Love Nikki – 2 Possible WELFARE Events Coming!
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Love Nikki – 2 Possible WELFARE Events Coming!

before we dive into the video remember
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and I’ll appreciate you guys a lot for doing so welcome back to my channel and
we’ll be talking about the new research that’s coming with our hell event steps
of Soros slash garden of spiraling staircase and we are going to also talk
about the two possible welfare events that’s going to be coming to our serve
persons first love Nikki just posted something on Instagram regarding the new
umbrella suit and I already went through all that I made a video prior to this
because this event actually came with the Ghost gathering event part two and
that’s why I was talking about it and there you can see love HD photos how the
makeup looks how all the parts fit with each other so yeah you can check that
out but most of all I just want to talk about the new welfare events because
they’re so pretty and guess what if you finish the event properly you’ll be able
to get them for free this is why it’s called a welfare event right it’s really
exciting because both of these events actually came alongside of the steps of
sorrell event or okay I’m just gonna call our new hell event steps of swirl
because it’s just easier to say so the first one that came with it was actually
this one over here it has a really interesting theme because it’s orange
and it’s also blue so I really really like that it’s also very cute she has
this super dynamic pose as you can see and she’s basically free right so let’s
look at her closely over here you can see how much detail is put into this
outfit because this is a Tea Party and then her armlet item it’s Akane or it’s
a tea and it’s so cute the color scheme is so cool the orange is something that
I don’t see very often in this game so it’s a very nice touch I’m pretty sure
she doesn’t come with a makeup but that’s okay I don’t expect a welfare
events to come with outfits that have makeup but if this comes with this
makeup and that’d be really cool the only reason why I’m just saying that is
because the second Mother’s Day was also advertised with the same makeup so you
can see here her glasses are also really really cute they also have that dripping
effect that I love a lot and she has little sugar cubes as accessory items on
her head and oh she’s so adorable I love it so much and this is her chair her
chair is little sparkly and there’s like some green blue acts
and there’s a little teacup embroideries which is also really cute you can see
that the little teacups and the teapot have legs more sugar cubes here is the
actual chair you can see that there’s a teacup there and then there’s a knife
and there’s a little spoon I’m pretty sure this chair will be useful in the
future because if you can manipulate it and just kind of rotate it so that it’s
not on a tilt then for sure I can see it being used in the study corridor and
what I really really love about the foreground / background pieces I’m not
sure which one it is but the teacups have little little leg like look at that
little leg it’s so cute meanwhile we have number two so this is
the second welfare event it’s free when you complete it so this event was
actually a little after the sepsis oral event was finished hopefully we get both
of them because that’d be really really nice of them to do so I like this theme
a lot because I love water water style suits always are up my alley
but think about this one it kind of reminds me of the ocean hall event suit
and with this suit and the other suit there’s two similarities so number one
is makeup so that’s why I’m thinking that this makeup isn’t part of the suit
and number two they both have chairs so the chair theme is very strong with
these ones they’re both tea party themes which is really cute as well I really
like the little blue Nemo’s around them so it’s like a Nemo and Dory mashup I
like how she has that really cute pose like I just love it so much she’s so
adorable I can’t wait to put on different makeups with her so we can
dive in and look at her face a little more clearly as you can see the
embroidery around this suit it’s teapots and it’s really cute she has lemons on
her waist and I think that’s adorable her hair is also a really nice touch so
I’m really excited to have her because both of them are really cute and there’s
so many things I would love to do with them and if we look at the chair over
here the chair is also really cute and I’m always down for chairs for love
Nikki I just love sitting poses and putting them on there because chairs are
actually hard to come by like normal chairs we usually have stools or just
chairs that don’t really look like chairs so the more chairs the better and
here is the chair from a far view again I’m looking at the NEEMO / dory fish
they’re so cute and I just love this so much I love the whole aesthetics of this
being underwater and the previous suit I just love it because it’s just an orange
and blue concept and we don’t really see that so I’m definitely down to have both
of these what do you I really really want them to come and
hopefully they do because again I’m down for free things just give me free things
and I’ll accept them with open arms remember to Like comment and subscribe
if you like my video I’ll keep you guys posted on possible future events like
this remember to check out my previous video regarding the umbrella suit
because she is coming to her server and she is really really really really
really really cute catch you guys later bye


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