INSANE Old Delhi Muslim WEDDING Feast ! 2000 PEOPLE + Cooking & Tasting with LOCAL CHEFS
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INSANE Old Delhi Muslim WEDDING Feast ! 2000 PEOPLE + Cooking & Tasting with LOCAL CHEFS

The flavours of Old Delhi are famous not just in the city but in the whole of India From its complex lanes emerges unique flavours and dishes From the corner shops in here emanates brilliant aromas. The inhabitants here are friendly And there are many more fascinating things in our Old Delhi This is great and very tasty. Please do try it. At Matia Mahal Market here at Old Delhi there is Cool Point Which is known for its delicious Shahi Tukde and Firni And Cool Point is run by Danish Bhai We got the opportunity to be a part of his wedding reception. When the wedding feast is of a resident of Old Delhi Then what more can be said about the awesome food. By assembling the best chefs from Old Delhi, Danish Bhai added splendour to this feast At one side marquees were being erected At the other end delicacies from Old Delhi were being prepared Here we met two renowned chefs from Matia Mahal, Nayeem Bhai and Imran Bhai Before seeing what was being prepared Nayeem Bhai showed us some old photographs These pictures are of his father in whose name is this firm This is Indra Gandhi Ji Sri Mohd Yunus Salim, Ex Minister, Law, Justice, Govt. Of India Sym Indra Gandhi, Ex. Prime MInister, Govt. Of India You father had cooked for her as well.
-Yes. After seeing the pictures began the process of food preparation. Where the first dish was Kashmiri Chicken What all have you added to it? There is Ghee We have added Ghee and Curd After being cooked its gravy will be white in colour Then it is garnished with dry fruits like cashew, almonds, raisins, Chironji Don’t you heat the ghee? The ghee is pre heated.
-Okay We fry onions in it and use the same ghee. Into it goes some cinnamon And some black pepper Some of this for decoration and for flavours This is known as Dakhani MIrch(white pepper powder) It is used in white gravies This is salt. It is also known as whole salt This is very coarse Yes it is made finer with hands only. They come in lump form To this we will now add ginger we will add little ginger now and little while garnishing Imran Bhai how long have you been in this work? Now I can’t tell you the exact time Right from our childhood we have seen this work only How many items can you prepare? I can make most of the Mughlai dishes. After cooking the chicken in spices A separate gravy is prepared for the Kashmiri chicken And then both the gravy and the cooked chicken are mixed together and is garnished with lots of evaporated milk solids The Kashmiri chicken gravy is ready It is light yellowish in colour We will garnish these dry fruits on the top Oh great. There is Chironji, cashew, almond, melon seeds and raisins amazing Only dry fruit is left to be added.
-Dry fruits and cream will be added To this we add raisins, almond, cashews, chironji and melon seeds Wow the Kashmiri Chicken is ready You see its colour is slightly yellowish There are lots of dry fruits on the top It is quite a rich gravy You can taste it and see Hmm. Very delicious There is a tanginess from the curd and a sweetness from the evaporated milk solids Its quite a rich gravy Totally drenched in ghee The dry fruits adds crunchiness. Very delicious. You were telling that you have been cooking since childhood and you also mentioned that you have been cooking since the time you could sense the world around Tell us something about the Mughlai food Like what is the cuisine of Shahajanabad Sahajahanabad’s cuisine comes under the Mughlai cuisine Like you have mutton korma And there is mutton stew and mutton Nihari and what was called Golden and Silver dish It was the mutton biryani It was called Sona Chandi because half of the rice in it was golden and half of it was white That is why it was called Sona Chandi After tasting the delectable Kashmiri Chicken It was time for the famous Nihari of Old Delhi Come let’s see how it is prepared? Imran Bhai, everything is added tentatively You weigh the ingredients with this(palm) The ingredients are measured out with the palm We are following what our elders have taught us This is dry ginger and fennel seed powder Saunth is dried ginger After the dried ginger and fennel powder, hand pounded garam masala was added to it It has cumin, black pepper, large cardamom clove, small cardamom, nutmeg, mace All these spices are mixed together and made into a powder. We make it on our own and use it. How much meat is there?
-This has 45 kilos of meat How much trotters is there?
-Here there is 50 kilos of trotters Tomatoes We are adding tomatoes as per the requirement Salt.
-Yes we will now add the salt Approximately two full palms of it As it begins getting tender, it is covered and left to cook on slow flame What are you adding now?
-Channa Powder So this acts as a thickener. It thickens the gravy Channa powder was added to the Nihari And the gravy became thick The appearance of the Nihari changed on the addition of the channa powder The fat is coming out on top that means the masala is ready Yes the masala is getting ready So it is said that traditionally when the Nihari was prepared It used to be put over the flame at night and was taken off the flame in the morning
-Yes By the time the Nihari is cooking over low flame Come let’s start the process of making mutton Biryani Here the Yakhni of the Biryani is being prepared It has raw mutton, curd, garlic, ghee, clove and cardamom and ginger For how long do you leave it like this It will now go up the flame for cooking So you leave it for half an hour approximately So while preparing the biryani, the meat is marinated for half an hour The mutton pieces are marinate din curd, ginger, garlic, whole spices and ghee And then it will be cooked When it is half cooked… When it get to boil for few mins Then the rice is added to it? The rice too is half coked And then both of them cooks together This is Delhi style Pakki BIryani It takes full three hours for the biryani to get ready And you will also add food colour to it Yes the aromatic mixture is made of curd It has Kewra, ground cinnamon and saffron. After the meat was cooked through, now a liquid mixture was being added to it Which was made using a lot of ingredients It has Har Sringar for fragrance See how nice is the smell You have added Kewra to this There is Kewra, Long Elaaichi, Mace, nutmeg and Har sringar Har sringar is a herb It is a flower.
-Yes it is Now you will layer it with rice And then this biryani will be cooked on Dum Meanwhile long grain rice was half cooked And then it was layered on the mutton stew in the cauldron Everything is put in a tentative manner Like how much rice needs to be put in this Into each cauldron goes 6-6.5 kilo rice The rice too is half cooked And the meat is half cooked as well And together they will get ready in the Dum Yes they will be ready simultaneously and whatever part of the under cooked meat will be ready as well How long will you cook it in Dum Nearly 1 hour So finally the cauldron was put on Dum. If we talk about the food of bazar Matia Mahal Then you can’t ignore Haji Hussain’s fried chicken and fried fish They had prepared some delicious dishes in the wedding feast Like gilafi kebab, fried chicken and fried fish What is your name?
-Abdul Rahim Abdur Rahim sir has come from Haji Hussain’s shop The best fried chicken that you get in the whole of India is at Haji Hussain The name of the shop is Haji Hussain.
-Haji Mohammed Hussain It is there since 1975 And it is said that fried chicken was introduced in Old Delhi by him only And its marination is going on here So what all things are added to this chicken There is red chillies, garam masala, ajwain, salt and some water. What is this?
-It is Chickpea flour Do you add eggs as well?
-No we don’t. So it is half cooked and kept aside Yes. Then we will fry it again when the feast begins When will the feast begin?
– It will start by 9 pm Do we have to wait till 9. All this is making me quite hungry. Let me get you something to eat. How much chicken is being prepared? Here there is 150 kilos of chicken and 150 kilos of fish And there is 150 kilos of tandoori item also And also there is nearly 150 kilos of kebab So all these preparation are fro roughly how many people This is fried fish and fried chicken You too try some Naveed Bhai’s work is awesome Whatever things he make is delicious The fish is like butter It is crunchy even if it costs little more, always serve the best That’s what Haji Ji always says Very crunchy And soft from inside Chicken leg piece Here chicken Gilafi kebab is being prepared. Brother you have added a lot of butter You eat it and tell how is it? There is nothing to say It is so delicious. Brilliant If there any lacking please tell us There is no question of any lacking. Its amazing Very tasty Give me one without butter. This has loads of butter This kebab is called Gilafi Kebab It made with chicken mince that is coated with gajar, khoya, paneer, green chillies, beans and capsicum we tried it with butter and cream. Now we will try it without them You take some.
-Sir first you. It is without butter Very juicy, melt in mouth kebabs I like to have it plain When you add butter, it tastes buttery. BUt is this plain one you get the taste of the meat After that we arrived at the workstation of Shakeel Bhai Rotiwale who were from Okhla where hot Sheermal and Lacha paranthas were being removed from the tandoor What all Rotis are being prepared? We have Bhakarkhani Which is also known as Sheermal And lacha parantha made of semolina and all purpose flour And next we have Milk Roti Which is called Disco roti Its a kind of flatbread that will be served in the evening and the third one is Khameeri roti It is four of them.
-Yes The Sheermal is also known as Lal Roti.
-Yes And what is Bhakarkhani?
-It is Sheermal only We have Sheermal topped with Rabri and Pistachio Oh brother! Brilliant. It is very tasty Like…
-Take some more. It is very tasty I am eating Sheermal with Rabri for the first time Very delicious. There is a nice crunchiness from the pistachios on top So we have sweet Rabri on top of this soft Sheermal So when you break this flatbread, you will notice the layers.
-Wait let me show you He will show you See it will break from where ever you wish Shakeel Bhai tell us that you are into the business of making flatbreads Did your elders too were in this same business?
-Yes Yes it is a family affair So its like the Kebachi makes kebabs, the roti makers make rotis Ours is just flat breads Tell us how many varieties of flat breads is prepared in your place.
-There are numerous varieties Still is there any count? Its around 20 varieties This is round one. we make square and triangle one as well. And the ingredients that are added to the dough is different as well
-Yes Some has all purpose flour and semolina, some have whole wheat and some carom seeds In the local language it is called Daleem It is prepared with different kinds of lentils Broken wheat, spices and meat Here there was chicken Daleem that was nicely done into a slurry And to enhance its taste, on top was added fried onions, coriander, chillies and chaat masala The best Haleem in Old Delhi is available in Bundu Haleem in Gali Kebabia Here Nayeem Bhai prepares the Haleem Brilliant. Very tasty While taking about the flavours of Old Delhi you can’t forget about the Chaat Here we tried Papri chaat Though most of the people are preferring non vegetarian food, Let’s try some vegetarian fare as well This is Papri Chaat which has soft Moong Dal fritters On top there is Dried ginger and coriander chutney Bhujia, Pomegranate arils, carrots, radish and coriander leaves Come let’s try it Crispy Papri and Soft fritters Sweet dried ginger chutney. There is coriander chutney as well where the chillies adds a nice spiciness For crunchiness there is pomegranate arils and Bhujia. Amazing taste Next we arrived at the Halwa Parantha counter The guy making the Halwa paratha had come from Maujpur And here we saw how Halwa is prepared step by step It was being prepared with semolina, chickpea flour, ghee, sugar, desiccated coconut and lots of dry fruits Along with this was being prepared a big-sized deep fried Parantha So here comes the deep fried Prantha where a lot of layers are visible And it is a famous dish of Old Delhi Halwa Parantha Its absolutely crunchy and it is eaten with semolina halwa He made us try the Halwa and it is tasty Its crisp parantha And along with it there is gooey and moist semolina and besan halwa with lots of dry fruits You take as well After the starters, it was time for main course And to tell us more about these dishes we had with us Nayeem Bhai let’s begin with mutton biryani you serve and give me a small piece of meat only that’s all. There is lot to eat This is mutton korma And this.
-Its Kashmiri chiken This is Nihari It is mutton Nahari Until and unless you add green chillies to the Nihari, it doesn’t tastes like a great Nihari You don’t get the exact taste These are vegeterian fares. There is puri, naan, chole, dal and paneer Someone is having vegetarian This is Doodh Roti and this is Khameeri roti This is Khameri roti and this is Lal Roti This is the parantha Nayeem Bhai we are here at Danish Bhai’s wedding feast since afternoon And we saw that all the dishes in the menu are being prepared by the experts Be it the halwa Parantha wala who has come from Maujpur Be it Lala Ram caterer, the chaat wala Then there is roti maker Shakeel bhai who has come from Okhla All the gravies are prepared by you For fried stuff we have Haji Hussain All the flavours of Old Delhi have converged here Everything was delicious Finally we are tasting the food that Nayeem Bhai had prepared I have tried the Sheermal They has served it with Rabri and pistachio. Its was yummy I want to try the Doodh Roti You start and have whatever your heart wishes First I want to try Kashmeri chicken It has lots of dry fruits How is the food?
-Its great This Doodh ROti is so soft and fluffy On top there is sesame So a lot of things are mixed into its dough and hence it becomes so soft The dough is prepared in milk We add eggs, khoya and ground dry fruits into it. That is why it remains soft On top there is Desi ghee It has a nice sweet and salty taste This is salty This is sweet The lacha parantha is salty and sweet both Kasmiri chicken is brilliant It is mildly sweet and there is a sourness from the curd You get both the tastes It has curd, cream, desi ghee, dry fruits etc. Let’s try the Lacha parantha This Lacha parantha has so many layers And it has carom and fennel seeds in it And it is made of semolina and all purpose flour The flatbread is so tasty in itself that there is no need of the Salan It is slightly salty let try this with the korma. It is mutton korma it has a nice flavour of the Kewra It has lots of aromatic spices in it A lot of curd is used in this yes curd and brown onions Nihari is a morning time dish but now people have started eating it in the evening Since many years its a norm a party is incomplete without Nihari Biryani and Nihari is indispensable Its true that items should be less yet delicious Thank you After the main course For dessert we relished the ghee laden Shahi tukda and kheer that have come from Danish Bhai’s shop This is Shahi Tukda On top let’s add some Kheer Hot Sahi tukda and chilled Kheer Today it is prepared in pure ghee It is having a different taste The kheer is tasty as well It was time to give rest to the tongue But how can you ignore a Paan Finally we are ending our taste trail we tried so many things And it was great coming here and meeting people I always say that Old Delhi is my second home So I didn’t feel that I was anywhere else I felt as if I was roaming amidst my family And finally we are ending with the paan As night progressed more guests poured in and the celebrations deepened It was time to return home We signed off from the celebration after extending our wishes to Danish and Haji Bhai


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