Meeting Your Girlfriend’s Latino Family for the First Time (ft. Joanna Hausmann)
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Meeting Your Girlfriend’s Latino Family for the First Time (ft. Joanna Hausmann)

– But you’re sure this
shirt’s okay, right? – You’re fine, relax, okay,
they’re gonna love you, even if you’re the first
American guy I bring home. – [Alan] Wait, what? (speaking in foreign language) (light melodic music) – Oh, Alan, this
is my Dad, my Mom, (speaking in Spanish) and that’s Diego, my cousin
who isn’t related to me. – Hi, it’s so nice
to meet you guys. (speaking in Spanish) – Gringo alert, yeah! (speaking in Spanish) But you know, I was
a little distracted in high school Spanish, so. – Well, you just need to focus. – What was that? – Focus hard.
– Hm-mm. – What? – I said that if you care,
you really need to focus. – Yeah, I’ve been
telling him that, but he has been trying to focus. – Focus! – [Joanna] He has
Duolingo on his phone. (speaking in Spanish) – Very important. – If he survives this weekend. (laughing) – Who is this guy again? – It’s my cousin,
who isn’t my cousin. – Right, yeah.
– I trust my Pupi and if my Pupi say that you’re
a good guy, it must be true. – Dad, that nickname is so
embarrassing in English, – Pupi.
– Oh, my God! – Chicos, can you
help me set the table? (speaking in Spanish) Alan, keep (speaking
in Spanish) company. – Great, to go, okay. (laughing) – You’re very handsome.
– Huh? – Pupi say you’re a dentist. – Oral surgeon.
– I got new teeth. – Hm? – Got rid of old teeth,
new teeth better. Wanna see teeth?
– What? – [Grandma] New teeth better. (eerie haunting music) – Oh, no! – Hey, oh, is there something
wrong with her teeth? – No, no, teeth,
teeth so, teeth, teeth, teeth great, yeah. – Are you rolling? – [Mom] Dinner’s ready. – No, no, Alan,
come sit next to me. So I was talking to
Pupi and we were saying that tomorrow morning
we should hit the beach. (eerie haunting music) – The beach better watch out. – Alan, will you hit the beach? – What?
– Will you? – No, no, I would
never hit anything. (eerie haunting music) – Gringos burn like
crazy at the beach. – [All] Oh! – Beach, oh, my God! – I guess there are a lot
of cultural differences. Sheep and lasagna, everyone! (all expressing delight) – I’m gonna go to the bathroom
for a quick second, yeah. – Oh, Alan, since you’re up, you mind grabbing the
sheeps from there? (light pulsing music) – Yes. – No, no, Alan, my model sheeps. (laughing) – [Alan] Okay. (clearing throat) – Alan, are you deaf? My model sheeps, I took that, sexy animal
photography, it’s my hobby. – You’ve got to be
fucking kidding me. (speaking in Spanish) – I’m having a little trouble
understanding, that’s all. – Excuse me, we’re
making an effort here and speaking English for you. – I think he means he doesn’t
understand our family. – Our family, who are you?
– Alan! I told you, he’s my cousin,
who isn’t my cousin! – That is not a thing! Okay, look, I’m
sorry, I’m sorry, Joanna, Pupi, whatever,
I love you so much, I know I’m probably not what
you had in mind for her, I just wanted to make
a good impression and I wrote something
up, Google Translate and maybe it’s not perfect, but it’s from the heart. (light melodic music) (speaking in Spanish)

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