Jessica Simpson Addresses Journey To Getting Sober
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Jessica Simpson Addresses Journey To Getting Sober

– Your new book I mean, as a fellow Texan, there could not be a
better title for a Texan. (laughs) – Your memoir is called open book. – Yes. – And is this like hard, ’cause normally I would ask people. What was your hardest to
share personal stories, but I feel like we might be similar and it’s almost cathartic. – You have no filter, like … – I have no filter. – I don’t neither. – I’ve never had a filter. – Me neither. – I think it’s very important just to be yourself. And that’s what’s authentic. And that’s what people love about you. (audience applauds)
– Yeah, I think that’s love about you, if
you’re very honest.And… – I’m very honest. – Especially in this book, you open up about some
pretty personal stuff, that’s hard to get through. And most people I feel like would be afraid to say
that in the public eye, but I think it’s so brave of you and so cool of you and strong of you, because one, when you address that, then you know you’re
actually getting past it. You are working through it.
– Yeah and definitely like my openness holds me accountable. And for me, when I decided to get sober, I stopped drinking and I just had so much clarity, that with my openness, was just like I started learning so much about myself and why I had to drink to try and escape and try and just feel, just normal, I thought it was helping with my anxiety and it was actually making it worse. – Yeah, ’cause people will say that, they are like, “Oh, it’s calming.” They say that all the
time. We find all of… – [Jessica Simpson] It’s
absolutely not calming. – I know, but I just
think its brave of you to come out and say that and has it been rewarding? Like getting it out? – It has, it’s been unbelievable. I’ve been on this book tour and every City that I’m going into, these people that come up to me, they’re like, “I’m gonna be sober”, “I wanna tell you first” “before I tell my family and my parents.” – [Kelly Clarkson] Yeah,
and it’s connection. – Yeah, it’s a really deep connection. And then I’ve had mothers come up to me and thanking me and they’re
not afraid of therapy. For some reason… – Why are people afraid of that? – People are so afraid of… – I am in therapy. I love therapy. – I know I love therapy.
it’s like no judgment. – Yeah, you can say whatever you want. They’re not in your circle. – [Jessica Simpson] No. – You will not be judged. – You Will not be judged. – And even if you are, you don’t know ’em, you’re paying them its fine. (audience laughs) – Yeah, exactly. – I’m paying you to listen to this. (laughs) – They are not your friends. My therapist at the very beginning. I was like, Oh my gosh, I feel like we’re best friends. And she goes, “I wanna make it very clear” “that we’re not friends.” (audience laughs) – (laughs) And I was like, I don’t know if anybody
has ever said that, to me. (laughs) – I wanna make this very clear, I don’t wanna be your friends. – We are not friends. (laughs) – I love your therapist.


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