I Broke Up With My 32 Year Old Girlfriend To Date An Older Woman

Love is blind, some people say. I’d say love is ageless. Nowadays, factors such as age, ethnicity, social status, and lineage are not as important as in past generations when considering marriage. I’d like to know what your take on age difference is when you choose a partner. My name is Harry. I met my wife, Victoria, at the gym. But at the time, I was dating my girlfriend, Amy. We had met through a common friend four years earlier. We got along well, but there was something missing in our relationship. I didn’t know what it was until I met Victoria. My relationship with Amy was somewhat juvenile. She liked going to bars with her friends and shopping on the weekends. She didn’t like to cook and preferred eating out. I wanted to share an activity with Amy. One day I asked her to join me. “Amy, why don’t you go to the gym with me?” That question didn’t go well. “Are you insinuating that I am fat?” I tried to explain what I meant, but her brain didn’t register my words. “I just wanted us to spend some time together,” I said. That’s when she replied: “Okay, we can go shopping when you get back.” As fate would have it, that day I met Victoria. We both wanted to use the same elliptical machine since the other ones were in use. “Go ahead,” I told her. “I’m going to do weights.” Victoria doesn’t look her age. I thought she was 32 years old. We started a conversation, and I learned that she loved working out. “I exercise four times a week,” she said proudly. “I am also a vegetarian.” I smiled and said, “So that’s your secret!” Victoria was a beautiful 42-year-old brunette with a lovely smile. She exuded confidence, and that made her sexy. After a few meetings at the gym, we became friends and started working out together. We discovered that we both like bicycling, exercising, watching documentaries, and reading books. On a Saturday, we agreed to meet at a book fair. She brought along her six-year-old daughter from her first marriage. We spent the day checking out books, listening to published authors, buying books for her daughter, and spending some quality time. Although Amy and I were the same age, we didn’t have much in common. She still needed to grow as a woman and as a person. Victoria, on the other hand, was independent, career-oriented, a great mom, and a beautiful person overall. Amy noticed that I had grown distant, and she asked: “Are you seeing someone else?” I thought this was the opportunity to tell her the truth. However, I didn’t want to hurt her, so I lied. “No. I’m just tired. We have gotten more projects at work.” I knew she didn’t believe me; I could read her face like a book. Although my relationship with Victoria was just friendly, we both liked each other. She knew I had a girlfriend; I had shared that fact from the start. Victoria was a busy mom and career woman that focused her time on herself. That was not Amy’s case, as she had become too clingy. She was always asking questions. I thought her behavior showed immaturity and insecurity. One day, I left my cell phone in the kitchen. Amy heard the text chime and grabbed my phone to see who it was. All hell broke loose. “Who is this Victoria?” Amy asked, raising her voice. “She’s a friend,” I said in a collected manner. “You lying snake! I should have listened to my mother!” She yelled and hurled the phone, smashing it on the wall. Her irrational behavior made me realize that she was not the woman for me. “We’re through!” I told Amy. I asked Victoria on a real date, and we’ve been together ever since. We got married six months after. I adopted Victoria’s daughter. A year later, we became the proud parents of a handsome boy. Victoria is ten years older than me, but true love has no age.

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