Lucy, inamin ang pagharang sa promosyon ni Jia | Love Thy Woman (With Eng Subs)
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Lucy, inamin ang pagharang sa promosyon ni Jia | Love Thy Woman (With Eng Subs)

I don’t want to pressure you, but I already know
about your papa’s plans for you I’m not pressured. In fact, I’m ready. It’s Papa’s
number one rule, anyway. You start from the bottom,
and then you work your way up. No. No, no, no. That has changed,
thanks to me. What do you mean, Ma? This is the best thing
that can happen to anybody. But one wrong move,
and it will all be gone. So think wisely, Dana. You’re still young. You should prioritize
your career over romance. Guys, let’s take
a 10-minute break. Okay. I’ll just go
to the restroom. Working overtime? – Okay.
– Thank you. – Do we need to sign it?
– Yes. Jia. Thank you. You know, we’ll be discussing
some HR matters with Sir Adam as soon as his schedule permits. Jia, you’ve already been
assessed, evaluated and approved for promotion
to project head. But until now, there’s still no
announcement or confirmation. What? Your father’s having
his last meeting inside. You can go in once they’re done. I need to go to Finance. They need this early
tomorrow morning, okay? Sure. Thank you. Shelly? Jia. I need to discuss
something with Papa. Regarding? Hello? Is anyone there? It’s about my promotion
as project head. It should’ve
taken effect last year. Oh, that. Yes, you were recommended. But I did not approve it.
I denied your promotion, Jia. Can I know why? HR told me that I had
favorable assessments and recommendations from
other superiors. Because they have low standards. But I am not impressed
with your output. Sometimes, you’re good.
You have moments of brilliance. But not consistently brilliant.
It comes and goes. If you just gave me– You are not ready
to be project head yet. You have a lot to learn, Jia. It’s never good to rush
into things unprepared. You really have
no consideration. You’ll bother Adam with
such a petty thing? This is my career growth
and future, Auntie. Are you so desperate?
Why so impatient? If I promote you even
though you’re not ready, you’ll just make a mess. I don’t make a mess. I think about and give time
to everything I submit. You may not like it, but
that doesn’t mean it’s trash. I am just saving you
the heartache. But now that
you’ve mentioned it, Jia, indeed, it is trash. Wait. While you’re here… Defend yourself in front
of the president. Let’s see where that takes you. I know where I’m headed. So I won’t argue,
haggle, or beg you. That’s all. Excuse me.


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