I Love NU Day
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I Love NU Day

This is the future. This is the future of our state. This is the future of our nation. And this is the future of
who’s gonna change the world. I think this event is very important to advocate for our state and for the university system. I came back because I noticed, just in the last three years, this has been gaining momentum. So, if we have more people come here and talk to the senators who maybe always haven’t been
on the university’s side, throughout time, they’ll really consider the university maybe as a big asset to the state. I definitely think we need to get involved with our legislature about our
communities and our schools because, I mean, a lot of our funding does come from all of these events, and they don’t know about our problems unless we tell them what’s going on. I mean, it’s been a pleasure to be a part of the
University of Nebraska system and being at UNK has been wonderful, and I think it’s really important that the subsidy on this level continues to make it affordable for people like me and others to attend to achieve
that higher education. I mean, there’s students
that are out there that are gonna be the
forefront of different business and the workers in America. We need you. We want you here. We need you to help us grow and progress. I can tell you, having had the chance to meet some of the amazing students that we do have on our campuses, I could not be more proud. I could not be more optimistic
and excited for the future.

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