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Love Begins || EP 07 || Mr.Girlfriend || The Mix By Wirally || Tamada Media

Hello, lovely people! You’ll find this episode
even more engrossing if you have seen the previous episodes. You can find the links in the description.
Please go & watch it, right now. Got what he deserved. Idiot!
– Heavens! Are you this possessive about him? Won’t you late any woman in his life?
– You’re good as dead. No way! Sidhu is mine! My husband!
I feel like plucking out his stalker’s eyeballs. And she.. How long are you gonna hide your feelings for him?
Why don’t you tell him you’re his childhood friend. Not now. I’ll propose him & learn what he feels
about me. And then, I’ll tell him that I’m Madhu. But he doesn’t like childhood Madhu,
what if he says ‘No’? As an innocent kid,
I cried when he rejected me. If grown-up me still can’t earn his love,
my soul may happily leave my body. My life would then have no value.
I’m just pulling his leg but intend to hurt him. I’ll promise him very soon. All the best, sweet heart!
I wish I too had a childhood crush like you. In a yonder IT company. Blockhead!
The one who sells peanuts in Paris! The one who collects coconut husks.
Why have you devil invaded my peaceful IT life? Brother, I got 4 beers for you. Would that be enough?
– Hm, thanks, buddy. Brother, any trouble with a girl?
– Holy crap! How did you guess? If one’s eyes are dim then their mom chided them.
If one’s eyes are red then their dad chided them. If one’s eyes are swollen then they’re intoxicated. But if one’s eyes are lifeless as if struck between
heaven & hell then some woman has wrecked him. Do my eye’s dictate such a philosophy?
– Yes, brother. After getting married & attaining a green card if a woman divorces, wouldn’t it be tormenting?
Isn’t exactly how you feel now? Like a giveaway food stolen by a dog?
– Precisely that’s how you seem like. Do I look like a beggar
or the Green-card husband who was dumped? Like a blend of both. Anyway, if you need
anything else to let me know, I’ll get it. Bye! Okay. Madhu! I’m allergic to that name.
Then, that flatbread face girl & now, you! You both have..
Feels like my bad time is tied to that name. No-No.
I shall get myself a super hot woman. Yes. ’cause of Madhu,
I’m not getting the buzz despite heavy drinking. Damn!
Did I drink all of them? Didn’t I spare a single drop? Did I get that drunk last night? Oh, buttermilk. Why haven’t you knocked before entering?
I am talking to you. Why are you ignorantly minding
your work while I’m yelling at you? What’s all this? What’s this?
– Tiffin. It’s for you. Christ! How many shades do you have?
You’re showing me ‘Split’ & ‘Conjuring’ at the very same time. Is it tiffin or did you mix something in? Since it’s Sunday, aunty thought you wouldn’t cook
so she asked me to make it for you. I don’t trust. I can’t!
You might have mixed pesticides in the chutney. I’m not died.
You too wouldn’t die. Eat. It’s yummy.
– No thanks. I can order for myself. You may leave. I’m being cool about it.
Telling you as a friend. Let’s not fight. Eat it! Are you threatening me? This is my house, not our office.
– I know. I’m telling you as a friend. Eat. I’m Madhu. Let’s be friends?
‘You broke my heart then, now, at least shake hands with me.’ At least now, will you be my friend? Shoo away!
I hate your name. I have been allergic to that name right from
when I met a flatbread faced girl with the same name. When we just met, you complimented my name?
– I said that to impress you. Faking is what dog-faced you deserves. ‘She’s at it again.’
– Blockhead! You dog! Yes, I’m an innocent dog. Being merciful by preparing tiffin & pleading you
to eat it as a mom does & you call me a dog? You’re right, I’m an innocent dog.
You may eat or die. Listen up! You shooed me like a dog when I’m here seeking friendship. You’ll soon come to me to make amends. Get lost you donut face!
Me & seeking your friendship? Never! Sidhu here! Women shall follow me like Wifi.
But me following them? Noway. Get out! Ordering something would lighten
my pocket by 200. I rather eat this up. What if she comes back for the plate
& asks about tiffin? Ah! I’ll say some cat ate it. I’ll freshen up & eat. ‘She cooked well.’
Superb! Wow! That idiot is eating it up. Mom, you’ll live longer. The idly I’m eating
now reminded me of you & you called. ‘Who cooked it just like me?’
– There’s a devil upstairs, a nut head. Aunty asked her to make it for me.
But it tastes exactly as you cook. What’s all that excitement about?
– I’m very happy. I put a lot of effort into preparing it. He’s eating it even though he shooed me away.
That’s means a lot to me. ‘Anyway, we found an IT woman for you,
would you consider her?’ Did you get me a match?
– A match? Fine, send me her pics.
Will think further if I like her pics. You..!
– Calm down! Bye, mom. You come with me. Why are you being violent?
– He rejected my friendship. If I say I love him,
he’d further overact. Idiot! What if he okays his mom’s suggested match?
– Oh, no! ‘Keep calm, don’t fight.’ What if he marrys her? Hell no!
To love one & marry someone else. Hell no! No way!
– Don’t you worry? Let’s go. Why is he not here, yet?
How long should I wait for you? Can’t you wait for a while?
– ‘What’s he doing here?’ ‘I’ll call him from my new sim.’ ‘I’m gonna torture him today.’ Who’s it at this hour?
It’s an unknown number. Hello, who’s it?
– Figure it yourself, dork. Guess it.
– Who are you? Don’t you remember me, Pandu?
– That’s, that’s my nickname in school. How do you know it?
– Don’t you recognise me, dork? Yamini..
Swetha.. – No! Who else could it be?
Don’t tell me it’s the ‘Constant Running-Nose Madhu’. Yes.
– ‘Damn her.’ You guessed well.
How have you been, Pandu? Why did she call me after all these years?
– What’s on your mind, Sidhu? About a woman.
– Why are you always after women? Think about the public as well.
Guys! Corona is a viral infection. Stay safe. Stay clean.
And stay hygienic. And be safe.
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