Married at First Sight: Meka and Michael Still Don’t Trust Each Other (Season 10) | Lifetime
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Married at First Sight: Meka and Michael Still Don’t Trust Each Other (Season 10) | Lifetime


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  • african Odyssey

    Why were these 2 matched?? Yeah Meka can be high strung, but that's only bc Micheal is pathological liar!! Boy lies so much I wonder if Micheal is even his real name🙄

  • Beniya K

    He's totally gaslighting her.

    Telling all these lies and then acting like she's not entitled to become upset.

    She better run now that they have no kids because what started with a lie will end with a lie!

  • Leila Adams

    Everyone’s excusing Meka because Mike happens to be a pathological liar. If Meka wants a long lasting relationship in the future with anyone else, she needs to work on her attitude. It’s not about what you say, it’s about how you say it. The way she talks is scary. Who would want to be near her when she acts like she would chew you alive in any minute?

  • RPC Real Peoplef Consulting

    dead Ray Charles can see Michael is a pathological liar sociopath narcissistic immature boy….his voice is so annoying and weak he uses this false tone of voice to appear none threatening ….Meka run run run and don't look back.

  • Cindy Griffin

    Girl, life is filled with problems. If this is how you’re gonna talk to people then they will not stay very long.

  • Kiki Jasimine

    First off, Meka and Micheal are not perfect. Both of them have BAD communication problems. Micheal is a liar and that makes Meka to her more angry. As in for Meka, she needs relax, and calm down to talk to him. I’m upset that Micheal flipped it on Meka and thinks it’s HER fault but in reality, it is about his lying. I don’t see this working because they are just meshing. Gosh, this season, these “experts” just wanted entertainment and not real successful marriages. 🤦🏿‍♀️

  • Yolanda Guyton

    This is the worst year ever …none of these couples understand what it means to b married let alone in a relationship .. I c y that they had to go on a show to find ❤…Next season please 🙅

  • Maxine Moore

    Meka..he will not stop trying to be more than he really is.! Is he really a principle! Run! Its Not you..its HIM!

  • Tracy Danielle

    I don't see why people feel Meka is the problem. Michael is a grown man lying like a 13 year old who stole the last cookie. He needs intense psychotherapy. Who wants to be married to a man that has you believing he is a Principal and you find out he is a part time cleaner.

  • AsARay Sunshine

    My heart goes out to Meka. If anyone has ever dealt with a covert narcissist or narc period…then you’d know it doesn’t matter how you come at those people, they are damaged period and there is no fixing them no matter what. Even psychologists say there is no changing for them.

  • Bosse 109

    I find Michael to be very robotic.. I don’t understand where he’s even coming from. Meka is super annoying but you can’t even come to his defense cuz he is definitely lying and has no clear explanation

  • Latoya Mickens

    Michael is a liar and was before he met Meka so it's really a mental problem but Meka is not easy to talk to or open up to and her whole vibe is negative so if he was gonna open up to his wife he definetly couldn't with her attitude. Meka also thinks she alone is the prize and not the marriage, it really was a bad match.

  • Nia

    Michael: lies
    Meka: Why are you lying?
    Michael: I don't like the tone you used when asking me about my lies.

    He flips everything around so he doesn't have to answer to his lies. His idea of vulnerability is affection. He wants to sleep with her and is disguising it as vulnerability. This man lies about everything. He lies about things that can be verified (trips, jobs, etc.). Who lies about the mileage on their car? Who says they're an instructor knowing that she'd find out when she showed up? He's lying about small things which means nothing he says can be trusted. I'd be frustrated too if I were Meka.

  • Sunflower Baby

    Dissolve this marriage. Unfortunately they did not do their due diligence in choosing this man. I'm surprised they didn't catch him lying. This is a fraudulent marriage. You cannot live w/ a liar. He is not capable of telling the truth, even to himself. Run girl, RUN❗And the producers should apologize to you & find you a new man.

  • docfabz

    I like watching mafs but it sucks when people haven't acknowledged all the baggage they bring in a relationship. I guess it's all part of living and learning. Or just living (not everyone confronts their own issues)

  • Jasmine G

    Of course he’s the victim = Narcissist that’s a clear definition. The fact that he’s not telling stories that are recorded and he still Denying says it all

  • SheLovesCrafts

    I believe Michael is fearful of telling Meka the truth because she appears to be more educated and financially successful than he is. But if that's true its something they both must discuss together and see if that's something they both are willing to live with. The lies are causing Meka to lose more and more trust and respect for Michael.

  • Tamara D

    He’s passive aggressive and she is annoying. They have nothing in common and no common ground this cannot be fixed.

  • Vivian Bloom

    Meka complains about everything. She nags 24/7.
    But Michael isn't helping matters by always lying. Who wants to be married to a liar? This guy lies about almost everything. And he's not even a good liar too.
    Watching these two is like doing a morning chore. This marriage will never work because there's no trust

  • Yakita Webb

    Maybe the show needs to review the way they match people and do a more intense screening. It seems like the are getting more and more people who aren't compatible and who are not mature.

  • Shewrites Well2

    The only thing you can trust a liar to do is continue to lie, so professionals matched her with this, based on what criteria? All red flags were missed apparently. Unnecessary stress 🤦

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