I have forgiven my wife for leaving me and our children: Robert Wanyonyi Update | Tuko TV
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I have forgiven my wife for leaving me and our children: Robert Wanyonyi Update | Tuko TV

From deep within me I have forgiven her because God too has forgiven us I do not want to dwell on the past when she decided to leave us because of what I was going through at that time I forgave her a long time ago Will you allow her to visit the children if she wants to? Yes, she is free because these are her children as well at that time I could only lie on my back, I could not lift myself up I could not even sit but when I got some money I went back to the hospital and a surgery was done the hip bones were operated on thus making it easy for me to bend and even sit I had just opened my shop at around 6 am when a man posing as a client came in Later on some other three people joined him They ordered me to give them all the cash I had before I could do anything they asked me to lie down where they took all the money in the drawer I knew they were only going to take the money and leave but one of them asked his colleagues to finish up with me So they shot me twice, on my back since I was lying facing down how Robert has been doing and if we could give an update so today I am here with Robert How are you Robert? I am fine Lynn I am Robert Wanyonyi I was featured by Lynn, it’s been 6 months now they captured my story and shared it across I want to thank God because life has never been the same ever since We received a lot of support things were really tough before then but God has been faithful we are doing better now, we were able to get a better house because the one we were living in had poor network It’s a good house we thank God You received so many calls from people, and a lot of support. Tell me about it We received so many calls the moment you featured us in your show many people wanted to talk to me personally even though some could not reach me because of poor network Mostly I would receive messages and I would ask my mother or daughter to call back and listen to whatever the caller wanted to say Some well wishers were calling from abroad, some just within the country many who called promised to support us did they keep the promises? Yes, because our biggest challenge at that time was rent, school fees, food and other basic needs immediately the story was aired so many people just wanted to pay us a visit some visited and brought us food, some blessed us with diapers, tissues, school bags another well wisher took my children to a tailor who made them school uniforms and bought them shoes life really changed because there’s another well wisher who paid our rent and we thank God I used some of the monies I received to go to the hospital because at that time I could only lie on my back, I could not lift myself up and I could not even sit like I am doing now but when I received some money I went back to the hospital and a surgery was done my hip joints were operated on to enable me to sit and bend so you can comfortably lift yourself up at the moment? Yes. I can do it comfortably by myself. I only need a little support what about the energy? Generally my body is fine, feeling energetic and I thank God even when my feet feel a little bit weak, I can still use the energy in my arms to control the lower part of my body after my story was aired, I stayed in Kenyatta hospital for another 3 months Upon being discharged I stayed in the house for 2 weeks and received an appointment at the spinal injury centre where I was supposed to attend rehabilitation sessions they wanted to show me how use a wheel chair but before then I was supposed to undergo another surgery because my legs were stiff right from my feet to the waist they gave me a lot of hope at the centre because they had promised to make sure I undergo the surgery I stayed at the center for close to 2 months and they kept promising to take me to the theater each passing week they checked my blood levels and they said it was okay while still promising to take me to the theater I was later informed that was the Orthopaedic surgeon that I was to meet was going for further studies in Russia for a period of 3 months they discharged me and promised to keep in touch have they been checking up on you? No. They never even gave me any sort of appointment, in fact they only promised to give me a call which they never did so we only need to be patient as we continue to pray Yes, we hoping God will come through and they will be able to help out for the surgery and enable me to use the wheel chair I was informed that after being taken through rehabilitation and therapy for 6 months I will learn to bathe on my own and even dress up as well as change my diapers at the moment I still receive assistance in changing of my diapers because I am unable to do it on my own how have the children been? I can see a new bed here I can see they are looking smart The children are fine, I thank God our previous house was so tiny, they were forced to sleep on the floor as I sleep on the bed but when we moved to this house, I bought them a bed from the support I received I bought them bedding and they were so excited they are happy, they feel so much at peace in that they keep saying God is wonderful the first thing they do when they get to the house after school is hugging me they then take off their school uniform, their aunt gives them food before they get down to their homework their aunt is your sister? Yes, our last born who has really been helpful to me She had to step in when my father got sick and my mom was forced to go back home and take care of him my sister was working as a house help at that time I requested her to leave that job so that she could help me out with the kids here then I could share with her the little I have She accepted and came over the mother to my children left, but I received information while I was at the hospital that she came back to the house I am aware she is within the town because sometimes the children inform me that she was with them when they get back from school but I have never seen her since she left but you have forgiven her? From deep within me I have forgiven her because God too has forgiven us I do not want to dwell on the past when she decided to leave us because of what I was going through at that time is she free to visit her children? Yes, she is free because these are her children as well I don’t want to involve our children in the bad experience I have had with her the only thing I cannot allow is for the children to go visit her because I don’t know where she is staying I just receive information she met the children and even sent them to come say hello to me, but I have never set my eyes on her before this unfortunate incident I used to operate my own shop as well as dealing in distribution of cooking gas cylinders I have tried to revive the gas cylinders business because I know at least I can’t go a day without getting a customer despite the market being flooded by so many other distributors I have faith that God will provide clients for us I bought these cylinders for a start, God willing I am thinking of opening a boutique because I just want to venture into business that’s why I keep fighting each and every day In case you get clients say here in Pipeline, do you deliver the cylinders? I just want our fans who live within Pipeline to promote your business I had so many customers right from Transami, Taj Mall, Tassia and Fedha I just want them to know that even though I am bedridden I am still running my business I have someone who has been helping in doing deliveries I also have a till number where people can pay for the cooking gas What message do you have for your children? They have been a blessing and my source of strength each day after school they hug me and ask how my day was I also ask them about how the school was and they say everything was fine I also go through their school work I speak blessing upon their lives and I know they will go far Amen I heard Mark wants to go to a boarding school Yes, I know some day God will make a way and he will surely go to a boarding school Amen Dad I have a message for you If Jesus was tempted and He emerged victorious, I have faith you will also overcome all that you are facing and you will be healed I also have a memory verse I want to thank TUKO because were it not for them our story would not have been heard I want to thank God for the entire crew that was led by Lynn and Edu as well as all those who featured us because through them I was able to interact with other Kenyans I want to thank all those Kenyans who came through and supported me as well as those who are still walking this journey with me there are those who have been calling to just check up on me and sending encouraging messages I say a big thank you to all Kenyans and I speak blessing from God upon their lives for the good job they did in my life I also thank the Luhya family in the diaspora because they have been of great help There’s also a friend from Kisii who drove all the way to just pay me a visit to see how I was doing after watching my story on TUKO I speak blessing upon his life because he came along with some old men who blessed us and even stayed here with me the entire day because those people have been more helpful than even my family itself In such a situation, friends can be of great help more than the family I am excited to see you thank you I am happy that you are strong I am very strong at the moment I am also happy that people will be able to see your progress For the TUKO family thank you so much, as you can see Robert is doing fine don’t hesitate to inform us on which other story you would like us to update you on thank you so much and be blessed Amen


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