Kaash Paige – Love Songs (Lyrics)
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Kaash Paige – Love Songs (Lyrics)

I Miss my choco buddy kisses. Hope you smile when you’re busy ain’t no competition Just competing for attention Did you like I’m not on old James will beg the ivory baby and you ain’t been the same Like moving on you’re mine Who got your time? Will you be involving way and whacking me you mind? Who used to be texting me checking me coming me your son And now you treat me like my worth less than a dime and if we paint a perfect picture we keep making less but everybody loved me why I want to wear my sweater I told you I am down for all the wires on the Type of song a typical frozen pop song. Yeah and make it funny What you all made you give me up son You’ll be playing and trying to make you I Said inspection I take the rain if we paint a perfect picture we can make it less fun. I’ll buy I was over at my horse, but I found you I am down I saw the vendor ever. I keep sticking to you cousin for still together


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