Naati Pinky ki Lambi Love Story – 2nd March 2020 – नाटी पिंकी की लंबी लव स्टोरी – Full Episode
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Naati Pinky ki Lambi Love Story – 2nd March 2020 – नाटी पिंकी की लंबी लव स्टोरी – Full Episode

You’ll come with me, right? I’ll die.. I’ll die.. Don’t you have any emotion,
Pinky? Stop him.. Otherwise,
he’ll hurt his head badly. I have to admit.. Gagan is a brave man. What he’s doing now.. I wanted to do that from
the moment we got married. I mean.. I wanted to break my head. I wanted to break Gagan’s head
after learning about Megha. But today.. All my wishes are coming true. Thank you, Lord.. You don’t believe me, right? Look what I do now.. Yes.. Go on and cut yourself. That’s what Megha taught you,
isn’t it? Go on and cut yourself. I’ll surely cut my hands, Pinky.
– Oh, Mr. Wannabe.. Why are making a nuisance? You came, Ma’am.. She is my wife.. And she’s staying in
someone else’s house. I’m asking her to
come back with me but she’s not coming. Ma’am.. I don’t think his
condition is well. It’s your personal matter so
you should go home and solve it. Pinky.. Even the police officer
told you to come with me. Let’s go home, Pinky. Let go off me.
You’re hurting me. Let’s go home with me, Pinky. Let me go.. Pinky has stopped
dancing to other’s tune. So talk to her with respect. Ma’am..
First, ask this man the reason why Pinky is staying here. He’s like an uninvited
guest at a wedding. Who is he to interfere
between a husband and wife? Who does he think he is?
– One moment.. Who are you speak
in between them? Listen..
Both of you are mature enough. You should solve your
issues among yourselves. Ma’am..
– That’s enough. Listen..
You don’t have to teach me. Otherwise, I’ll arrest you
for illegal activities. Please don’t say
anything to him. I’ll leave with him
this instant. He doesn’t look well.
He is way too drunk. We’ll leave at dawn. Go. Your issue has been solved.
– Thank you, Ma’am.. Go back to your homes.. You’re Mrs. Gagan Baradwaj. My ego is much bigger than your height. You can’t play this
game with me, Pinky. Calm down.. You’ve already said enough. Go to sleep now..
We’ll talk tomorrow. Are you all feeling
comfortable in my house? You should also call your
mother-in-law if you’re missing her. It will be a happy
family reunion. Restless Mr. Arjun. I haven’t forgiven him yet. Look how’s he sleeping like a
log after making such commotion. Pinky.. Pinky? Oh, my God.. Gagan? Why are you here? Why were you sleeping here? Only beggars live
on the streets. Why don’t you come inside? Go and rest inside. ‘Do you think I’ll
forgive him?’ ‘If I didn’t bring
him from there’ ‘then the situation
would’ve worsen.’ ‘The whole neighbourhood would
have been bothered by him.’ ‘And it would’ve been a bad
influence on Nandu, too.’ ‘Please do me one more favour.’ Go on ahead.
I’ll come later. Okay..
Listen.. Look who’s here.. Where are you? You did not do well, Pinky! You’ll have to pay
the price for it. And it will be a huge one, too. Sir.. Please do it quickly.. I’ve got an job interview today.
– It’s almost done. Nandu..
Here is your breakfast. Here, it’s done. Nandu.. You know, a small injury
doesn’t make a difference to those who have a strong will. Thank you, doctor. Nandu.. You can always feel
the pain of an injury no matter how big
or small it is. once you experience
it yourself. It makes no difference to me. Dad, please get me water. Okay. What happen? What’s wrong, Mr. Arjun?
Did you eat hot sauce? Nandu.
Even those strong on the inside can’t handle
the hotness of chilies. Ms. Pinky.
That’s so true. Tit for tat. Hey!
What’s this? Why do you have this large
quantity of vegetables? Look, we still haven’t cooked
the old spinach and you’re buying
more vegetables. Do you like wasting money? Mr. Arjun, why don’t you keep
her someplace else? Her constant nagging
is shooting up my BP. Oh, you’ve got high BP? Now I’ll give you
a heart attack. You’re taking advantage of the
fact that there’s no women here. Mr. Arjun, how long are they
going to stay here? If things don’t change, I
won’t be working here anymore. Get lost. We’ve already got vegetables
and she’s still buying more. Go! I’m going to clean
the other rooms. Yes, please do. Arjun, seriously, do something. If she quits we’re going to have
a hard time finding a new maid. Sir, don’t worry at all. We’re hunting
for PG accommodations. As soon as we have the money
to pay the deposit we will leave this place. All right. Make it sooner. Hey, Ms. Pinky. He may look cute, but he
doesn’t enjoy socialising. So don’t be alarmed. No, Mr. Sunny. What happened last night
was a bad thing. We’ll leave this place
very soon. Mr. Arjun, I have
a job interview today. Once things work out,
we’ll vacate this place. But until then, let’s manage
somehow. Oh, Ms. Pinky, I’m telling you,
don’t be tensed. Also, you’ll be paying
a rent regardless. So why do you need a PG?
Just pay the rent here. Mr. Sunny,
you’re absolutely right. Grandmother. Hey.. Mr. Arjun, keep this as security
until a get a job. Ms. Pinky, I was only kidding. But she is serious. Which is good, because the household expenses including
water, electricity, ration add up to a large sum.
So I think I’ll hold on to it. Right.
And, Arjun keep this as well. And tell you dad to stop using our bathroom.
He can use other ones. Anyway, forget about that.
Since it’s your interview today let’s go pray to the Goddess.
Come on. Good morning, Mom. Can I get a cup of tea? Okay. Asha.
– What? Why is Gagan up
so early in the morning? I don’t know what to tell you. Last night Gagan
went to that girl’s house. He was requesting
and begging Pinky. But.. But, where were you
last night? ‘A beautiful new bhajan
is out.’ ‘Have a listen.’ ‘That means he purposely..’ I felt really bad for Gagan. Let me serve him
the potato paratha. Gagan. Here you go.
Hot paratha. Eat. Go ahead, eat, Gagan. There you go. I really feel bad for you. Pinky continues
to make mistakes. How can a girl abandon
her husband like this? You’re absolutely right, Aunty. Pinky is behaving ruder
day by day because she has got Arjun
by her side now. You know what they say,
when you don’t beat children to teach them good manners,
they tend to forget. Truly said. Enjoy your meal. A man and his wife cover
each other’s flaws. They do not make
a scene out of it. You are educated person. You could have respected
your wife. I would do everything,
Mother-in-law. But for now we must
handle Pinky. But you must not worry. I will handle it all. Arjun. You are like English songs. Feels great but one cannot
understand. They gave you the jewellery
and you took it. What is it? I know grandma and Pinky well. If they think that I am
doing them a favour by keeping them here then they not live in peace. Amazing! You have become wise
in my company. Listen to me. You must come home early
in the evening. We have to go
to the lawyer. Again with the same thing. Let us not speak
of the divorce yet. What? Let me go. Nandu, do you know the people
who leave empty stomach often get hiccups. Like your aunt here will
soon have. Is it true, Dad? Yes. I am not hungry.
And no hiccups.. I am not hungry
but I think I should eat some. Aunt, this is dad’s special
burnt toast. Please, it is the toast. Jealous of my smartness. Nandu. What do we do
with the burnt toast? We remove the part
that is burnt. Yes. And if we have such
unwanted thing in life and it ruins our taste then we cast that part
aside from our life. And sometimes, one has
to eat a burnt toast. I know that well. You could not swallow it, right? And hence I say to leave
Gagan. Arjun is right. Grandma, it is just a topic. You need not say it
again and again. And now I am worried
about my certificates. I do not know
how to get this resolved. And how would dad react
if he hears of this job. Grandma, bless me. Pinky, you always have
my blessing. But how will get the file
of certificates from that house? Laxman. This.. What are you doing here? Nothing.. I was doing some
exercise here as there is
a lot of room here. Yoga. Some tea. Fine. Here. Uncle!
The file! Certificates! We got delayed. Delayed again! We did not get the file! Uncle, stop the act. Where is the file? Go and get it.
Come on. This is what you needed, right? Mom! How are you? I am fine, Mom. But.. How can ever rebuild
the loss of sister’s boutique! Mom. I wrote a letter to you. Why did you not come
to the terrace? I understand. You stand with father. Fine, you may do so. Mom, dad was wrong. Is that so? Were you right in going
to Arjun’s house? Pinky. I have always stood
by you. But what you did this time is without my consent. Mom, I know. But I will not stay there
for long. I got this certificates
and files for that reason. I will work. I will earn. And you will not come home? You will not? Did you give the file to her? Yes. Did you realise that I am not as stone-hearted
as you think? Then again why does
she need the certificate? Tell me, Nalini.
– She.. ‘Open the door.’ ‘Pinky, I can’t
live without you.’ ‘If you don’t come with me,
I will kill myself.’ It wasn’t nice of you to make
my son sleep on the road. Do you think your
actions will scare me and I will stop following you? I know that until you usurp
everything from my father you won’t leave me be. But let me tell you something. Dad won’t give you anything until I am with you. Gagan, do whatever you want but I am not going
to come with you. Because I have taken
control over my life. Pinky. You are so ill-mannered! This is also down to
your son, Mother-in-law. Let me ask you something. If your daughter was
in this situation would you have told her
the same? There is a lot of difference in witnessing situations
and dealing with them. Oh, no!
– Mom! – Gagan! Gagan.. Didn’t you
see her pushing me? Why did you push me? Did you guys see it? Ma’am, this is how she
treats her mother-in-law. Mom. Let’s not create a scene here.
Get inside.. I asked you something. I-It might be
for an interview. What? Is Ram Kashyap’s daughter going to work! ‘Dear Lord, please let me
clear the interview.’ Wow. Solutions to
all problems in 15 days! Great. Do you help people free
themselves from their husbands! Who are you, ma’am? Lavanya Kashyap.
People call me Pinky. I am here for the interview. I love to laugh
and make others laugh. I am good at tailoring
and cooking. I like cooking
and I love to eat! Please stop.. What happened?
Did I speak a bit too much? A lot. The interview
is happening inside. All right.
I-It’s my first time and so, I didn’t know. It’s all right.
Please fill this form. I will let you know
when it is your turn. Okay. ‘I am really scared.
What can I do?’ ‘I can’t let others know.’ Here you go. You didn’t mention
your marital status. Actually, my marital status is a bit complicated. My grandma wants me
to get divorced. If I do, my dad
will be hurt. And I don’t want to live
with him. So..
– It’s okay.. Please sit.
– Thank you. Lavanya Kashyap.
– Please go in. It’s your turn. Please don’t worry,
Father-in-law. Pinky isn’t good enough
to get the job. Son-in-law, how could
you say that? Please forgive me,
Mother-in-law. But though it’s a bit hard to take, it’s true. Forget what Gagan told. Sir, answer this honestly. Do you really think Pinky
is capable of doing it? Ma’am it’d be better if we don’t talk
about their capabilities. You are getting worried
unnecessarily. Pinky is really talented.
She just lacks confidence. Please drink the tea. I always pray to the Lord to help her get settled. How about we
go and pray? He will definitely
listen to us. Yes. Come. Dad, come with us. You may go.
I will tend to my work. Come. Imagine that a miracle happens Pinky gets the job and she starts to make money! It’d be impossible
to take her back home. You don’t have to worry. I will never let that happen. After all, the reputation
of both families is at stake. Lavanya Kashyap,
we saw all your certificates. Now, tell us what experience
you have in marketing. How would you get selected
if you keep quiet? Because this job interview
is for tele marketing. You have to convince
the customers through phone calls to sell
the company’s products. And you are silent. I don’t have
any experience. In Kanpur, Ms. Gupta used
to make good Laddus. I’d carry it to households
and sell it. During Rama Navami,
Janmashtami and Durga Puja I had the responsibility
to collect funds. Because I was perfect
for it. I would get Rs. 500
from every house. We don’t have much time. Our product
is mentioned in this paper. You have to call a client
and sell it to him. I will make the call.
Talk to him. Dear Lord please take this for now. Please give Pinky some confidence. Dear Lord don’t let Pinky lose
her confidence. Take care of her. I am sweating so much that If I stand in a garden, people
will think I’m a fountain. The situation is tough. But I won’t be
scared today. I will stay strong. Hello.
– Hello. Hello, Mrs. Babbar.
– Yes, please tell me. I am Lavanya Kashyap and I have
a beautiful gift for you. Do you know that obesity
humiliates you in the society? You will hear taunts
throughout your life. But using our product,
that is Double Hari you could become healthy. But, Mrs. Babbar I don’t think you need it because being fat has
its perks. No one can kidnap you! If you aren’t kidnapped you won’t have to pay a ransom. People will be scared
to fight you as well. Because a blow
with your heavy hand could finish people off! Since you have these qualities learn to love yourself. If you start loving yourself your in-laws, husband, children and everyone else
will be shocked. They will be left to wonder if not appreciating you
is a mistake. You are absolutely right. You are spot on! Wonderful to hear that. Since you have such
an awesome personality you should focus
on your health too. Why not try our product?
– All right. I will order it today itself. Hello.
– Hello, Arjun. I called grandma
numerous times. Why isn’t
she answering my calls? She is actually praying. All right. I will
call her later. Pinky, don’t you have something
to tell her? I mean, about your interview. I will tell her. Don’t you want
to know about it? If you tell me,
I will let her know. Tell her not to eat anything for I am bringing Laddus. So, the job..
– I got it! I cleared the interview! C-Congratulations.
– Thank you. I might be short,
but I held my head high. I’m all set now. I will talk to you later. I will bring the Laddus.


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