I Got Married in Minecraft! (Again)
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I Got Married in Minecraft! (Again)

this is the wedding ring I used to
propose to Breanna in real life but as we gamers all know it is not official
until you marry your wife inside of Minecraft in fact I see Breanna coming
down the stairs as we speak where are you going Breanna look Breanna I know
it’s our wedding day I’m just in the pool chilling relaxing trying to get
ready for the big day okay don’t be mad at me I’m getting relaxed wait a second
our wedding is tomorrow I thought it was today well that goes to show you guys
that I am clearly not prepared for our big minecraft wedding day well okay bran
is saying in the chad i’m gonna mess it up Bri I’m not going to mess up our
wedding day you only get one of these okay behind me right now is where I left
the wedding ring in the secret vault actually I asked Diglett to put it in
there for me Bigfoot is the wedding ring still inside of the vault
are you sure okay well just in case I am going to check it out and see if it’s
still inside of there it’s not inside of there what do you mean you forgot to put
it inside of the vault oh my gosh I Diglett I didn’t want to do this but yes
now I’m officially stressed we don’t have a wedding ring and the marriage is
tomorrow why did I just say marriage instead of wedding you know what I meant
I’m gonna need everybody watching right now to leave a like down below so we can
hopefully find a wedding ring in time what is this guy look so creepy hello
welcome back yes I am back because Diglett wherever he went to lost my
wedding ring dude Diglett is no longer the best man he has lost those
privileges I’m so glad you bought our most expensive gym to put in that ring
so about that have you seen the ring I might have lost it oh my gosh this guy
is going to be so upset I like how this guy just turns around like he’s checking
his inventory oh no he doesn’t know where the ring is come on it’s got to be
in here somewhere um okay what oh my god we are in some big trouble guys I just
have no idea where would Diglett have put the ring if he didn’t put it inside
of the vault inside of our house oh this is stressful the only logical thing to
do is when you lose something is to retrace your footsteps oh I’m going back
to the tuxedo shop wait a second clothes I’m busy think a
sandwich got the time to eat a sandwich I’ve lost
my wedding ring hey but I can see you’re not even eating a sandwich don’t even
lie to me I see you behind the counter hey wait a second I see a ring is that
my wedding ring I can see a ring through the door if this guy is going to lie to
me that he’s eating a sandwich when he clearly is not I just have to find
another way inside of the shop oh and up one thing I get a lot of questions of
people asking me did you wear Preston Styles comm merchandise to your wedding
no actually I wore this a tuxedo that might be the only time you guys will
ever see me not wearing Preston styles merch hold on wait a second yes we can
definitely use these parkour blocks to get into the tuxedo shop I just need to
get into this person’s house um okay this guy’s looking kind of sketchy I
don’t know if he’s gonna let us into his house so I can get on the roof I need to
get into your house please I know this is a weird request by the way don’t let
anybody into your house if you don’t know them just don’t do it okay oh well
this is my house here I took it over recently yes I know that I need to get
inside Jim I imagine you’re trying to sneak into the tux shop how does he know
yes I am but only to get back what belongs to me coincidentally my uncle’s
name is Jim I don’t know why but I like the name Jim if your name is Jim put a
fire moji down below in the comments trust me I understand I get all my
attire from this store late at night yeah I don’t I don’t see a gym you don’t
look like a man who wears tuxedos often if you can answer this riddle I’ll let
you through bro let me get it just let me and Jim fill in the blank
dot dot dot the house man well Jim judging by your name I’m assuming the
answer is just Jim snippety dude ah that’s right open the news is good today
ladies and gentlemen a green foil shirt which comes in the brand-new Lorch lit
mag is that addressed style right now that’s a big job but now audience I’ve
got another concern what if Diglett is working for the tuxedo man look you can
never be too sure that’s why I put floopy back on the microphone but how do
we get inside so we’re we’re on the roofer
now where is the entrance I know there’s an entrance somewhere can I get higher
up I were taking a big leap of faith here come on where is the entrance is
there an entrance down here wait a second hold on I feel like the tuxedo
man knows why is he looking up here how does he know I’m here look at this guy’s
do you see the tuxedo man’s head I’m doing this in f5 mode so he can’t see me
but I can see his head turn and follow me that is way too creepy I am going
down yo I need my ring back homie my wedding is tomorrow I don’t know how I
forgot it was tomorrow but I need it back right now what do you mean what do
you think I’m doing this is my wedding ring the viewers even saw it at the
beginning of the video I clearly said I was having a sandwich this is no time
for jokes listen here buddy if you don’t give me this wedding ring I am going to
have to pour lava on top of your head you cannot enter my place of business
through the roof just because I buy a ton of fire merch know this guy’s lines
through his teeth I see no fire merch anywhere inside of
the tuxedo shop apologize what fine I am sorry I snuck into your shop but not
really don’t tell him that because I I mean like if I didn’t sneak into the
shop I couldn’t get the ring back that’s not your ring that’s mine why would your
wedding ring be laying here that makes no sense also men don’t wear wedding
rings like this this is for the woman this is a man’s wedding ring that is a
woman’s wedding ring have you seen a wedding ring like this anywhere else I
still believe that this is my wedding ring and he stole it that or Diglett
sold it to him nope never seen such a ring I think you wasted your time
breaking in leave through the front door thank you i’ma leave for now a tuxedo
man but you haven’t seen the last of me I know that’s my wedding ring mark my
words I will be back we are continuing to trace our footsteps maybe I left it
at the bank there is a high possibility I did I still think that’s my wedding
ring in the tux shop I’m not letting that go
Jerry I would like to check my vaults why do
Terry and John and Tyler all look the same
may I direct you hold on let me speak in a more proper dialect may I direct you
back past the security guard there was an operator down the hall that would
like to assist you I what do ok I can’t believe they’re just letting me into the
vault like this why do you look like a surgeon who is going to kill me
ok wait ok ok are you sure this is a vault and this isn’t where they secretly
murder people inside of a bank why would the head Baker be down here do I have my
key uh no I don’t need a key that is why I have a driver’s license my driver’s
license as my form of identification why would I have a key
wait a second really the head banker is going to make me publicly in this
YouTube video tell you guys my secret password encode to everything on all of
my accounts editors make sure you guys blur this the only thing I’m gonna tell
you guys is that my password involves jungus but I can’t tell you guys what it
is you’d be able to get into all my accounts Thank You head banker I still
can’t believe I had to say that on YouTube also I feel like this bank is
not very secure shouldn’t they be monitoring me there’s not even security
cameras in here I could technically just open anybody’s vault I don’t even
remember where my vault is woah wait a second this is my vault but the door is
locked open I did not leave it open the last time I was inside of here and what
so somebody’s stole from me there was diamonds in here and now there’s wheat
somebody stole my diamonds and replace them with wheat what kind of prank is
this you don’t just you don’t steal a man’s wedding ring the day before his
wedding and then replace all of the diamonds he saved up to buy his wife a
brand new house I don’t know the name of this bake but I am never Banking with
you guys again keep the wheat I don’t even want it I’m
gonna be honest the last place I remember going to is this really sketchy
storage facility I mean look what this guy’s wearing you can’t tell me he
doesn’t look kind of sketchy wait a second hold on hey James do we still
have that ring you found in storage that’s gotta be my ring of course that
ring is worth a fortune keep it very safe yeah because it’s the ring
but for Brianna someone might come looking for it so keep the guards on
schedule are you kidding me I don’t know if you guys remember electronic Jim he
helped me steal a lot of diamonds from the YouTuber jelly in a different video
I filmed already and uploaded on my channel but Jim has a portal gun which
is the perfect item to sneak into that storage facility
Thank You Jim you are a lifesaver guys can we get a like on this video for Jim
I mean this guy whatever we need anything he just gives it to us and he
doesn’t even make us pay now that we have a portal gun it should be really
easy to get inside of here we just have to do it without being noticed oh this
is gonna be very tough there go okay we got to get further back okay we could do
this this is a very risky shot Oh perfect shot okay they don’t notice that
one hole we’re inside Joe there’s so many security guards inside of here how
am I supposed to sneak past I come on come on come on go go go oh my gosh I
have no idea where to hide there are security guards literally around every
single corner look at that they’re patrolling this so tough there it is
storage facilities for some reason we are in the storage facilities and
there’s not a ton of security guards back here it should be easy to sneak
through this has got to be where they’re keeping the ring these are the upstairs
offices oh my gosh that security guard is way too close yo chill chill yo homey
go the other way oh my gosh the security guards a big dummy yeah that’s right
security guard keep going that way there’s too many security guards in that
hallway for the ring not to be inside of there Oh what is this room giant
conference room with a suspicious-looking double chest whoa
whoa what do you mean wait a second diamond ring and it’s not even Briana’s
ring are you kidding me there’s security guards everywhere
looking for me no no no no I just went through all that trouble and turned on
the security alarm just to not find Breanna’s wedding ring you get it today
can’t get any worse I am climbing the ladder which I have no idea where it
leads to but hopefully it gets me away from those security guards oh there it
is okay that’s why I park my car shoot the portal gun that way one more goes
down over here come on blue portal and we’re
going oh that was so close if you could do me a favor take the
device you’re watching this video on turning like this and make that red
subscribe button grey enable those notifications I don’t know if today
could have gone any worse I am now on the police most wanted list
for breaking into a storage facility and almost taking the wrong ring if you guys
are girls or anything like me I like to underline my day with chicken I love
chicken I can’t help it I’m gonna sit on the couch and literally watch orange
wool and eat my chicken wait a second a ring falls into my pack are you kidding
me I left the wedding ring in the chicken
when I was cooking it I can’t believe I baked the wedding rings into the chicken
I just went through probably one of the most painful stressful days of my life
looking for this ring that was in the chicken the whole time I am so done the
next day that’s right ladies and gentlemen it’s the big day the wedding
day and it’s time to get married why is Briana wearing this and not a
wedding dress she should look like her bridesmaids anyways
Briana is coming down the aisle as we speak and we have the wedding ring
ladies and gentlemen you know what day might have been the most stressful day
of my life but at least we are getting married in Minecraft so finally Breanna
nice marriage in real life is official now that we are husband and wife not
only in real life but minecraft as well ladies and gentlemen thank you for
watching today’s video even though it was incredibly stressful don’t forget if
you comment on one of my videos in the first 60 minutes I will read your
comments and feature them right here and also click these two videos right here
that are being suggested to you right now bye YouTube
have a great day take care and I’ll see you guys next time goodbye everybody


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