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Love Me, Love Me Not | Manga Picks with MommaLuvsManga | VIZ

Love me. Love me not. Love me. Love me not! Mom, what’re you doing? I’m filming a video. Mind your business. Hey, y’all. It’s your mom! So for years, my taste in shojo manga
has been stuck in the past. And that’s probably because
I’m at that age where I’m convinced that things from
“back in my day”… are so much better, and kids these days wouldn’t know
good shojo manga if it hit them in the head. I know that’s not fair, okay? But lately, I have been compelled to read a shojo manga that
was released after 2010.Love Me, Love Me Notby
Io Sakisaka seemed like the perfect place to start. This story focuses on two new high-schoolers,
Akari and Yuna who meet by chance and
become fast friends. And they find out that they live
in the same building, and they’re going to the same school,
they’re gonna be in the same class… It’s really cute.
Their friendship is quite adorable. The two girls get along
really well, but… They have very different outlooks
on how love is supposed to work. And because it’s a shojo romance, our two heroines need
love interests. We don’t get to know
the two main guys, Rio and Kazuomi, all that well in this first volume, but I’m excited to get
to know them more. It’s going to be complicated. Their relationships are
going to be complicated and angsty, and there’s humor mixed in here. And I’m just really excited.
I loved this first volume. I loved it so much that
I read it twice. I highly recommend that
y’all check it out. And on that note,
I’m gonna go. Sit down and read your manga. And thanks, VIZ, for having me. Bye!


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