My Girlfriend’s Annoying Habit | Can You Stop? | r/NoSleep Adaptation

Man I missed you guys so much, I wish I could come out and see the gang again. Yeah you should come down here, and bring that girl of yours. Sarah? I don’t know. What, is she crazy? Uh, no, she’s fine, for the most part. We’re just kinda busy. Ah. Okay. How’d you two meet again? We actually met through a classified ad about a year ago… We started dating soon after, and last month, we moved in together. Maybe that’s kind of fast. I don’t know. My parents sure think it is. But things are working out… We get along really well for the most part. We have our arguments like any other couple. But we always make up. But… there is one thing… She’s developed this really annoying habit… She keeps whistling this tune. At first I thought it was kind of cute. (mouthful of toothpaste)
What’s that you’re whistling? What? Nevermind. But then it started becoming annoying. And when I ask her about it, she just pretends she doesn’t know what I’m talking about. What song is that? What? The tune you’re whistling. I don’t know what you’re talking about. Fine, don’t tell me. I thought maybe she didn’t even notice she was doing it. You know like a subconscious thing. Will you cut that out? Cut what out? You mind if we just put on some music instead? Will you stop with the f***ing whistling?! What are you talking about? STOP WHISTLING! I’M NOT WHISTLING! I don’t even know how to whistle. You think this is funny. Tim.. You’re scaring me. Just stop with the whistling. I just f***ing lost it. But you know what’s really crazy? She still won’t stop! Sorry, give me a second. STOP WHISTLING!

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