Isharon Ishaaron Mein – Ep 163 – Full Episode – 26th February, 2020
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Isharon Ishaaron Mein – Ep 163 – Full Episode – 26th February, 2020

Cheers.. Anyway, this is very unfair. It’s a happy occasion and we’re celebrating
by drinking tea! Be patient. It’s daytime.
Do you want to drink so early? Anyway, dad is home. – Yogi’s
father-in-law is here as well. It’s all right.
Let’s party in the evening. That’s a great idea! Yogi,
let’s invite Sujoy as well. Let’s have a competition
of drinking beer. But we’ll surely win,
this time. I won last time.
– Yes.. But this time..
He won. He has won my heart. Sujoy has been very helpful. During adversities we truly realise
who cares about us. Yes, Vivek.
Sujoy stopped the policeman. The policemen were after Yogi. They beat him very badly,
in front of us. We’ll not spare that inspector. Tomorrow, let’s go and break
his car’s windshields. Yes.. He’s right. Both of you will get arrested
if you do that and then,
who’ll get Biryani? They have been so troublesome. Surjit.. Oh-uh!
This is so unfair. I got slapped
but you’re thanking Surjit. Don’t be upset, my darling.
Come here! Hey! Let’s party, tonight!
– Yes, let’s do it. Hey!
What’s wrong? You’ve returned home now.
Why are you sad? You met everyone
but you did not meet Pari. She must be home.
You can meet her. First, let’s make a toast. Cheers..
– Cheers.. Sujoy, please stop it.
This is not done! You’re still busy
with your work. Yogi has gotten the bail,
right? We were supposed
to celebrate. This is not done. Hold this.
– Okay.. Cheers!
– Cheers! Well..
– Yes.. Don’t you think,
we’re celebrating too early? For example.. Yogi has only been released
on bail. It hasn’t been proved
that he’s innocent. Sujoy, do you remember
what our father used to say? When we know,
our client is innocent we shouldn’t be afraid because truth will always
find its way out. Yes, Sister.
He always used to say that. Sujoy, I know you’ll win
this case and Yogi will be acquitted.
– Thank you. What happened when you
went to Yogi’s house to drop him?
Did you meet Pari? No. She was lost
amidst the crowd. I mean, she couldn’t
control her emotions so, she just went away. She was just too overwhelmed
with joy and happiness. I don’t know..
I mean, I didn’t see her. Sujoy, it happens. Sometimes,
when people feel utterly hopeless in life and when revival happens,
suddenly people get emotional. Sister, she loves him a lot. She cares a lot about Yogi.
– So? You said, she’s full of love and that’s what you like
about her. Who could it be? Hey, wait.
Did that man call you again? Sister, I will not spare
that guy if he’s here. Sujoy, wait!
Let me handle this. Sit down. Pari! Is Sujoy home?
– Yes, come inside. Come! Actually, we were just having
some wine. Do you want to join us
for a drink? What’s wrong? Ma’am, what happened?
Say something. By the way.. You didn’t thank me,
today. What happened?
Is everything all right? I couldn’t thank you before. You have done a lot for me
and Yogi. And I am really thankful
to you. Okay.. Relax. Sit down.
Sit.. Pari, I was just doing
my duty. Nothing else. Sujoy, I’m ready. Excuse me? Ready? For what, Pari?
What’re you talking about? I am ready to marry you,
Sujoy. What’s wrong? Look, Pari.. I want to marry you as well
but not like this. Whatever I did,
I did it for Yogi. You don’t have to marry me,
in return. I just want you to know that you don’t have to embarrass
yourself in this manner. Pari..
Sujoy is right. This isn’t the price
for what he did for Yogi. Relationships and love
cannot be given as a fee to someone. I am sorry, Pari,
but this is not done. I understand, it sounds like
that but you’re mistaken. Yes, I loved Yogi. I think, I still do that’s why I didn’t want
to get married. I didn’t want to hurt anyone. But trust me.. I started liking Sujoy. I mean, I need to move on,
right? And I believe that Sujoy is
going to help me out with that because he is very insightful,
mature.. And you.. You’re so understanding. Sujoy.. I genuinely feel that
you’re a great guy with moral values, discipline and you care
about little things. After Yogi I found these great qualities
in you, Sujoy. Please don’t get me wrong. I really want
this relationship. Pari.. We accept your proposal! Sister..
– Yes, Sujoy. Pari is pouring her heart out in front of us. Honestly, she need someone
like you to move on in life. Please don’t say no. Accept her proposal
and we can celebrate! We shall raise a toast
but first I want to hug
my future sister-in-law! Come! What!
You accepted his proposal! Really, Pari? Did you speak to Sujoy? Prakash, listen!
Come out soon! We have good news!
Hurry up! What happened? – I’ll tell you
when you come here! Come soon! Pari has accepted
Sujoy’s proposal! What? Really?
– Yes.. Are you serious, Pari? I can’t believe it!
Hold on.. Father! Yes..
– Mom! What?
– Father.. What happened?
– Mom.. Why are you screaming?
– Father.. Well.. Grandpa, Pari has accepted
Sujoy’s proposal! What! Are you serious? Did you see that?
Everyone is surprised! What’re we waiting for?
Cal Sujoy and tell him. Pari has already spoken
to Sujoy! That’s great! Since you
were taking a long time Pari decided to take matter
into her hands. Well done, dear!
Congratulations! Pari!
Are you sure? Yes, Mom.
I am sure. Then..
– Stop it! You had a problem
when she wasn’t ready. She’s ready now
and you still have a problem. Don’t say anything.
Be quiet! If Pari is ready,
we’re ready as well. Yes.. Ma’am,
please smile at least. Right! Gunjan is right. You’ve taken a great decision.
– Yes. Well, who asked first?
Him, or you? Right! Who initiated it?
Him, or you? Hey! Stop pestering her! She has agreed, hasn’t she?
– Stand back, will you? That’s how they always are. Listen, everyone.. Let’s get Sujoy and Pari engaged
at the earliest. – Yes! – Yes! Engagement?
So soon! But first, I want..
– Quiet! What is it now?
What more do you wish to know? Sujoy has already done a lot
for our family. – Right. Ma’am, Sujoy is the best match
for our Pari. I’d already told you
that I’ve found a gem of a boy. Yes!
– Yes! Listen, everyone..
– Go ahead. An important announcement! We’re getting Sujoy and Pari engaged soon! Ta-Da!
– Ta-Da! So, it’s decided
that Sujoy and Pari will get engaged
the next Sunday. Yay!
– Hurray! Why are you screaming?
What’s wrong with you folks? It’s a way of expressing joy!
– Yes. Take a seat, everyone!
I’ll serve sweets to everyone! Sure! This does call for sweets.
– Yes. What! The appointment
cannot be rescheduled! But we’ve already made
half the payment! But that’s not done! Please! I’m requesting you! I want the doctor’s appointment
at any cost. Well.. What the heck! What happened, Shiv?
Is it not working out? Don’t worry, Seema.
I’ll make this happen. Actually,
Dr. Wilson’s appointment can’t be rescheduled. Moreover, all this had to
happen to Yogi now. But it’s not Yogi’s fault, Shiv. You know that Pradeep Chauhan
is to blame for this. I’ll deal with him later. Actually, this case has turned
a bit complicated. Until Yogi is cleared
of his murder charges he can’t get a Visa. Fine, then let this case end. Moreover, Sujoy has reassured us
Yogi will be proven innocent. He has got
all the evidences, Shiv. But Seema, the hearing
of this case will drag on for months
or a year. And if the judge restricts him
from travelling out of country we’ll have to take Gunjan
without Yogi. Relax, Shiv. You’re being
impatient for no reason. No matter how hard we try
things happen as per God’s will. I think we should stay
until this case ends and till Gunjan delivers
her baby. No, Seema.
I can’t wait that long. I won’t be at peace
until Gunjan receives treatment. I know.
That will happen, Shiv. Don’t lose your patience
like this. Please! Please sit down first.
Come on. Listen, Shiv.. Everyone is worried for Yogi
as of now. If we take Gunjan away at
such a time, it won’t be nice. And I’m sure even Gunjan
wouldn’t want to go. Listen, Pari’s engagement
is coming up now. We should be there.
Enjoy every moment. – Yes. So, what would you like to wear?
I’ll fetch it from the wardrobe. We’ve to buy gifts
for Sujoy and Pari, too. Yes. – So, let’s go
and get ready soon, okay? Oh, come on!
He’s beyond understanding. He’s been checking accounts
since a week now. He’s been planning
each and every day. Today is the engagement.
We’ve hardly done anything. Everything is pending.
– We’re doing it, Dad. It’ll all be done. – Dad,
what’s the need for all this? Pari told us already that she
doesn’t want a grand engagement. Why are you acting
like your dad? Do you want to save money?
– Aunt! It’s not about money. Pari told us clearly that
she doesn’t want a loud event. Yes, Aunt.
Or else, what if she gets upset? Yogi is right.
So what if Pari thinks so? We’ll make it a grand event.
– Exactly! Mr. Prakash, just make a list of
what all needs to be done. The list is made.
For the desserts.. Gulab Jamun, Barfi and.. Let’s skip Jalebi this time.
We have it always. Come on. No way! – What!
– Don’t you dare skip Jalebi! Jalebi isn’t just a sweet.
– Then? Jalebi is an emotion.
Yes. Include all you want in the menu but if there’s no Jalebi I won’t eat at the ceremony,
I swear. But if there’s no Jalebi I won’t eat at the ceremony,
I swear. Fine, I’ll include Jalebi. Jalebi..
Here it goes! I wanted to order Rasgullas,
but we settled for Jalebis. What! Rasgullas..
– Don’t say a word more. Such a glutton.
Go on. Jalebi.. Bablu, listen..
– Okay. Give this list to your father.
Tell him to make good sweets. Sure, sir. – Dad, will we be
erecting a canopy? Oh, not again. I told you
Pari doesn’t want all that. So, will we have an engagement
without a canopy? – Right! Yes! We’ll put up a canopy
in the last moment. Pari can’t even object, then.
– Yes, that’s fine. And I and mother-in-law will
arrange the gifts for guests. Well, also ask Pari’s mom
about the rituals. – Right! Or else, we’ll do it our way.
– Right! And I and Gunjan will handle
Rangoli decoration. And I’ll dress up Pari.
– Please don’t annoy Pari. Keep it all simple.
– What for? I want to make it grand for her. Think about it. I couldn’t have a grand wedding
for my son. But I’ll do it for Pari. I’ll send her away as a bride
like a father would. With all pomp and splendour. Okay, Dad.
Do what you see fit. But if Pari gets upset,
you deal with her. Fine. – Sure.
– We’ll convince her. Look, you all make arrangements
for the band and music. It’s just the engagement now. The real spectacle will be
at the wedding! Yes!
– Right, Geeta? Yes! Let’s make a list of songs! Yogi is right!
Who’s the expert at music here? Gunjan is!
So, let Gunjan handle that! Yes, so Gunjan will make
the song list and we’ll have a blast!


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