Marriage Permanence Jaime’s Testimony
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Marriage Permanence Jaime’s Testimony

My name is Jamie and my wife and I parted ways about five years ago When we started having marriage problems like I wanted to know the truth like you know I wanted to reconcile my marriage But my wife wasn’t willing to reconcile with me so Basically since that time you know I was broken after that like I was in a lot of pain it was really my first time living alone I started seeking the Lord. It’s actually what brought me to the Lord You know I wasn’t a Christian before, and through the pain of the divorce that’s really what brought me to my knees It humbled me and I started seeking the truth on the matter in the beginning of my walk when I was seeking the lord, and I was seeking the truth I would go directly to the pastors, and I would talk with them one-on-one, and I would ask them about this specific thing and every single pastor that I’ve ever met in the secular Western Christian church-world has told me that I’m free to go into adultery And the same thing kept happening over and over- The pastors would tell me it’s okay. You can remarry Here it is in the scriptures you’re no longer bound to your wife You’re loosed and they would just justify me To get remarried and something just didn’t sit right with me like it just didn’t seem right and then I had a few older brothers that were gracious enough to share some truth with me on Bible translations and They pointed me to the King James Bible And they pointed me to the specific scriptures where Jesus Christ himself said that marriage was for all of life and I came to the truth through reading Mark 10:1-12 as well as Luke 16:18 and It’s just very important that we take the words of Jesus seriously He meant everything that he said And a lot of people like to kind of brush things under the rug or or change things but the Lord Jesus Christ requires obedience and submission and those are two words that people really don’t want to hear you know Worldly people don’t want to hear obedience. They don’t want to hear submission because many people are their own God they want to do whatever feels good They don’t want to submit to their husbands let alone the lord Jesus Christ. So, has it been lonely at times? Yes. But I’ve been blessed to have fellowship with like-minded brethren and the Lord gives me his peace You know without Jesus this would not be possible. I would probably be on in adultery. For sure I would be in adultery But I do live my life to obey the Lord Jesus Christ like he’s my reason for being here And it’s my reasonable service to obey him He went to the cross for me, so this is the cross that I’ll bear for him you


  • Repent ObeyJesus

    Yes.. this is so sad.. Apparently just a couple short weeks after this 'testimony", Jaime got remarried to another woman.. Tragic. :'(

  • Repent ObeyJesus

    I am continuing in prayer for dear Jaime, and that his words he spoke here ,will come back to his remembrance, through the Holy Spirit, and convict him of what he is doing… breaking Jesus' heart

  • logalogalog

    Jeremiah publicly rebukes Jaime for marrying another man's covenant wife.

  • Prince Darius


    I looked an I beheld the most bewildering agonizing site. It was a hoard of demons rejoicing over burning souls, but the burning souls had bibles in their hands and some appeared to be preachers and it was clear that the burning souls where people who considered themselves Christians

    And the demons surrounded the burning souls and a chief demon who seemed to be very ancient and wise stood in the midst of the burning souls and he began to say "i have triumphed, look at all these burning souls i have brought into this place, i have triumphed". The demon continued and said "i have triumphed over these in the flames because i decieved them unto disregarding the Words of Life from Jesus Christ. I created a deception among them that they should ignore Christ and divorce and remarry" then the other demons began to pour liquid fire over the heads of the burning souls. The chief demon continued speaking "I even almost decieved the very elect by creating new diffrent bibles to distort Jesus's Words of Life, I caused the word "fornication" to be translated to mean "sexual immorality" so i could broaden the reasons for divorce and remarriage thus damning these souls to Hell, soo great was my deception that even the leaders who now burn here taught my demonic doctrines of "abandonment" as a reason to remarry." The demon continued speaking, "I have triumphed greatly over those who I caused with my cunning wisdom to forsake Jesus's Words, just as Eve was decieved so did we triumph over these". Then I heard weeping and nashing of teeth amoung the burning souls in the terrible consuming fire.

    WARNING: if you're thinking of divorcing and remarrying or marrying someone who is divorced, you are being decieved by this demon from Hell and you will end up as the burning souls whome the devil triumphed over because in the orriginal old King James Bible, Jesus warned that ALL remarriage is continual state of Adultury, but because most people including pastors and church leaders are decieved by this wise ancient demon of deception these will burn in the lake of fire for sinning against the Holy Spirit because your body is the Temple of the Holy Spirit and your temple is not for Adultury but for Holiness unto the Lord.

  • Cherie C

    I think this testimony is now void. I was told this man remarried a divorce woman. If this is true, a sad day for this man is indeed coming. 😔

  • Walking by the Spirit Always

    Every pastor that I have talked to said the same thing to me as to Jamie. I have been sent by the Lord to talk to so many pastors, elders and counselors, but they are in the dark. They reject this truth because they want the money in their church and not the truth. God is about to bring judgment on the lukewarm and false teachers.

  • E Ramsey

    Amen, brother. Continue to obey the Lord. Obeying the Lord and being in right fellowship with Him is more than worth the pleasures of the world that lead to destruction. May God continue to bless you in your walk with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

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