• Randall Ascot

    It's so good to know there's people who are open about these issues because that makes me feel less alone. It's tough when you feel lonely, you feel like nobody understands what you're going through and you keep asking yourself "why me?". Thank you ❤

  • Maria FR

    Aida podrías poner la opción de subtítulos en Español para países de habla hispana. Enhorabuena por vuestro nuevo proyecto. Hablar de ello seguro que también te ayuda a entenderte mejor a ti misma. Un besazo

  • simplycinema4d

    Thank u a lot for doing this video, it is so nice to listen to people who have had problems and talk about it, we all have problems but not many of us externalise it.

    (Also helped with my listening skills, that's always nucleotides)


  • Alejandra Pulido

    oh! and now in english Aida!?? this is getting better and better, but please finish the story on your main channel about despersonalización/desrealización, i'm waiting for it on Aida Explorer!! pleaaaaseee!!

  • Andrea Albán

    Les mando saludos desde Perú, me gustó mucho su video, tienen razón cuando dicen que la terapia es una inversión… se que debo ir, pero aún no sé, me quedo en ese loop infinito… esperaré su siguiente video, deseo que les vaya muy bien 💙.

  • Valeria

    i can so relate to depression being this internal thing. when i've been depressed in the past, it hasn't affected my ability to perform in life, like i was still "high-functioning" – going to my classes, being active in social situations etc. because of this it took me ages to even realise i was depressed.

    a big yes to being kind to yourself when you're going through it! thanks for sharing your story, so much love to you both <3

  • Kuma_Avenger

    I really liked the video, it's a great for people to think about such a serious topic that sometimes is taken for granted. Thank you girls! You're a lovely couple ♡♡♡

  • Isabel Carballo

    Hello girls, first of all, I'd like to thank you both for talking about this topic in such a natural way. Personally, I know what it feels like to be depressed and sometimes I just choose to ignore the feeling and go on with my life as if nothing happened, because for me it's easier that way. But I know that by doing so, the problem will just get worse and worse. It's always a good idea to talk about these feelings with people who support you and understand you. Recently, one of my closest friends passed away and she was only 23 years old. I guess that has triggered a lot of sadness in me that I already had for other reasons. It's hard, but I will take your advice and start therapy 'cause I came to a point in my life where I just feel like I'm stuck. Again, thank you for sharing your experience.

  • Luci Alfaro

    Hi girls! So lovely
    I loved your video!
    I’m having a har time right now, my mom has mental health issues
    And, I want her to go and get some help but there’s that taboo about going there cause, “That’s for crazy people” and, being crazy is bad for most of the people (one of the biggest taboos ever I think) … You know? everyday she’s a different person, she’s screaming at me, she’s angry, she’s sad, she’s happy, she wants to day… And I love her so much, but sometimes it’s so hard, you can’t even tell how many times I end up crying in my room , sometimes she’s so cruel and this is so big for me, and it’s every day , she’s like 5 different people per day…
    My family is not helping, I’m the only one who is with her , nobody wants to help , and sadly I’m not her favorite one… I just want to run away and I can’t cause i love her… The doctors says that she has to go by herself but she says she’s ok… And … They said that if that’s not possible she has to go on a “Attack” and … How am i going to do that?! She’s gonna hate me forever !!!

    Anyway, I just wanted to say this , cause I know how difficult is to speak about mental health (I’m from Costa Rica , and believe me here it is so hard too) …

    But… Thanks so much ! The video was amazing! 💖 I love you girls! Your videos make me forget about everything 💕 It’s so beautiful, I feel you like my friends 🌈 I wanna go around the world too ♥️ Keep on doing videos 🌸

  • Lucía M.A.

    Es genial que hablen de estos temas, no hablo super perfecto ingles, pero las dos hablan muy claro y algo entiendo. Espero ver mas vídeos prontito. Un saludo 😀

  • Antonia G.

    Hey girls! Thank you for talking so naturally about mental health and make it a bit more visible! ♥️ I was wondering if you’ve had any experiences going through the NHS? It’s a tough journey to get help and the only one for those who can’t afford private treatment.

    Looking forward to more videos! ✨

  • Simoneé Yarmille Romero Arrieta

    Aida!! Fue bastante ilustrativo (es la palabra más atinada que se me ocurrió) entender cómo se siente una persona con depresión. Mi novio la tiene pero entiendo que le resulta cansado hablar de cómo se siente justo porque cae varias veces en el loop de no querer hacer nada y dormir por horas porque se siente mal. Entender que eso puede pasar y no sentirme culpable de su infelicidad o insatisfacción al respecto fue un proceso doloroso y aunque de pronto caigo en sentirme mal porque él no siempre se siente bien, creo que quizá es algo que puede ser material para otro video, o sea, ustedes han tenido la depresión y al saber cómo es, sé ayudan pero cuando uno en la relación no ha experimentado tal tristeza y además no tiene conocimiento previo de ella, puede hacer difícil la relación. Anyway, gracias!

  • Anubela

    I'm probably stating the obvious but I thought it might be useful to say in case some of the people watching this video don't know. If you live in England, you can access free therapy through the NHS: https://beta.nhs.uk/find-a-psychological-therapies-service/. Good to benefit from as, as you both said, therapy it's very necessary but very expensive.
    That said, I would also like to add that I have had quite severe depression in the past and it does end, and it does goes away… And I used to feel the way Clancy says, I used to feel it was over but it hadn't gone away… but not anymore. I was depressed for about 5 years, to the point I could not function and spent all of my time in bed. I think I came out of that depression about 5 years ago, and it's completely gone now, I don't feel any closer to being depressed again than any other person in the world… So please remain optimistic, it does come to and end 🙂

  • Kisen Blue

    As someone who has suffered from depression and dissociation, this last videos had been great. Thank you 🙂 your girlfriend seems really interesting/cool Te sigo desde que estabas en Tailandia y es genial ver tu progreso, me subscribo, y suerte en este nuevo canal! (Que seguro también me sirve para mejorar mi ingles, hehe)

  • Bernardo P.

    Thank you both. This video really help me to think about things that i’m going through and dont know how to face them. There is much more outside than those sad feelings

  • mimi 123

    Son hermosas alv ya las shippeo un chingo
    Ahora, hablando del video, yo me sentí así, y es verdad, es una mezcla de vergüenza y odio con uno mismo que no se va tan facil, gracias a un amigo no me aislé del todo y ahora estoy mejor, pero creo que ese sentimiento que adquieres cuando estás así no se va nunca, solo se mantiene atado y en lo mas profundo, hay que aprender a lidiar con ello.

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