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Is God in Your Marriage? // Dave Scharf // Time of Grace // Grace Talks

This week, we’ve been talking about our relationships
inside of a marriage. And today I want to talk about the husband and wife’s
relationship with the Lord. Have you ever seen the God triangle? I’ll try to illustrate
it with my fingers here. You’ve got God on top and you’ve got husband
and wife on either side. And the principle is this: the closer husband and wife get to God, the closer they will be to each other. Studies show that the
divorce rates for couples who are into the Word of God
together at home and at church are drastically lower than those, or the national divorce rate. Why is that? Well, it’s because when
we see God’s love for us and are constantly fed with that, it empowers us to show
love for each other. 1 John 4 says this, “Dear friends, let us love one another “for love comes from God. “Everyone who loves has been
born of God and knows God. “Whoever does not love does not know God “because God is love. “This is how God showed
His love among us. “He sent His one only Son into the world “that we might live through Him. “This is love. “Not that we loved God,
but that He loved us “and sent His son as an
atoning sacrifice for our sins. “Dear friends, since God so loved us, “we also ought to love one another.” The more we see Christ’s love, the more we’re going to
want to reflect that love as husbands and wives inside
of the marriage relationship. Now, some people might think that this is not a very
important relationship inside of their marriage. Why do you think that might be? I think that sometimes couples will say, “Well, okay, it’s not
that it’s not important, “but we’re just so busy.” But like eating, not making time for God’s word, could result in death. If you don’t make time
for eating, you could die. The same is true with God’s word. And maybe for some couples, you know, everything’s going pretty well and so there’s no immediate
threat to the marriage. But that’s a little like
treating a fire in the garage like it’s no big deal. Well, at least it’s in the garage, it’s not in the house, yet. Now we need to be able
to answer this question and understand the impact of the answer. Does everyone want your
marriage to succeed? The answer is no. Satan does not want your
marriage to succeed. And he’s doing everything
he can to break you up. But Jesus does want your
marriage to succeed. And He wants the relationship
of husband and wife, and that relationship
with Him and His word, to be one that builds up in the marriage. So recognizing how important
this aspect of your marriage is that relationship with the Lord, I’ve got an assignment for you. If you’re single, I want you to come up with a devotional plan of
how you’re going to be into the Word of God, and
then get together with a group from your church, who’s going
to encourage you in your faith. And if you’re a married couple, I want you to actually sit down maybe have a glass of wine and talk about your
relationship with the Lord and how you’re going to strengthen that. That’s going to involve having devotions or maybe reading the Bible together. It’s going to involve
going to church together, and Bible study, it’s going
to involve praying together. And always remember, this is not a to-do. Instead, this is God’s gift to you. When you’re in His Word,
He gives you gifts. In fact, He tells you that
when you meditate on His word, you’re like a tree planted
by streams of water. You’ll yield your fruit in season, your leaf won’t wither. And whatever you do will prosper. Let’s pray. Dear Jesus, thank you for loving me. Fill me with your love through your word so that your love overflows
in all of my relationships. Especially in my marriage. In your saving name I pray, Amen. Today we talked about the importance of the husband and wife’s
relationship with the Lord which means getting
into His word together. How can you and your
spouse make a plan to spend more time
together in the word? Share your ideas below so that
we can encourage one another. And thanks for watching this week. God’s blessings.


  • Given Mashabela

    So true. It's so easy to get lost in the day to day. We so busy living we forget our purpose in Christ. We forget to spend time with the Lord in our relationships. We too busy loving each other to think that what we have comes from Him. This is a lovely reminder of how to get closer to one another and to God.

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