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Love Theme – Mass Effect

There’s only one thing
I really want on this earth… …a girl. Please, Lord on earth, give me this one thing. I need a woman more than anything else. I will do anything and everything to find
a girl who will love me no matter what. Please Lord almighty, please. I don’t care if I get called a simp–if it
means that I can feel the female touch on my stone skin, then I will simp harder than
the Simpsons themselves. I just want a girl who can sit next to me
and watch anime and Netflix, and maybe we can even snuggle up close,
and heck, maybe she can also sit on my face. I can just imagine the heavenly smell of her
panties right now. PLEASE, I need this. Anyone out there, I will be your bottom bitch. I will be your paypig. TRUST ME. I might make minimum wage at McDonald’s… but for you, baby, my wallet will be
like Scrooge’s money bin. Even if I get fired for shooting my seed into
the burgers thinking of your face, my welfare checks will be yours. Every high quality rip I make today, and forever,
will be dedicated to you. I’m begging you. I’m a proud atheist, but if believing in a
God will give me a woman, I’ll go to church every goddamn day. As long as I have the girl of my dreams. Please…


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