Love Nikki – Why LN Players are BOYCOTTING!
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Love Nikki – Why LN Players are BOYCOTTING!

before we dive into the video remember
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and I’ll appreciate you guys a lot for doing so welcome back to my channel and
today we are going to be talking about this over here so if you guys have been
on Instagram reddit Facebook you might have seen this before
and discord if you’re upset with the way elix has been treating us please
consider it joining the recharge boycott we’ve asked
enough we’ve complained enough but until now we’ve still been giving them money
now it’s time to show them that we’re serious if you want change
please don’t spend so what is this all about allow me to explain please don’t
hate me okay hell events players recharges
developers some v11 players used to tell me stories about the old days a time of
peace when mocap bounced between the lucky bags hello events recharge tears
and collaborations but all of this changed when the love Nicki developers
announced this that was so bad but actually it took such a long time to do
that anyways this is the recharge post that the love Nicki developers announced
on the Facebook group when I first saw this recharge I was so excited for it
because I was waiting for it for a long time okay maybe like a few weeks but I
was just waiting for it so I was surprised to see it coming to our server
but the developers decided to add this recharge and this is where the problem
arises so over here you can see an infographic created by Archie leha and
it actually illustrates the problem really well so let’s look at this prior
to this event this bundle was sold for $40 and you get three suits including
Lotus prints oath of honor and frost rose it was actually a pretty lip pact
because both of Honor it was balm like she has balm hair cute makeup and
amazing background item so now let’s look at the secret shock options frost
Rose was actually sold in the secret shop and it was sold for $20 that’s
actually a pretty pretty good and I almost wanted to buy it too because I
thought it was only like $19.99 I saw it but then when the conversion
came and I’m like oh yeah that’s a hell Naaman now they decide to bring it back
again for the hell of entry charge so it’s $40 for only two suits this time
too so another really great infographic created by qiyuan discord is over here
so you can see how when this event came to the other server like this en server
these were the lucky packs that were given to the players in $400 you can get
five suits so that’s really great and we already had this one so I’ll talk about
what they could have done after but for us the recharges that we have this time
honestly kind of sucks so if you look at it over here you see that we have the
moment packed Boutique recharges which are $0.99 ninety nine seventy two
dollars and ninety nine cents respectively please take note that the
middle and the right one they don’t come with makeup so these are very cheap
packs and then the two suits besides have a grand total of $40 in frost Rose
is an old suit so all players are not happy with that because players wanted
to spend for this event they were waiting for a hell event so that they
could use money on buy my suits replenisher diamonds but now we have
this a crappy little recharge boutique how could you use mobile like he’s cute
and everything but how would you be able to use them and both of them don’t come
with makeup it just doesn’t make sense from a business standpoint because there
are players who are willing to spend and now you’re making it so none of the
players want to spend as I said before what could they give us look at the
scene servers 20 20 recharges aren’t they beautiful like we would have
dropped a big buck for these ones and honestly the boycott has been working
because the developers have actually responded to us
so I rehash pasta dass screenshot on this guy’s mama has heard your voices
and we are diligently working to improve our operations when while I supposed to
announce a welfare event within 24 hours sorry for arranging her to be the last
one you’ll see the cute chair girl very soon and I’ve got your co-op suits free
Dreamweaver and something funny in the version after the coming one for the
anniversary you’ll love your blue funny new but still old friends I designed
also Momo will work hard to improve our recharge settings and please allow us
time to make it possible thank you for your patience and continued support so
model is talking about a chair girl suit not to chair girl suit
but just a chair girl suit so that’s a problem because there were two welfare
events that were alongside this event when it came to the see and server
hopefully they meant that they were only going to be announcing one and then the
other one later the people were thinking that they wouldn’t have enacted at all
if we didn’t Sam their Facebook group you can see over here credits to Raven
self and they said Momo is supposed to announce it tomorrow so hopefully they
do announce it tomorrow and we will be able to get one of these chair rail
suits and also referring to another co-op suit people have been also
spamming this and finally they replied with it saying coop coop Mumma was
taking notes let me ask her for you loudly so hopefully this is also true in
the next one but again what do you do you stop boycotting now because they
kind of hurt us do you think change will happen so with the help of bad frogs
spreading the message and helping me connect with someone who could give us
some opinions this is helpful in terms of helping us understand the situation
more Benari said first off they’re going to be doing stuff they’ve listed to
placate the rabble anyways secondly it doesn’t fix our problem with a current
event which is that they gave us a co-op that cleaned most people myself included
out and now there’s a 10k hello event immediately following which I kind of
expected but I was also expecting like maybe four other big recharges up to the
6300 tier not 810 and then something I already had
and so there’s no way in heck I would ever recharge this event for it even
with double diamonds I’ll give them props for answering and promising to
work hard and improve their recharge settings whatever that means
if better means he never seen old hell event with an old recharge being offered
up instead of something new but again current issues still stands so why
wouldn’t I continue to boycott this and then I asked her what change you would
like to see and she said to get frost rose out of the picture and give us a
different or new recharge and honestly I agree with her the only problem is maybe
that they just don’t have enough time to do it given that they have to drop it on
Monday but you know what I would rather them delay this event so that it could
give us better recharges and like it makes so much sense doing it from a
business viewpoint like people want more recharges like ninety percent of the
players want it it just makes sense to do it because number one gives us what
we want and will pay for a more expensive suits and number two it shows
us that they’re actually listening and they’re not I’ll talk
so I don’t know what’s going to be expected but I really do think that
they’re just going to stick with what they have right now it really just sucks
because I was super super looking forward to getting a recharge I ran out
of my monthly card but because like I have an audience and because you guys
are listening to me it just makes sense that I would fight for our community to
get better stuff so I will not be participating in recharging it sucks
because I knew you actually need weak content but I guess you guys will
understand and next time around maybe I won’t have enough diamonds to complete
the event but that’s okay because hopefully by then they’ll be able to fix
their mistakes and give us what we deserve I just wanted to make a
disclaimer out here there are some people who are boycotting but they’re
also not participating in steps of soro I’m just deciding to boycott only the
recharges and participate in steps of Sora and I guess that’s it if you guys
don’t think that I should complete the event anyways just let me know but for
now the only action I’ll be taking is to not buy the recharges so what do you
guys think are you going to boycott are you going to participate what are your
thoughts about this situation over here I’d love to hear your comments below so
thank you guys for watching thank you to everybody who helped me make this video
and special special thanks to fab products for organizing everything thank
you guys for watching remember to Like comment and subscribe if you like this
type of content I’ll always keep you updated on the latest love Nicky news
and I’ll catch y’all later bye


  • 『Mystic Messenger』 MC

    Oh yeah! There was a post on the amino about this. Ugh I really wanna recharge for a suit but I'll wait like someone else I know for it to come to the secret shop for cheaper.

  • ChexaZ OwO

    There are so many events like the hell event these recharges the lucky bags and the welfare events, Idk what event is coming next anymore?

  • Laura F

    Poor Effie, you really like the nimbus and wanted her. Looks like you'll have to wait until next time 🙁
    And omg I love the Avatar thing, it was so funny😂

  • Sei Ichigo

    Seriously. Elex is taking advantage of their players. Whales especially. They know we're gonna recharge anyway to complete the hell event and want to make sure we get as little as possible in return. Bad move. Boycott all the way. And they're trying to make us feel better by teasing the future update. Like that's not related at all to the current issue.

  • Kindful 9

    I never saw what Chinese recharges looked like…but they were so majestic and beautiful.
    I want that in our server ;-; but I'm thankful we at least have suits.

  • Winter Wolf

    I feel like we always get the short end of the stick, whether it's what recharges we get or events, or how long it takes suits we really want to come to our server. I think that boycotting buying the recharges make sense, but I don't really see how not doing the event will help.

  • Hayley Brown

    You have the cutest voice ever AND THE AVATAR PART WAS GREAT! I agree with the boycott, I’ve been super disappointed with the paid content lately. I’m still waiting for the Pomeranian suit to come back and the secret shop is probably my only option.

  • Maria Le Potato

    #earlybird I don’t have the right to be disappointed because I’m not allowed to recharge anyways TuT

  • Elaine Cui

    yeah go effie! stay strong and support the boycott! money talks for sure, and if you spend existing diamonds that doesn't help their profits at all. I'll be completing the event without recharging as well! (even though recharging would've gotten me to v9.. sigh)

  • Phayded

    Honestly didn’t know that this was a thing, but honestly I’m glad players are starting to boycott again this game is to expensive. To add in my secret shop has been trash for the longest time, I rarely get anything other than .99 items or suits I already have.

  • Ace 52

    saw avatar intro BUAHAHAHA THAT’S TOO GOOD 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 That made my day! Anyway, sad that elex made this mistake and boi its a huge backlash and rage from the player. I decided to participate.

  • FluffyMonster

    I'll do the event with my saved up diamonds, but won't buy any recharges to participate in the boycotting.
    Even for the hell event, I'm gonna skip the Martini Glass Suit because of the layering bug, especially since it still hasn't been fixed on the CN server 😥😂🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Cinnitea

    I really wanted to get the nimbus suit but, honestly, the community is right. These recharges should have been new, big, beautiful suits up to the $100 tier because it's a hell event. I didn't really care what the recharges were at first because I have more than enough to get all the suits in the hell event but, a lot of people may not and needed these recharges to get the most bang for their buck and basically got screwed over. The LN server isn't afraid to spend money but, we don't want to be taken advantage of. Boycott ✊

  • Luna Wolfgang

    I'm so glad we're boycotting, I haven't recharged since the last April and I was starting to feel weak after the collaboration event and the hell one coming, but I now have an extra reason to be not broke
    Stay strong, sisters!!

  • Ilanca Mali

    Maes sense and even more when you think that hell events come back and you can complete them later (Im one tier left from finishing Time Palance V0) this recharge sucks, you get one suit out of it and its not even enough to finish the hell event so why bother. and right before Frozen, use this as a message to the devs: BOYCOTT

  • V Alivan

    Okay but??? The recharges for the Frozen colab were better than this? Dude I would have been okay with those two suits being added into this hell events recharges. Tbh I wasnt able to get Frost Rose when it came out the first time, and I love the suit but even me, who doesnt have the suit, wont pay for this. The new recharge is gorgeous tho and it sucks. I saved my money and skipped that amazing dragon suit we just had to spend for this hell event, now I'm sad I skipped ;-;

  • Sandra

    participating in a event does not give elex any money if you dont recharge, so i kinda dont get why people are also boycotting that. i for sure am completing it, i waited so long for a hell event, there is no way im not gonna do it :/ but im not recharging for anything until there is a change.

  • LimónSidoso

    Im V0 so I cannot boycott vut I decided with the last Collab that I would not participate in overpriced collabs despite the FOMO. They won't have my diamonds on that. And I will do some starry corridor entries with "boycott" in them.

  • anastasia

    am i the only person who is mad that we got 3 collab events so close to each other and one of them so close to a hell event?? i haven't seen anyone complain about it but it doesn't feel normal to me

  • Heyhey Vicky

    I don't recharge anyways…sooooo…… I'm in I guess😅 The only suits I regret to have not bought are the green bicycle und venus

  • Namihasnolife_LN

    I’m almost at V8 and need a new monthly card. It’s pretty unfortunate that the rain suit and co. got overshadowed by Frost Rose. In my opinion it’s pretty lazy for the devs to put it there. A possible solution is delay the recharge dates till they can replace it. I am glad that the devs are aware with it and the majority of the complaints is calm and civil as plain aggressiveness with just make the situation worse and they’ll see the players as angry children. I just hope they learn from this. Like you I’ll do the hell event but will not recharge though I can only get one suit.

  • angwa _

    It’s so annoying how i was so excited to recharge for the suits but then they give us these ugly gold looking suits as well as a returning suit :/

  • Kassy R

    It especially suck for V0 who wanted the suits from the frozen event and want to participate in the hell event (ahem Me)

  • KitaStorm

    I was super looking forward to the recharges we'd be getting for the hell and was so disappointed. As much as I like Nimbus, it's not worth it considering what standard it's setting. I would've dropped at least $20 just for this event, but there's no way in heck that I'm doing that. I don't know why LN decided to shoot themselves in the foot. Why do this? People won't pay for recharges they already have. I mean like??? I'm definitely boycotting the recharges.

  • I hate myself

    I'm not even allowed to recharge so I feel as I shouldn't be upset. I'm also rather disappointed since I won't be able to participate in half of the hell events run time since my phone will have been confiscated for a week Q-Q

  • Niino aka Luna

    I personally don’t Have Frost Rose
    And have packs saved in the mailbox, and so I’m personally not joining the boycott so that my packs do not go to waste :/ even though that’s 560 EXP I’m at least gonna get all the new packs and the new recharge :/ if I can I’d get Frost Rose too :/ HOWEVER I do understand people’s frustration and anger towards Ln for bringing back a suit that had came a while ago. Since it is unfair for people who do have the suit already. LN should change it :/ if they really want Frost Rose to be brought she can be placed as a boutique pack for $20 on the side and add in 2 other recharges if they really only intend to give us a $40 recharge :/ either way. I understand both sides of this issue, and I personally am not boycotting since there isn’t really a lot for me to be upset about since I’m part of the people who do not have Frost Rose…

  • Luke atkinson

    I had my own personal recharge issue a few days ago and I want to post this to see if this has happened to anyone else. I recently tried to recharge for cosmos tide and I paid £16 and went through but I got nothing even though it said it’d be sent to my mailbox. This happened the one other time I recharged but because it was only £1 I didn’t think it was worth the fight so I let it go but I can’t do that this time. Has anyone else had this experience if so what should I do as it’s been over a week.

  • sunggyunique

    I really really recommend you guys to read this reddit post, it was pretty insightful and it gives even more reasons to boycott this recharge thing.

  • Manu Cavalcanti

    I've been thinking about doing my first recharge ever lately… I thought about doing the Frozen one, it made sense because I'd buy Anna's suit and a Monthly Card recharge and I'd get that blue dragon suit, but I didn't, and now, that Nimbus recharge, Idk it just wasn't my cup of tea, I wouldn't pay for it, so I wouldn't recharge it anyways 😊 I think the boycott idea is very nice and I hope LN gets us beautiful recharge suits for the next event so that I can finally participate for the first time ever! 🙏🏻💞

  • Manu Cavalcanti

    That avatar intro was soo funny 🤣 your videos are always my favorites! Also I'm proud of you joining the boycott! it's ok to do the event, I don't think it impacts LN producers so it doesn't matter. 💕

  • Rabia DİRİL

    I'm totally not participating in this event. Even though, I really really realllly want the lust and envy but nope, not spending single cent this time

  • Ephemeral Elf

    With this boycott a lot of people are actually arising new problems, like the lack of new Association Suits for A LONG time, the useless house feature and the famous extra 12 diamonds that other servers get with the dailies and we DON'T. I'm a V4, but I've been playing as a V0 basically forever, and I live off free stuff and Elex is keeping those damn 12 extra diamonds from us. No, seriously, it's 360 extra diamonts a months, as a V0 it's A LOT.
    I wouldn't have spent anyway because I don't really get recharges (I'm broke, what am I gonna do) but what they did it's absolutely not okay and I hope it doesn't happen again in the future. Players are enraged, they tested our patience a little bit too much.
    That being said, I feel like it's okay if you don't skip the Hell Event. I mean, if I were you I wouldn't complete it (and I won't, because I'm keeping my dias for the Tree Of Life hell event, that I hope we'll get next or I'M QUITTING DAMNIT) but if you like all the suits, then go for it. As long as you don't give them your "real" money, I feel like it's okay.

  • susy torres

    Not an early birb but I'm here finally ;-; ❤ gurl, I totally feel that! I mean… even me that I didn't get frost rose when devs released it, I won't do another recharge (and I'm sad because I liked nimbus so much). But other problem that just poped inside my mind is: I've seen recently on fb that players were asking for hella expensive events. We had the Mucha collab and the chocolate girl event but when they ended; players were asking for a hell event even when their wallets were empty.

    When devs announced the Frozen collab, a lot of girls were asking for the hell event and a huge recharge; even when that collab got their wallets dry but when they give us what "we want" they complain a lot and say "we are not ready!" I mean… where is the congruence? of course devs will see us as their cash cow for that behavior because they know that we will buy everything they will give us no matter what. It's not only doing a boycott this time, but we should be more smart when it comes to beg for events we want… (i.e. the hell event ends, next time when devs announce future stuff we should stop asking for expensive events if we already had one to let our wallets recover) 🤔🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Arianna Counts

    Fun that I absolutely hate Frost Rose. Wanted Nimbus and the little cheap suits… And those doudble diamonds.
    But oh well. I dont have much money anyways.

  • Eau


  • Dalila Rocha

    After i met the dev team of Obey Me! I WOULD NEVER come back to ELEX. I dropped love nikki and now i am happy with my demons! <3

  • SirusShea

    I noticed that the secret shop has also started to really suck- I feel like I haven’t seen a suit in forever, only little boutique packs with one bag for $1.

  • smear

    im stull going to do the event, probably not the recharges :/ i saved up enough diamonds for the two cheapest suits, ive been wanting them ever since seeing the event on cn

  • demon queen

    Also other servers have it better than us in the daily completing goals they have one more and the auto put in there they have a other stuff that we dont get
    But those are just minor things

  • Ghost Stone

    Knowing that Frost Rose can show up in the Secret Shop, I'll wait for it to appear there instead 🙂

    While this event is going on, maybe you can do videos on how to mix and match suits? I would like to see all the suits I've missed out on and see how the pieces can work together

  • L1

    Lol the last collab sent me to zero dias for the first time since i started years ago 🤣 im going to boycott because i don't like the recharge

  • octopus beby

    i’m so grateful to you effie💗 i was wondering if one of our big content creators would speak up about this

  • Mari 마리아

    I totally agree that this recharge sucks. But I really need diamonds. Actually on CN they got a suit and 2 recolors with it right? recolors are boring you can just change some part yourself and then change back whenever you want so maybe our boutique packs are even better. Except that crazy momo….
    The only thing I can do is wait a few days and "trick"them pretending I'm not buying it. I actually think that if they are to change something they could do it after fist 2-3 days. But I feel like nothing will really change for me. I never buy anything higher than 810 vip anyway and don't participate in lucky bags. They are hella expensive and 1st bag is usually a trash in my opinion so…

  • Veronika Yerina

    I LOVE THE INTRO!!!! BONGO CAT MOMO AHH😁😁😆😆😆 In all seriousness, this is why I don't spend money on games unless I am gifted a play store giftcard or something. I hope this all turns out well for everyone!
    #QUALITY video as always, Effie!

  • Julia B

    I’m a V0 so this doesn’t really apply to me. Regardless, I hope the boycott goes well and causes some change!

  • Mari 마리아

    Still I kinda get why we don't get those lucky bags. From the fist bunch we already had all suits except the sweets girl. And the newest lucky bags came with the hell event that costs 28900 diamonds or so. So minor hell events like ours (it's not even 16k it's 10500) don't usually get the big recharge (plus we had another one after the collab). The thing I'm complaining about is – shop packs are TRASH. No 1st small tier in recharge. And umbrella suit is more expensive than it looks. Give us the 1st tier or make her 520 vip.

  • Ellie F

    I was surprised to see Frost Rose. It felt like a mistake it was added in, because it's an older suit that doesn't really have anything to do with the event or the Nimbus suit, plus it was part of a different pack before. It felt like it was included due to a miscommunication or something it was very strange.

  • Tia black

    I think you should do the event, but boycott the recharges, the event is not the problem here, even coming after a BIG and expensive collab…, but this has already expected from then, but, like, they do a huge collab event making almost everyone spends a lot of diamonds and then bring a 10k hell event with shit recharges, that's very mean from they part

  • Lorraine Molina

    I was considering recharging now (I still have an unused double 6300) and recharging again during the event, but now I may sit it out completely. I don't own Frost Rose, so a Hell event recharge would be all new suits to me, but I'm not impressed.
    As to participation, I want to know the upcoming story, but I dunno about the recharges just yet.

  • Torfindra

    Since I don't have Frost Suit it's not personally an issue for me, but seeing as so many players have it already and are very disappointed with Elex, I will likely not recharge for this event. I have 5,700 diamonds right now and about 4,800 (and counting) competition judgements to cash in, so hopefully that will be enough for me to get Jealous Phantom and Fleeting Dream.

  • Majesty Time

    I never really spend anyways so this works out for me! I'm V6. It's so dumb how the recharges are so mediocre and plain for this new hell event. I don't understand why they couldn't give us really pretty and cool recharges like they normally do for new hell events. I am one hundred percent down for boycotting the recharge, but I think not completing the hell event doesn't really make sense if you saved up the dias beforehand since it's not giving Elex any money. Great video Effie and I hope the LN devs hear our voices!

  • Conni Wilson

    I get the why everyone is upset. They should have saved Nimbus for the anniversary event next month when we get lucky bags. They keep giving us frost rose and I got it when it first came out anyway. They are seriously ripping our server off

  • B Peoples

    Subscribe Momo is so cute <3
    I've been spending more and more on this game in the few months, but I do feel like there are too many expensive events close together. I get how some people wanted to pay big bucks for the hell event AND recharge suits. But it's obvious the Frozen collab was a move to take away everyone's diamonds. And that's just greedy. A little free suit or low cost event in between an exclusive collab and a new hell event would have been better imo. They can make money without obviously trying to squeeze us dry.
    I don't think I'm participating in this event at all, recharge and diamond spending. I'll get the mirror lady another time 🙂

  • Frickin’ Fricks

    Imagine spending money on games. This comment was made by “I don’t have any of the cool suits but I’m okay with that” gang

  • Buny Chan

    I will not recharge not for the boycott, I have rules regarding my expenses in this game and this month … well I only have a sad dollar XD!
    I say elex cannot keep doing this to us!
    Although seeing it in another way one has to wait to get it from the secret store (it has only come out once since I played and I had no money) even if it is cheaper, we do not pay as in all games for not waiting? Here I consider that it is the choice of each and the other is that if I am going to recharge for the hell event anyway I will not wait for the secret store XD!

  • The Beanie Kid

    I'm boycotting both. I had about 9k diamonds before the collab event and now I have only 2k. Not even enough for half of the hell event. So, yes, I'm placing the blame on elex. They released a collab knowing that most of the old players are ready for the soon to be hell event. A lot of the old players called that the collab was a trap, hell, even myself included. But regardless, most of us spent diamonds on the collab anyway. I'm getting fed up with what elex has been doing.

  • Demonic_Mandrakes

    I love it when things heat up in the Love Nikki fandom, boycotting worked with the ranking events so hopefully this ends the same.

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