Luv2meetU – a friendship and dating agency for adults with a learning disability or autism
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Luv2meetU – a friendship and dating agency for adults with a learning disability or autism

Luv2meetU is a good place where people
who need help to do new things in life and meet new people, it gives them that
chance to come out of the house when they find it difficult to come out the house. A friendship and dating agency for people with disabilities you don’t have to do the dating, you don’t have to, you can just do the friendship and it gets people with autism out as well. It’s more fun, you’ve got more people that you can have a talk with, and have a laugh with. I love it, I enjoy it, making new friends. I think, for me as a parent, it means that Olivia has a social life. We do a lot of activities. We do a karaoke night. We go to the theatre. We go on a lot of walking events. Canal boats. We go to all the museums. The art gallery. Doing things like swimming. And bowling. We do all sorts of stuff. Even just looking forward to events, you
know she has something to look forward to. She looks forward to the newsletter, you know, plopping through the letterbox, or being sent by email and choosing what she wants to do. It’s building the confidence to do new things. The first time I went, I was nervous, the first time. When they first start, they’re all quiet and shy and that, and then after they meet me, they start chattering then, and that’s it! You know, so the confidence built, in a
way quite quickly, because she wanted to be there. I’m not very good at going places it’s helped me with the trick to getting on buses. Going out with Luv2meetU has enabled her to learn the social skills of being at a dining table and communicating and making conversation with others I think that Luv2meetU brings out the best of a person and I feel like it makes them motivated to go places it motivates them how to budget, it motivates them how to spend money. Learn skills, oh, and do tablet training. How to talk more! If she didn’t have Luv2meetU she would have a couple of best friends, but we’d struggle with anything else so I think she’d be a lot more isolated. I didn’t have anything. Like more and more down in my moods, you know, and I was. Oh, horrible. I suppose that someone who hasn’t joined, or isn’t aware of Luv2meetU would be really isolated, you know? There’s not a huge amount of groups that offer social opportunities. Probably relied on family to take me, to take me out but now I don’t have to, because I can just go out with friends. It’s about lots of people out there with
a learning disability, or with autism from 18 you know and like all of us we we like to look forward to something we like to look forward to an event
and going to do something. We met through Luv2meetU, and basically there was one night where I had a disco basically me and my big mouth says, “Sharon, do you fancy getting engaged?” And Sharon says… “Yes!” I got a phone call to say that they’d got engaged, you know, so it’s just like “Oh wow, that’s brilliant!” I think it’s important, you know, to keep these organisations going. I’ll tell you the advantage for Luv2meetU, because you can learn something from each other. Basically, Luv2meetU, it’s like a therapy. It’s changed my life… hurray! Some people never get appreciated in life and I think Luv2meetU makes people appreciate their lives. And I think Luv2meetU is a really, really good organisation of people that’s got learning disabilities and autism. He’s got a Mrs on his arm! So my name’s James, and this is Sharon. Hiya, I’m Sharon – oops, I forgot, we’ll just wave at you!

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