Love is Blind Lauren and Cameron Play the Newlywed Game!
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Love is Blind Lauren and Cameron Play the Newlywed Game!

– Hey, guys, it’s Lauren. – And this is Cameron. – And we’re here at
Betches, and we are about to play The Newlywed Game
even though we’ve been married for like, a year and a half, but- – There’s always stuff to learn. – (laughs) Right. – So, we’re gonna write
on these whiteboards answers to questions that
the other one’s asking and seeing if we can guess
the answer for that person. – No cheating. (ting) (quirky music) – Oh. – (laughs) Obvious on that one. (ding) Hey! I just really love Amber and Barnett, ’cause they’re kind fun like me and Cam, so I feel like we could
just go out and laugh and have a good time. – Married couples have to- – Yeah, stick together, right? It’s a married thing – It’s a married thing. – No offense, did you do Damien? – Yeah – Married thing. – I mean, we love them both. – Yeah. – Oh. (laughs) – Oh, boy. (laughs) (ding) – Yeah, anything but the wine glass. – Yeah. – Yeah. (laughs) – We freaked out when we saw that scene. We didn’t know that happened. I thought I wasn’t
seeing what I was seeing. – The image is just burned in
my memory forever, that’s all. (laughs) – You’re cheating. (dinging) – What is with that face? (laughs) Is that a sad face? I said duh, like ew, we are
not sharing a toothbrush. – Well, yeah, I mean,
just for emergencies. – No, not even for emergencies, babe, you use your finger. Do not share a toothbrush with anyone. – Ooh, that’s a good one. Hmm, he kinda likes it
hot, but I don’t know. (chuckles) (buzzer) Oh, no! – You didn’t know that? – Well, because you always
wear sweatshirts and stuff. – Yeah, but if it’s too hot,
you have to take things off. – Oh. (laughs) That’s the main goal here,
is to take stuff off. We both like it hot. One wrong for me. (imitates buzzer) Think I know that one. (dinging) – Ay! – Ay! – I feel like you get hot at night. – I do. – So, you know, the top sheet is cool. You get a little breeze going. – Right, right. – Top sheet. – That should be easy for you, babe. – I mean, there’s a lot of ones though. – Write it down, let’s see. Let’s see what you put. – We need to do some
subliminal communication. – OK, wait. (beeping) I sent it to you, did you get it? – Yep. (buzzer) – Oh! – Oh. – Well. – OK. – You could be at a beach in Greece – There’s beaches in Greece. – That is one of my top vacays. Babe, I feel like we’re losing this game. – No, no! There are beaches in Greece. – There are beaches in Greece. – There are beaches in Greece. – Alright. Alright? – No, I’m not gonna do it. – OK. (laughs) – Trying to be nasty. – No. (buzzer) – Oh, what is going on? – Lauren’s right, though. – What? – It could be either
one, it’s like a toss up. – Babe, we are failing. – No, that’s right, babe. – That’s a little arrow
to the fried chicken? – Yeah. That is probably more true. – Jeez! You have to know this, babe. – Yeah, I make it for you all the time. – Okay. (ding) Yay! – Fettuccine Alfredo,
that is like the ultimate, and Cam makes the best fettuccine. – Aww. – I don’t know which one I like
more the pasta or you, babe. – Hey. – They’re both delicious. – Dessert. (Lauren laughs) – Oh shoot, I’m used
to having spell-check. (laughs) – What do you have to spell over there? (Lauren laughs) – Oh. – Turn that. The reveal, oh I mean that was amazing. – Is it? That’s how you spell reveal, I think. – Yeah, that’s reveal. (murmurs to self) – They were like one in the same almost. – Yeah, it all was connected. – It all blended together. – I mean the reveal was like, shocking. – Yeah. We’re so lucky to have
that on tape forever. We can show our kids. – Home video for the kids. (both laugh) – It’s awesome. So thanks for watching, guys. I think we did okay, right? Pretty good. – I mean we always have more things that we need to learn about each other. – Yeah, we’re still learning. Newlyweds, right? – Newlyweds. – Be sure to follow me
@need4lspeed on all my socials. – And for me, it’s
cameronreidhamilton on Instagram and camrhamilton on Twitter. – Well you guys, be sure that
you watch the reunion show for Love Is Blind, streaming on Netflix. – Thank you.


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