, buy yourself a garden
patch, this is free as well, stick that down somewhere and then grow some free bell peppers.
Once these have grown you should then level up to level 4 which will give you an additional
Life Point and bring your total Life Points to 3. You’ll then be asked to claim your daily
reward, if you click on the mailbox claim your reward. Now you’ll be told to collect
your revenue on the Town Map. Click on the icon in the bottom right and then build yourself
a workplace – the fire station. Click to give your Sim a job at the fire station and then
you’ll be asked to create a new Sim. Create one as you see fit. Once you’re happy, inspire
them by using a cupcake. Now place a clock from your inventory. Open the Sim Tracker
and then you’ll be level 5 – now you should have 4 Life Points. Click to call a Sim over
and then switch to the Sim, and then you’ll be asked to be funny to the Sim so go across
and tell a few jokes. What you’ll then need to do is build the park, so go back to the
town map, click on the park and build it. OK it only takes 4 minutes so it’s quite quick.
And now you’ll be level 6 with 5 Life Points. Next you’ll want to visit the mystery box
shop, have a look through here, you’ll get yourself a Life Point which will bring your
total to 6 Life Points. Open the mystery box, it takes a while… and then your next task
will be to watch Sim Chef on TV – this only takes 3 minutes. Now whilst you’re doing this
you could use your other Sim to do the weekly task which is ‘being on hold to tech support’
– this does take 6 hours which is why I said to use the secondary Sim, by which time you
should see your other Sim has finished watching TV and it’s time to buy a stove. Pop the cheapest
one you can find which is 350 simoleons into the kitchen, place it somewhere nice and then
you’ll be asked to cook bacon and eggs. Cooking time is 10 minutes…it’s quite a long time
really, you’d expect the eggs to be a bit dry by then but still…once that’s done,
you can unlock some cooking utensils. Now any time you’re in the Town Map you should
be able to watch adverts this will get you money and some XP so if you’re waiting for
a task to complete just watch some adverts and get some free money. Next up, go and wash
the dishes, once that’s complete you’ll want your Sim to search the bookshelf. Now this
takes 2 hours and 42 minutes, or 2 Life Points to skip but I just left it overnight. OK so
once you’ve got the town house building, next task is to buy a toaster. It costs 750 simoleons,
place that down and then you will want to cook cheese and tomato on toast.I’m just placing
down a few patches hereto earn a bit more money. Once that’s complete it’s time to eat
the cheese and tomato on toast, now that takes 10 minutes. And then you’ll ask your Sim to
rest their eyes on the couch. Once you become good friends you can then start being romantic
to each other, so keep being romantic until you become best friends and then ‘a budding
romance’. You’ll then have time to complete the ‘Love is in the air’ task which should
get you on your way to getting married, so first step is to have 2 Sims watch a movie,
that takes 1 hour 45 minutes. You’ll be asked to do a quick rinse in the shower(you can
use any Sim for this – it doesn’t have to be one of the two you’re making into a budding
romance). Next task should probably complete by itself (that’s getting 2 Sims in the same
house which will probably already be the case). You’ll also be asked to form a dating relationship
so keep on being romantic with each other until that relationship has been formed. This
is an easy one just have 2 Sims be romantic with each other. Next up you’ll want to make
an espresso in the coffee machine, doesn’t take too long – again you can use any Sim
for this. Next up is flirt with another Sim so get your 2 Sims that you’ve already started
the romantic relationship with and start flirting. Send a Sim home, just click on one of your
Sims, probably the guy in this case and get rid of him and then it’ll ask you to have
a cat nap.And that should bring you up to level 8. Now bring another Sim into the same
house if you haven’t already got 2 in the same house and you’ll be asked to be romantic
to another Sim. Whilst this is happening you can use your spare Sim and visit another Sim’s
town which it will ask you to do, again you’ll get a bit more experience and money. Now I
left the game for a couple of days, I was quite busy at work, so I actually failed the
“Love in the air” quest. It allowed me to carry on however so you can actually continue
and still get married. Let’s just clear up this urine first before we be romantic – it’s
not very romantic having urine lying around is it?! There we are. OK so we’re now partners
which is great. Now it’s time to woohoo! We all know what this means. You’d think they’d
probably go into the bedroom but obviously not in this case. I suppose they have only
got a single bed which is a bit unfair. OK once that’s complete – a quick 5 minutes that
was – you’ll want to buy 2 roses, now go to the shop, find the roses, under the ‘trees
plants and flowers’ section, place them down wherever you like. I’ll put one in the bedroom
here and one in the living room, that’s completed and now it’s time to get engaged! You’ll get
a free eternity ring. So now you can propose marriage and get engaged. Let’s go and do
it in the bedroom, it’s slightly more scenic in there. OK there we are, engaged. Next up,
because you’re so vain you’ll want to spend 4 and a half hours on the phone telling people
that you’ve just got engaged so get that started – you can use 4 Life Points to skip this – I
did because I couldn’t be bothered to wait, and then you’ll be asked to move the 2 Sims
in together. Next task will be to have 3 Sims in a house so invite your other Sim over.
Don’t do what I did here and invite my 3rd Sim to be romantic especially in front of
my partner! Probably not a good idea, let’s just put him in the shower. And again, I accidently
clicked it and had to cancel and send him home – he was getting in the way. OK. So keep
getting romantic, Woohoo as much as you like. So now you should see the option to get married,
click on there. It’s a very quick wedding, and there we go. So now you’ll be given 2
days to have a baby. First step is to be nice to a Sim which is quite simple. Now you’ll
be asked to expand or create a room, expand the kitchen that’s the smallest, and then
spend 450 simoleons on wallpaper and flooring. So just select some which you think will be
nice. That’s a bit ugly. How about this nice pink one for the kitchen? Lovely. And we’ll
get a new carpet. Next up you’ll be asked to read ‘better farms and cradles magazine
this requires 600 simoleons for the magazine pile which you can buy from the store. Just
find it and pop them down on the table somewhere and have a read. It only takes about 9 minutes,
once that’s done you’ll be asked to have a double shot of coffee. Head over to your coffee
machine, have a double shot. And then you’ll be asked to watch ‘Dr Cots’ on TV. That takes
18 minutes. Now you’ll be asked to build the children’s store. Now this does require the
4th Sim so what you want to do, you don’t need to build a new house because you probably
haven’t got enough money. So click on the ‘green’ house and you’ll be able to Add a
New Sim. Add one in as appropriate. And then you’ll be able to build the children’s store.
Make your new Sim clean up any urine that’s lying around in the garden, and away we go.
The store takes an hour and 15 minutes or 1 Life Point to complete so I just used up
a Life Point here. And now we get the option to buy a crib. That’ll go into your inventory
so now you can place it in the house. Let’s just put the lights on here, OK. I think it’ll
look nice in this corner here, make it face the right way, there we go. OK so now we can
click to add a baby. Get them both in here so they can see it happen. It takes 1 day
to complete, now you won’t have enough Life Points to skip this so you’re either going
to have to pay some money or just wait 24 hours. So with the beauty of video editing,
here is 24 hours later and I’ll slow down the video for the last part of it so you can
see the baby, see the options you have and you can see my Sims playing with the baby
and having fun. You can see there’s a lot of customisation in this version compared
to the previous version of The Sims Freeplay, hair styles, eyes, clothes hair it’s all here.
The baby does indeed look a lot nice than in the previous version of The Sims Freeplay,
which did look slightly demonic. Choose a nice name for your baby, this little girl
I’m going to call Veruca, there we are! And you can see my Sims are having a lovely time
interacting with her. Once you’ve had the baby you do unlock a few more items relating
to the nursery. One of them being wallpaper and carpet – which to me look quite hideous
so I didn’t bother with that. The carpet looks ok but that costs 3000. So what I bought instead
was this lovely nightlight, it’s 2 Life Points. It is automatic so it turns on and off during
the day and night.And for 2500 simoleons you can get a lovely mobile, which you can stick
above the baby’s bed and it gives the baby something nice to look at. There we have it
then!A short, 30 minute video on how to have a baby in The Sims Freeplay, hopefully you
enjoyed it, you may have skipped forward a bit to see the baby actually being born, which
is fine, in the description below I’ve put all the steps required in text form so you
can quickly skip through and have a look and see as well. If you have any comments, questions
or queries, leave them down below and I’ll do my best to answer them, and if you would
Like and Subscribe to my channel, that would be much appreciated 🙂 So hopefully you enjoyed
the video and I’ll see you again in the next one!


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