[IDN SUB][Reaksi] LYODRA-I’D DO ANYTHING FOR LOVE – Indonesian Idol 2020, Orang Korea reaction
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[IDN SUB][Reaksi] LYODRA-I’D DO ANYTHING FOR LOVE – Indonesian Idol 2020, Orang Korea reaction

T : Today~~~~~ T : My name is Teddy…….
(needs oxygen) L : Today again??
T : Yes… Today…. L : How about Tomorrow?? T : Tomorrow & Today…. L : My name is Liam. (True :They don’t have friends and Subscribers) T : @$%(@#%$& T : watch.. T : what… T : we do… T : I can not do anymore…. L : OKAY
T : Let’s get it done…. (LIKE) T : Today~~~~~~~ T : Lyo….. T : Lyodrrrra…. T : She was amazing….
(Your face too….) T : My heart was like…. boooommm! T : Baaaaaaaaaarrr T : She is…..pretty L : Pretty T : smart… L : Smarrrt T : and… T : Good T : Amazing L : She is cute T : ya cute T : some comments say “she’s young” L : 16???
T : Yes soooo young. T : a middle school student? L : “IU” also debuted when she was around 16years old. T : She is soooo amazing. T : I liked her song, so I can’t wait for this. T : Thank you for recommending lots of songs. ( L : Herat)
(T : Thumbs up) L : You are doing like….. L : “Thumbs up” is an old-style….. T : I’m an old man…
L : YES.. YOU ARE…. L : An–Old–Man T : You are…a a hillbilly.
(Biily : Ang ~!) T : Don’t make fun of me. L : I mean You are a parent. L : A parent.
T : Okay…. L : An-old-man T : You are….. T : a hillbilly.
(ANG !) Today~~~~ LYODRA – I’D DO ANYTHING FOR LOVE L : Why don’t you say in Indonesian? L : I’d do anything. L : I L : CAN T : Yeah Yeah… T : BTW Let’s begin. L : So pretty. L : That picture looks young. T : Last time, she put on makeup like a grown-up. T : RED T : Look at her !!!
L : She looks intense. T : Musical !! L : Yes ~ it is ~~ T : She got happy already. T : she is like…. T : She seems to have practiced her movements. T : Something like that. T : She is doing well.
L : Yes she is….. T : I just got goose bumps. L : Her eyes like… wow…. T : She is 16…. right?? L : She looks like ” I’d do anything” T : Look at that stage. L : the direction is really great. (T : Did you see that???) T : Amazing… T : Woh !!!!! T : Rock & Roll !!
(different) L : She controls her voice. L : Crazy !! T : It’s like… musical… L : She totally know how to control them. T : I feel like I am watching a Walt Disney cartoon. (Speechless) L : I’m getting goose bumps. T : It was perfect !!! T : Look at the audience. T : Look at the T-shirts.
L : She has lots of fans. L : a standing ovation (Subscribe) (Like) (Alarm) (PERFECT) L : WOH !! T : I watched Musical. T : The atmosphere changes often. L : It was so fast. T : What I liked is…. T : I feel like I am watching a Walt Disney cartoon. L : For example… L : It was like Elsa’s scene from Frozen. L : There are many emotions in it. L : Then it exploded. L : I like songs which have their own stories. L : She is like…..JAK JAK
(Explaining the song) L : It’s like….웅크러 들었다가…
(Explaining the song) L : 다시 JAK JAK나와주고
(Explaining the song) T : Her clothes remind me of “Maleficent”. L : Ah !!!!!!!! Huh!!!!!!! T : Angelina Jolie T : That why I could enjoy this song. L : clothes, make up and everything on the stage.
her movement too L : All of these reminded me of a witch doing magic. L : I want to be a queen !!!
I can do anything !!! L : I felt like this. T : She was sooo good. T : Lyodra….. L : I felt like I watched a cartoon until the end. T : Even the judges liked her from when she started singing. T : They felt like…” Wow ~ amazing ~ the best” L : THIS IS IT !!!!!!! L : I could see the expressions of the judges. T : 3min was too short for me. L : Yes That’s what I’m talking about. T : I felt like just 1 min. L : I didn’t even know “It’s finished”. T : This song made me a fan of her. T : I like her powerful singing ability. L : I think I should search more. D~~i~~a~~~b~~a~~g~~u~~s L : She is still in my mind. T : Her song is the best for me. T : She is the best. L : The best !! (DONE) L : She is super dope.
T : 인정


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