LOVE IS BLIND is the CRAZIEST show on Netflix!
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LOVE IS BLIND is the CRAZIEST show on Netflix!

Love is blind is the craziest show on Netflix and this is coming from a guy who’s watched every episode of The Island Oh my God! I didn’t KILL anyone! This is a show that just NEEDS to be seen to be believed And yes. The puns do get worse as the video goes along In this video we’re going to take a deep dive into romance and answer the question everyone’s been asking Is love blind? OoOoh! We’re going to get into that piece of work And who better to explain the show than Nick Lachey and his wife, Vanessa Because if there is anyone who knows anything about love it’s this guy There’s a donkey show. Do you want to? What is that? A girl has sex with a Donkey To see if love is actually blind contestants spend the next week engaging in dates in these rooms called “pods” without actually seeing their partner Only if and when a proposal is accepted will the couples be able to see each other, move in, and get married Will you marry me? yes The experiment gets off to a great start with contestants immediately making connections and who could forget most of these contestants we literally only see once and never again The first episode is filled with people we only see once and then they just kind of dissapear so … Tin foil hat theory, I honestly think some of these contestants are plants Like take for example: Rory over here Remember this guy? We never see him talking to any of the girls He only gives emotional pep-talks to the other guys Deep breath in Scary, right! Something that’s powerful Force the air out I also like how everyone in this show is given the most generic job titles Lexie: Sales Manger Jessica: Regional Manager Damian: General Manger and Cameron: Scientist Within the first few days, couples form with Cameron and Lauren being the first to say their I love yous Keep in mind this happens 30 minutes into the first episode And pretty soon the proposals begin to fly I want to ask you. Would you marry me? Hello? For those of you who don’t know, this is Mark and Jessica Who agree to an engagement, even though they are 10 years apart Which for Jessica isn’t a big deal at all, right? He is the most special person I’ve ever met and age is not a factor for us RIGHT? Me and Mark are soooo dissimilar Yeah! I mean we’re 10 years apart I will … I’m going to be open and honest with you okay You’re 10 years younger than I am When you’re a 24 year-old woman and you’re a 34 year-old woman, that’s two different things Jessica is a piece of work Not only does she feed her dog wine Yes. That actually happened But she gets upset at one of the dudes for not knowing what he wants And then proceeds to take Mark A guys she doesn’t like at all, all the way to the altar only to dump him This girl literally has a break down while putting on her wedding dress I still need time. I’m sufficating She’s such a mess that just a day later, after questioning her relationship with Mark she say’s stuff like this: Feels like, he completes my life. You know? Aww Now I have to bring up that based on the way that the show depicted her it seems she really has a drinking problem It’s a big of a red flag With the exception of a few scenes, she’s almost always holding a giant glass of wine And unlike shows like the Bacheleror where women is rare to see the women get blackout, sloppy drunk Love is Blind does not shy away I could be getting married and I love him and I’m so lucky You and your dude And I know you I KNOW you baby I KNOW YOU If you were ever to actively go after my husband The drinking is so our of control in this show that in multiple dates the contestnats have to drink out of these aluminum cups because they’ve been smashing too many glasses By episode 3, 6 couples have merged for the next phase Cameron and Lauren Gina and Damien Amber and Barnet Kelly and Kenny Mark and Jessica and Carlton and Diamond The next phase of the show I call the “Honeymoon” phase even though the’re not married yet Which sees if the couples can translate their emotional love into the physical And Nick and Vanessa arrives once again to collect their paychecks Seriously. Their screen time the entire season is shorter than Nick’s marriage with Jessica Sympsons That was a little uncalled for While in Mexico, the couples really get to find more out about each other and the pair that really struggle with this are Carlton and Diamond Meet Carlton! No, not that one who is the son of a preacher You make daddy feel good Oh! We walking down the isle I’ma get you a boggo stick so you can hop out of your feelings first whatever Carlton has failed to tell Diamond something you should probably tell your fiance He is also into men And while things don’t end well for Carlton and Diamond Damien isn’t quite interpreting Gianina’s signals I won’t live at your pace The sex is not … important It’s looking pretty romantic in there I’m just telling you it’s been 435 days I went to the beach so I could remember how it feels to have my ass smacked But I’m just not hungry right now What about dessert? Oh, for the love of God Damien! I am desert Ugh! I got a boner Meanwhile, Jessica struggles to come to term the boy she fell in love with is attached to someone she is clearly not psychically attracted to Which is pretty funny since her voice does this weird baby thing I love hearing the waves crash on the beach That’s like my favorite thing in the whole world Where have I heard this before? I love lsagna. I love cheese And while paradise may be working out for some Is it inappropriate to put in a prenup that you want sex everyday? Things come to a head in the final confrontation between Carlton and Diamond I love you I love you too Oh oh! Sorry! Wrong clip This is why I don’t deal with b*tches like you Oh! I’m a b*tch now? F*ck you! F*cker! Watch my a** to the next d*ck, boy! Watch your wig! Cause it keeps sliding! I just can’t believe it didn’t work out between those two I also want to take a moment to highlight a few things that I just found unromantic about this show Like how some of the outdoor dates are so poorly lit, it looks like I’m watching a home video Or the fake actors they sometimes have meeting in the background Oh wait! They don’t even have meals And as the honeymoon phase of the show reaches it’s end Things are still rocky for Mark and Jessica I’m being patient, but everyone else is having sex and it sucks Guess old “blue balls” here is getting frustrated that Jessica isn’t putting out But he’ll complain her when she’s constantly taking sh*t behind his back The way I feel when I’m around Mark is not the way I want to feel around to my fiance When he kisses me, it doesn’t feel … right uncomfortable Not to mention she often takes off her ring And that’s because she is still super attracted to Barnet Who she made a connection with in the pods I’m physically attracted to Barnet Just to put things into perspective how Jessica just does not care about this relationship She shows up to her romantic date in a grey-T and her hair in a bun Like this is what you’d wear when you’re home alone watching a romantic-comedy with a tub of Ben & Jerry’s Oh! I needed that With some relationship blooming and other a flaming train-wreck The couples move on to the next phase of the show Where they have to live together in the real world And with 20 days until the wedding Things start to get even more serious Barnet finds out Amber is in terrible debt And Giania is pissed at Damien’s listening skills I am good at listening Motherf*ker Listen! For TWO seconds! I’m listening to you since the day we … Hold on! Is that Jessica just chilling in the back eating chicken? And she is an absolute mess Just look at her! Like a rag doll And if things could’t get worse for Mark After the party ends, Jessica says this to him: I think Barnet is f*cking sexy and like hot and like Even the dog isn’t having any of it The next episode deals with the couples meeting the familes Which is just filed with some absolute gems like Jessica trying to give wine to Mark’s underage nephew John, you ready? Not yet? Not quite? Or Giannina not being satisfied in bed You know how you tell me this is the best sex of your life Have you noticed that I don’t return the compliment You didn’t have to say that I also notice this weird thing and I’m not sure if the producers did this that a lot of the times when the couples talk they’re talking in separate rooms Not able to see each other Almost as if they’re trying to recreate that scenario they had in the pods One of the more interesting meetings is that between Cameron and Lauren’s parents since Cameron is a bit anxious how they’ll feel about her daughter marrying a white boy And what better way to relate to your future African-American mother-in-law then by rapping Blast-off. The course is a like a crash collision ’cause every choice we make is like a rash decision But the truth is Yeap.That just happened With only 8 days before the wedding, tensions mount Like Giannia gets pissed at little things like Damian checking his phone While later that night she does the exact same thing when Damian is in the middle of a heartfelt conversation Yeah. And, since we’ve gotten back Wait, seriously? Oh! And we have to talk about the bachelor and bachelorette parties First of all, the girls get a stripper, a Drag Queen show, and a venue with enough disco balls to induce everyone to seizures What do the guys get? An art gallery Needles to say it’s an absolute sh*t show With Jessica in top form Look at me and know me But the second last episode leaves with a big cliffhanger Our first wedding Now I gotta to say, this is absolutely bat sh*t insane Each of the couples have to decide whether or not to go through with marriage in front of their families Leaving those who get dumped humiliated in front of their friends and family And just look at Damian when he is asked if he wants to marry Giannia It’s like he is taking a big dump Which is exactly what he does, choosing to not go ahead with marriage And if things couldn’t get any worse for Giannia Damian proceeds to tell her entire family why things didn’t work while she runs away and falls on her *ss Look at me Damian It’s all for you Giannia wants some answers, saying Ah. Let’s roll the tape Motherf*cker. Listen! Have you noticed that I don’t return the compliment Kelly also smashes Kenny’s marriage hopes when she says she can’t go through with it And just check out Kelly’s mom She’s like: ooh I also don’t know why Jessica and Mark get a way better wedding venue Specially since, shocker, Jessica says she can’t go through with it And her post interview is really savage I guess she’s going to go back to drinking with her dog This show does, however, have a happy ending for two couples Amber and Barnet And Lauren and Cameron Both of whom, I believe, are still together So did we learn anything through this 10 episode journey of love? Is love really blind? Well, I certainly am after watching this show I’m kidding. I actually thought this was premium trash TV And I hope this comes back for season 2 And they’ll work out some of the kink and hopefully tighten the pacing of some of the episodes ’cause some of them were just way too long Now I also want to give a shout out to an amazing channel that you HAVE to subscribe to if you like dating shows or reality TV This guy’s theories and breakdowns are top-notch So be sure to check him out. I left a link in the description Also stay tune March 5 as the Love is Blind reunion will be dropping on Netflix I’m not sure if I’ll be doing a video on it, but we’ll see I hope you guys enjoyed the video It’s a little different then my normal ones, so let me know what you thought about it in the comments below And make sure to give the video a like You can also follow me on Twitter at @ThinkStoryYT Until next time remember Daddy loves you very much


  • Severinsen

    If they added more science to this, I think it would've been better.
    Like in The Good Place, where they've literally made a place where the main characters are chosen because of how they would interact with each other, based on analysing their entire life and interests.

  • ALulzyApprentice

    The most stable relationships with the lowest divorce rate are those between a white man and a black woman.

  • Mr. PIN 360

    I… cancelled my Netflix subscription when they increased their prices and missed out on this gem. I don't love that!

  • Ann Ghost

    i felt sooo bad for Carlton with Diamond. Yes he should have told her before but it's insane that her first response was thinking that bc he was bi that he would cheat on her and that he didn't really love her? the REACH she made lol. like bisexual does not mean polyamorous or that he wanted multiple partners she sounded so dumb lol . ignorance jumped out

  • Sweet Peach


  • JJ'S Space

    ok so this show is called love is blind yet all the people in the show was nice looking so it didn't really matter who they would have picked so for me it kind of missed the point what about mixing gays and trans and fat people now that is what I would have gone for but the show was ok I guess

  • anais garcia

    for real though FUCK Carlton with his ugly personality. It's people like him who are single because they have such big Ego's. I feel bad for any girl who's dated him. I hope he matures more from this but I doubt it.

  • Bless Gillette

    Idk I really liked the show, I thought it was fascinating, it was so interesting and I believe so far in the experiment (I’m at episode 7)

  • literallyawerewolf

    Tbf, I certainly understand not being attracted to younger men. Sometimes you hit a certain age and even if they're 'objectively' physically attractive, there's a lack of emotional connection because the difference in life stage/ experience. A lot of attraction has to do with that, well beyond looks. That said, I think Jessica was just making excuses- she wanted someone else and had an issue with mark's height

  • Andreas Reinhardt

    Love is not blind unless you are really blind. Love is just really stupid for the most part. I know love made me stupid as long as it lasted. Took me a while to start to see things more clearly.

  • Brownie lover

    I watched this on a fluke! Was curious because Nick and his wife talk shit about his ex! And he was always jealous!

    I stayed to ones because It was mad funny, weird and socially awkward. Jessica was the best whacko!are most Women truly like her? I believe many are!…. her behavior is why she is alone!

    And sorry About Mark! But he had 3 things working against him! To start off! His age wasn't an issues , considering he appeared to have his logic straight, but spent too much time trying to win over a slag! And he still needs at least 3 more relationships or a few more years to become a stronger adult before he takes a step like this one. ..not stating his age isn't ready! Just he didn't have a lock on his own logical emotional reasoning over not being the chosen one! Like the guys who were left. My bet Jessica felt slighted that all the other guys were better choices than Mark! ..she noted it! Which was Tacky! my comment! Because of the petty shit I'm going to note! WHICH is what people do focus on.

    1st: He was the only short dude! Against all those who made him stand out! To show HE IS SHORT! Plus! He wasn't attractive! Sorry! I haven't a clue how short he was! But being that height ,and not at least, being a decent looking guy! – I see a lot of lotion and boxes of tissues in his nights! Unless he finds an angel! Women and men are petty! That why love isn't really blind . 3rd: his desperation was beyond! He knew that Jessica (chick) kept turning back to that other guy! And she only came running back to him when her pick said No!

    And poor Mark was expecting to talk that weird chick into sex because everyone else is having it!? Ha! No amount of liquor would make someone jump into bed ,especially when she noted the other guy was better looking TO YOUR FACE! And she went wild with Mark whenever the other guy was around, And Mark still tried to think he had her! Shit that's desperate!

  • _sofiekay_

    It’s really unfair that Diamond was accused of being bi-phobic. I understand that Carlton was trying to prove that being bisexual doesn’t make up everything he is, but it certainly is a part of who you are romantically.. and to not reveal that until after you propose and see each other in person seems a bit shady. Besides, the minute he told Diamond this, she was still comforting him and doing her best to try and calm him down. Then the moment she wanted to talk about it and how it’s affecting her, Carlton lashed out and put her down, called her names, and called her bi-phobic which is just ridiculous. It wasn’t the fact that he was bisexual that made her upset, it was the fact that he withheld that information from her and didn’t tell her sooner. This was a serious commitment to make and if he wanted this to work, he should have let her know before proposing to her because it makes it seem like he waited till he locked her down to tell her this when he should’ve just let her know from the get go so she could’ve had a bit more of a choice. I understand that you should come out when you’re comfortable, but you should also be understanding of where the other person is coming from, especially if they are being as comforting as Diamond was. He should have respected her the way she respected him.

  • Oz

    Jessica really tried so hard to sabotage the relationship of Matt and Amber. I couldn't take the awkwardness. She's the typical mean girl. All she did was talk about Bennet in the Interviews, or to other people and then when he called her out she acted like she's not into him. Way too easy to look through XD But Matt handled it like a pro tbh.

  • alyxandria kaplan

    When you said plants I thought you meant actual 🌿 green ass plants and let me tell you man I was HOOKED

  • Leah Rivera

    I fucking hate Jessica oh my god and I can’t feel bad for Mark anymore cause his dumb ass let it happen. He’s way to good for her though

  • paimon productions

    I hated Jessica at the beginning but the more I watched I just felt sorry for her. She was clearly struggling and at that point she shouldn't be in a reality tv show. That's why she wanted to leave but she wasnt able to. She also wanted to end the relationship way before the wedding but had to keep up "the act". I'm glad she said no at the end, because Mark would not have been happy with that relationship. I hope she can focus on herself and on her problems because it didn't seem like she was in a good place. It seemed like she was drinking more and more as a coping mechanism..

  • ntala

    Pamela asked Cameron to rap and it wasn't that bad. He's not making a career out of it. He's an AI engineer. Relax people.

  • Adam Aizenberg

    My wife made me watch this. I couldn’t make it past the pods part. From there it became like any other show that will be on Bravo tonight at 7.

  • kaylashalaylaaaaa

    i can't believe you didn't mention the FACT that producers of shows like bachelor/bachelorette etc are INFAMOUS for purposefully drugging up their contestants with alcohol 24/7 to make them more "entertaining" and create more drama and also, i've heard former contestants say that the producers would also lie to them about other contestants, stirring the pot for gossip all based on lies.

  • Noelle Rowe

    Hear me out here- a lot of comments are saying they feel bad for diamond. Diamond is homophobic and she was being disrespectful to Carlton throughout their relationship. Their discussion in their room I think was definitely not appropriate and Carlton seemed like maybe he wanted to seem more like a man before he told diamond so diamond wouldn’t have a reaction like she did. Her response in questioning if he really even wanted to be with her was absurd and again, proved her homophobia.

  • Fraydizs

    9:01 nopenopenopenopenoepnoepneopneopenopenopenopenopenoepnopenopenopenopenopenope, I refuse to watch the rest of this video the power of cringe compels me!

  • Crystal light

    I couldn't stand Jessica. The amount of excuses comes from her is exhausting. Like blaming her parents divorce to be a part of the reasons why she can't be with mark or her behavior when she get drunk. Honestly after she said no to marry mark even though she was smiling the whole time. I had enough and just skip over her final excuses.

  • Aurangzeb Ali

    jessica thinks she is beautiful … she wont get a barnet in her lifetime ! she doesnt like mark because he is short , MEXICAN, and not BIG enough as she wants !with your wrinkled crow feet face… i know it is tough
    cameron and lauren – at the moment the issues will come about because a successful relationship also suffers from it… he wants those children …. she doesnt want to give it to him for a bit….
    giannina and her man – i think he is quite handsome….. she is very beautiful… he has plain confidence issues because he is not hte conventional goodlooking white man … she has plain confidence issues because she is from venezuela and a very fucked up screamer family that stays together but is miserable
    carlton – similar …. ish to me wants sex with men but wants to be with a woman because once the sex is done , you want to connect to a WOMAN emotionally!

  • D'angelo JacobHymenShits

    My roommates are watching this in the living room at the moment

    Thank you, YouTube, for listening to my conversations so you can recommend this to me.

  • bill murray

    These chicks are highly neurotic and all have cluster b personality disorders. There was never a chance it would have worked

  • Angela Rosz

    FINALLY, SOMEONE ELSE WHO UNDERSTANDS. I thought I was the only one who suffered through this. I cannot being to explain the feelings I had while watching this.

  • one of a kind username

    Everyone is pretty, everyone will leave married because that's what they went there to do, and all of the girls act like spoiled brats when they get rejected for another girl. 🙄

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