Kurtz: Bill Clinton’s comments on Lewinsky scandal is not helpful for Dems
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Kurtz: Bill Clinton’s comments on Lewinsky scandal is not helpful for Dems


  • csxcobra csxcobra


  • Jon

    I get what fox is saying but is Monica really a victim or did she blow him probably more than once at gunpoint? The Clinton's are despicable but at the same time I don't think M.L is a delicate flower who was not complicit herself in the whole thing.

  • looking beyond

    Who cares what Nancy Peloser says she should be embarrssed for proceeding to TRIAL expecting the judges to do her discovery 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 and the PENS 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣I havent laughed so much in a long time thank you NANCY 😂😂😂😂😂🖐

  • Cathy Wood

    Bill “the hoover” Clinton, the man has snorted SO MUCH COKE and abused so many young women. This is beyond pathetic. He is a most disgusting degenerate

  • Kevin vanderPoole

    Epstein dead… prince andrew interview… bill clinton interview… seems a pattern might be forming here… a certain personality type was attracted to joining epstien's exclusive social club… besides their common interest in a certain type of female companionship… they also seem to have such a need to satisfy their addictions to being the center of attention… they so easily forsake all caution and common sense… just for a few more minutes in the limelight of one more interview.

  • Meaux Jeaux

    Life would be so much better for the flaming idiots if they would just SHUT THE FUKK UP AND COMMIT ARKANSIDE like all of their associates do !

  • Teach a man to fish

    Trumps ad sounds like a low down bait and switch. I voted for trump but that ad was not good and was right to be removed.

  • Games & Entertainment Animator & Fiddler

    Evidently, being Governor of a Third-world equivalent State has the same level of Anxiety.
    Evidently, Attending Oxford University as a Rhodes Scholar has the same level of Anxiety.
    Don'tcha Wonder how many times He needed to relieve his anxieties while he was being accompanied around Moscow by his (KGB) INTURIST Guides, during his visit to SOVIET RUSSIA during the Christmas break from relieving his anxieties at Oxford?
    I'm guessing they have dirt on the guy from way back then.

  • Troy vonklingler

    bill clinton had to manage the anxieties of killing dozens of people even before he killed seth rich and jeffrey epstein

  • Jackie Little

    If I dont receive an apology from Candace Owens, Donald Trump will lose in 2020.

    It doesn't need to be a public apology.

    And for purposes of legal protection, she probbaly shouldnt put it in writing.

    But there are enough people internationally that know my entire situation, and are watching it that, even if I'm killed or go to jail – Trump CAN'T win.

    I'm not working with any foreign govts, that's true. And I said that. But all Ananya has to do is snap her fingers.

    Unless I get that apology.

    I mean, I could wreck this country a lot more viciously. But I dont need to.

    Around the world journalists follow me now, and have been since November.

  • chris sheppard

    Just imagine if Trump had gotten a gobble in the Oval obvious. Yeh, I robbed a bank I was having an anxiety attack…Democrats never apologize. They however are quick to attack the opposition for the slightest infraction true or not….as they are masters of label and convict aided by MSM who act as a loaded prosecution team with no defense team for the public to convict.

  • Kathie Carter

    Totally weird to play the Lewinsky card now, "What possible difference could it make?" Instead, let's focus on corrupt Hillary's pending prison time for breaking espionage acts, destroying emails or lying about BENGHAZI!!

  • donjen3

    Liberal psychiatrists around the country are now prescribing"Marital Affairs" for anxiety rather than counseling and medicines. Good grief,look what were up against

  • Ronald Pacheo

    Sounds like Fox News can’t get over it, they have to rehash it over and over again. Trump is president now, let’s talk of his misgivings, a malignant narcissist who lies constantly and has no empathy. Fox News is a fear monger and weak minded people eat it up.

  • J MAN

    The Democrats have moved on from the Clintons, as has the country. The only people still caught up with their every utterance are the folks at Fox News. What a joke!

  • Alter Egos

    Lewinski is just as morally bankrupt as Billy boy. She was the one getting her knees dirty and I’m sure much more so she could further her career. The fact that she was doing it with the President or the United States didn’t matter I guess and that he’s a married man.

    Then Bill decides to spin the victim card saying it’s because of anxiety? He flat out denied that he had any “sexual relations” with her and now he’s turning back and now saying he did as he believes he’s clear of any wrong doing because it was so long ago.

    He should be held accountable for the lies he told. His wife is just as filthy dirty as he is and she needs to be scrutinized as well.

  • Frances Nunez

    Sometimes you've got to not be so nice Dana. Bill Clinton is a really selfish, self centered, douchebag! Monica Lewinsky has been paying for this for far too long. I can only hope he gets his just deserts but it seems like men like that rarely ever pay for the evil things they do.

  • campbellscollision

    What about the thousand others? Maybe his extreme Cocaine use caused his "Anxiety"?
    Anyone that has not watched "The Clinton Chronicles.", needs too. The corruption then exceeds what people think it is today. If the media had aired that in 93 like the producers tried, bil would not of been President. Both would be in prison. But instead, 60 minutes covered up Clinton's crimes and helped him get elected.

  • campbellscollision

    Fakebook started attacking me, and many other conservatives back in 2011. People thought I was just crazy to say it. But look at it now. I was known for constantly getting suspended for "Hate Speech", or whatever they could make up. My post were factual, nothing about hate or Rayce. Now, EwwTube is "ghosting" my comments. It looks like it's there, but no one sees it.

  • abc123 *

    Big smiles w Monica, frowns for Hit lery he hates her. He is a pee dough and a rapist drug dealer murderer.. Oh wait so is hit ler y

  • Teresa Bremner

    Clinton has spent his life taking any girl with a pulse that failed to run away fast enough. Low life scumbag.

  • Chatla Suresh

    Abused Constitution for greed-covet-hatred-desire-jealous-pride and isn't constitution is equal and same to all?
    Miss use-indoctrination-provocation-wickedness against Independence leads to sufferings of arrogance born of regime-socialist ideologies utilizing chances of liberalism under secularism indoctrination.

    Abuse of Constitution and dishonor of Independence leads to CondemNation by JEWISH✡🕎GOD🤴🏻YAHWEH.

  • Layla Reeves

    He’s STILL making excuses! He’s sick. He needs to leave this woman alone! She was practically a child back then.

  • Amalgamated Potato Packing Pocatello

    Bill Clinton destroyed the DEMOCRAT PARTY when he signed NAFTA in 1993.
    Union killer.

  • Lyn Lovett

    What are the LYING CORRUPT SOULLESS COMMUNIST TRAITOR Clintons HIDING or COVERING UP ?!!!!!!!! Both bubba and Hilda Beast are SLEAZE BAGS !!!!!! Right along with their fellow COMMUNIST TRAITOR LIAR Pelosi and the DEMON-RATS in general !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Family Loyalty

    Articles like this remind me of how the GOP was during the Boehner years, but the dems are just raunchy and belligerent (no civility).

  • Alien

    He says,… " It was awful what I did",… I bet while he's looking up and remembering, his thoughts change from Awful, too,… Dam, she did give Great head though!

  • Daryl A

    Perpetually attempting to evade responsibility for having done wrong. It's called a persistent state of denial. You really need to get some help, Bill.

  • kb coop

    They’re plotting Hillary’s return, wake up people they only do this to control the narrative. It’s their MO, the Clintons are scum

  • Rod Powell

    If Hillary had accepted to give Bill a few heads, none of these might have happened which is a proof that she is a failure in everything except being crooked and corrupt!

  • TK Smith

    Why are we hearing about Clintons again? ..does anyone care ? .. They bk in picture cause Biden running ? … Corruption runs amuck ..PRAYERS for the nations .

  • Mike in MD

    Clicked on a link to vote on whether I approved of Pelosi's performance. I ended up at a contribution page for the dems. No contribution, no vote. I couldn't vote.

    Edited to remove the word "malarkey " from the message. Where'd that come from?

  • Jim Assalone

    I wonder if this “woke” apology is so Hillary Clinton can be Joe “I’m only going to do one term” Biden’s Vice-President or even worse replace him at the convention over Biden’s declining cognitive health? I don’t understand why he would do this now unless he is hoping to be the “first man” in the Whitehouse.

  • Joseph James

    Perino ignores the flip side of the coin. Women want men with power and wealth. Lewinsky was likely an eager participant.

  • griguthul

    Deleted my Hulu account last night. Nothing but crap on there anyway, and it's getting thicker with this slimy documentary.

  • Sonia Downey

    My theory….hillary is jumping back in the race and Bill is trying to clean up his image….instead of being labeled a pervert, he's hoping for the pity party to side with him….its not working

  • Brandon Hillman

    Bill.. the Lord did pay for your sins ..and knew everything you were doing …included life sins…Jesus paid the price…look into that…you'll be set free..who the son sets free.. is free indeed…Brandon j Hillman…the sons of the living God rule

  • Alice C

    apology to Monica is an admission of his affair…. Hillary can’t have that so bill dances around the entire situation with Y …they manipulate the words, they are masters at narcissism! Painting a victim picture.. They are paving a way for something!! Hillary needs the people to see her differently. could she want to be Biden’s VP? knowing he’s looped, call a 5150 on him and move into position? Don’t trust a Clinton!

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