Lincoln & Ronnie Anne’s Friendship Timeline! | The Loud House
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Lincoln & Ronnie Anne’s Friendship Timeline! | The Loud House

Here are the best moments from
Lincoln and Ronnie Anne’s friendship. Lincoln’s sister Luan loves a good prank. So on April Fool’s Day, things can get pretty wild
in the Loud House. Seems to be your clucky day! [laughing] Every year, my sister Luan
creates a prank-apocalypse, and no one is spared. Including his best friend Ronnie Anne. You gotta call off Prank-Aggedon. Please! Ronnie Anne is
coming over tomorrow, and I can’t let her get pranked. – OK.
– Really? Wow, that was easier– April Fools practice! Lincoln, you know
the April Fools rules. Anyone who sets foot
on our property is fair game. So Lincoln did what any friend would do. [groaning] [panting] Lincoln, what’s happening? Lucy just invited me to your funeral. Ow! I’ve been setting off
all the pranks in the house, so Ronnie Anne doesn’t get hit. Wow, Lincoln is a true friend. But sometimes the best
friendships can have hiccups. Why are you guys under the table? I’m hiding from Ronnie Anne
so she can’t ask me to the dance. There’s a two for one deal
at the arcade tonight, and there’s no way I’m missing it. Ah! Here she comes.
Remember, I’m not down here. Hey guys, have you seen Lincoln? – Uh…
– Lincoln? – Never done heard of him.
– He’s definitely not under the table. Ronnie Anne, I’m really sorry.
I know I hurt your feelings. I should have just let you
ask me to the dance. What are you talking about? Isn’t that why you were
looking for me today? [laughing] To ask you to a lame dance? No. I wanted to invite you
to the arcade. There’s a two for one deal tonight. Since I couldn’t find you,
I just came here. I’m gonna close out
Sadie Hawkins with a slow song. And if you liked
what you heard tonight, I’ll be spinning at Feinstein
Bar Mitzvah this Saturday. Peace! Should we do this? I’m game if you are. Dance battle start! Great minds think alike
and dance alike. Now let’s see how alike
they are in the classroom. You’ll work in pairs to look after
an egg baby for a week. Now class, if your egg cracks
or breaks, you fail. And Lincoln, you’ll be working with… Ronnie Anne. You ready to do this, partner? This project proved it would be no yoke. Get it? Yoke? Never mind. Ooh, I’ll watch Toby. No way. I mean, I don’t mind
keeping an eye on her. This assignment had
a bit of a bumpy start. What’s going to crack first?
Their egg or their friendship? Wait, what’s this? Lincoln, what’s going on here? I can explain.
See, I gave you a fake egg. – Why would you do that?
– Because you’re, well… – Ronnie Anne.
– What’s that supposed to mean? Well, I thought you couldn’t
be trusted with the real one, because you’re not exactly the most
careful and nurturing type. So that’s what you think of me? That I’m such a monster that I can’t
be left alone with an egg? No, no, no!
When I saw you with your family, I realized I had you all wrong and– [smashing] I guess none of that
matters anymore. Thanks a lot, Lincoln.
Now we’re gonna fail. So it was my fault the egg broke. I thought I knew who
Ronnie Anne was, but it turns out I didn’t know anything about her. She’s really responsible and caring,
and she deserves a second chance. Alright, Lincoln.
I’ll give her another shot. That’s awesome!
Thanks, Mrs. Johnson. – And you too.
– Really? I think you just figured out what
this assignment is all about. A+ work, guys. But they’re biggest test
was yet to come. And it’s not goodbye. They’re only
going away for the weekend. I hate that you guys have
to be alone so much. And we have this great family here. So when I found out that I could
get a job at the city hospital, I thought maybe we could move here. What do you guys think? But where would we even stay? You can live with us! We have plenty of room. So, I guess this is goodbye. Yeah, smell you later, lame-o. Whoa, you’ve never hugged me before. Don’t get used to it. Sure, sometimes our friends move away,
but we can always go visit them. And that’s exactly what Lincoln did. [screaming] [laughing] I’ve missed her. When it was Ronnie Anne’s
turn to visit Lincoln, she brought the entire Casa Crew. Hi, I’m CJ.
Do you have any cans? Also, Happy Thanksgiving. – Welcome!
– Who’s ready for hugs? – Boo-boo bear!
– Hey, babe. – Punk.
– Loser. It started out as a wild holiday. [shouting] But just like Lincoln and Ronnie Anne, these families stuck
and sung together in the end. ♪ Grateful por todo ♪ ♪ Agradecido means
I’m grateful for it all ♪ ♪ Grateful por todo ♪ ♪ Agradecido for breaking down the wall ♪ ♪ We’re grateful for it all ♪ Ah, sweet! Even though Lincoln and
Ronnie Anne live far away, they will always be friends
and always have each other’s backs. So what does the future hold
for these two? Guess we’ll just have to wait and see. Hey Link, thanks for coming to visit. I’m really glad that we’ve stayed friends. Of course. Why wouldn’t we? Look, you mom’s here. Well, for my final act
I will disappear. Abra kadabra! [gasping] [laughing] Mom, it’s locked!

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