How To Get a Girlfriend? Follow These (15 Actionable) Tips
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How To Get a Girlfriend? Follow These (15 Actionable) Tips

In this video, you will learn how to get
a girlfriend Fast! So Keep Watching: Hi everyone, I’m Sachin Khanna from and let’s start this video: (Intro Music) So, here’s the list of my 15 best tips that will help you to get a girlfriend. The first tip which I’ve for you is: Stop being needy If you find that girls are interested in you and then pull away, stop being needy You might be scaring girls off with your eagerness (which can come off as desperation). Just get some hobbies and work on self-improvement to take up your time. Do something you always wanted to do or start? It’ll take your mind off her and will make you seem more attractive in the long run. My Tip #2: Talk to as many girls as possible, not just girls you’re immediately attracted to This gives you good practice in talking to girls especially if you have anxiety about that and it will also help you to learn
how girls feel and think in general Just make it a goal to talk to at least five
girls a day in person any women any age or any personality my third tip is
put yourself out there this is the most My third tip is: Put yourself out there This is the most important thing which you can do you
don’t have to hit every bar or Club in your town or city but you have to do
something which exposes you to new people no one will come to you and knock
at your door if you don’t make any effort just pursue interests and
activities that mean a lot to you if you are in college you can join any sports
club or join the events and by doing this you will make new friends and
eventually a new girlfriend my fourth tip is always keep standard of personal
hygiene no matter whether you are in college school or an office you always
have to maintain the standard of your personal hygiene we guys can get stinky
very quickly when we sweat a lot as a result of this there will be no girls
who want to close to us Fogo is very important to keep personal hygiene
standard at a high level therefore this can be done by taking showers each day
or after participating in sports activity as well as brushing your teeths
and washing your hair you can also consider using products such as
deodorants and aftershave lotions to stay smelling fresh for a longer period
of time my fifth tip is dress well it isn’t really a problem as to what kind
of outfit you put on as long as you keep your clothes clean and fresh however if
you have a shabby and untidy appearance girls would not choose to get closer to
you so ensure that you be a clean and fresh plots each time after taking a
shower and also don’t forget to wash your clothes regularly my sixth step is
practice genuinely complimenting goals everyone love compliments right so
challenge yourself to find something really beautiful in an angle it doesn’t
have to be something physical it can be acute gasps your and in my ball trade a
talent or skill recognizing and expressing true appreciation for any
girl will make you more attracted to girls
my sound type is make her laugh girls love guys who have a good sense of humor
and the key to having a good sense of humor is to be lighter alert and without
embarrassing yourself as long as you aren’t making fun of people in a
mean-spirited way anything goes is their sense of humor slapstick or
sarcastic just go with it and don’t worry about whether or not she
thinks you are funny because you know what if she can laugh with you then this
isn’t a girl you want to spend a lot of time maybe another girl one whom you
hadn’t noticed before will be laughing so hard that her soda comes out of her
nose and maybe you just found your soul mate my next tip is use online dating
sites I have an interesting step for you do you know there’s a new study – shows
us that today more than 40% of couples in the u.s. meet online first and you
can be one of those by creating an account on these dating sites and the
best thing about online dating is that you know why they are there no one
creates an account on dating sites for selling iPhones everyone is there to
find a partners so create an account on sites like mesh calm or OkCupid com
my next step is flood a big battle being charming is knowing how to float and
people who are best at floating are the people who are always in a playful and
laid-back state of mind this is the opposite of being serious nervous or
uptight my next tip is become a good conversationalist
don’t babble on and on about your mother your cat or your collection of books a
good conversationalist find things they have in common and they do
casual non-intrusive be my next tip is close the deal if you’d like the girl
you are talking to be the bun who ends the conversation this prevents the
conversation from lingering into an awkward silence shows that you are busy
not needy or desperate and allows you to end the conversation on a positive note
when you end the conversation simply say hey I’ve gotta go it’s been a really
good juggling – won’t you continue this over a cup of tea or coffee sometime if
she says yes get her phone number and move on and if she says no just move on
my next tip is help someone it could be her or it could be someone else in the
room if she is carrying something heavy see let me help you with that and carry
it for her is summer short on cash lend them a few dollars so they can eat lunch
in other words be a kind and generous person not only will it get her
attention but it will also help you make feel good about yourself but don’t be
big and do nice thing only when she’s around has someone all the time in a
wide variety of ways she will know resent so with the people she knows and
on the occasion that you came up in a conversation people would say oh he’s
such a great person and this girl bill starting yeah he is isn’t he my next tip
is avoid being friendzone if you find yourself getting a lot of girlfriends
but no girlfriend avoid the friend zone the key here is to stop investing time
and energy into girls who don’t want to be your girlfriend
this may sound gold but the fact is that you are tying up your feelings by
maintaining a close friendship with someone who you have feeling for but who
isn’t romantically interested in you it will be difficult to develop feelings
for someone else if you are feeling for this person are fueled every time you
hang out even if you do manage to develop feeling for someone else your
heart might always be toned and confused and it will be hard to give you a new
flame your undivided affection my next step is be patient look life doesn’t nor
me work up the schedule you have planned your future girlfriend might cross your
path tomorrow or two years from now a healthy relationship will color your
world no matter how old you are so don’t rush into things or else you might end
up enforcing the wrong the girlfriend rule which will cause
pain for everyone involved

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