Howling Success – Luke Dillard
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Howling Success – Luke Dillard

For me it was definitely an adjustment
for sure. It was like, it’s really cool that at State we have so many clubs
and organizations, and it was like great like all these things were super cool
but it’s a little overwhelming cause like, obviously you can’t be involved in
everything. So I was in like a CRU Bible study and so early on
you kind of expect like hey once you know you get in Bible study, like,
connect with these guys, like, be best friends like super quick and like that’s
just not what happened. So early on it’s just kind of frustrating like, man am I
in the right things or am i finding my community? I realized you do have to
take time, especially relationships with people, you have to take the time to get
to know them and like really make an effort to hang out with them, spend time
with them. So you can’t just expect you’re gonna, you know, have these great
best friend relationships like right out of the gate. I feel like I rushed that a
little bit. I could’ve taken more time to just reflect because obviously getting your academics like nailed down first and kind of getting
adjusted to college in general, I mean, that’s first and foremost like why
you’re here. You know I’m really passionate about NC State. Obviously I
love it here. So I’m on the Student-Alumni
Association Committee so we do things like the student networking dinner for
students and the T-shirt distributions like the beat t-shirts and then just try
to do like good community building activities within or for the students
in the Student-Alumni Association to do the kind of networking to get to know one
another. So I think patience and knowing that you’re not going to be able to get
adjusted like day one like it’s gonna take some time you’re gonna have to take
some time to build relationships with other people and you know find your kind
of set your niche or find your community here at State and like
adjust to academics, all that kind of stuff. And then also I think just taking advantage of the resources State has because I think I was a little more stubborn early on. That’s why I
would just take a step back early on and not feel like you have to get it all figured out that
first semester.

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