Naati Pinky ki Lambi Love Story – 3rd March 2020 – नाटी पिंकी की लंबी लव स्टोरी – Full Episode
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Naati Pinky ki Lambi Love Story – 3rd March 2020 – नाटी पिंकी की लंबी लव स्टोरी – Full Episode

Ma’am, Nandini,
Pinky has got the job. Really, Dad?
– Really? Arjun, you have given
me a very good news. God, thank You very much.
But.. However, You don’t
need this anymore. It doesn’t hold any value
for You, right? I will offer You sweets later. Arjun, look. Today, I will throw a grand
party for everyone. I will treat everyone
to two plates of Golgappa. What?
Only Golgappa? Such a small party! Nandini, Pinky has
got a new job. We didn’t loot a bank. Don’t worry.
I will throw a party for her. No, I will throw a party.
– I see. When it’s time to discuss
about the divorce you choose me. But when it’s time
to celebrate Pinky’s success you forget me. No, I always teased you
calling you a ‘South Indian’. But now, I have realised
that you are so cool. Let’s have a party. Party! Great!
You are so talented that you have got a job! Why are you in a hurry?
Wait. Gagan, leave my hand.
Let me go. What if I don’t
leave your hand? What kind of a wife are you? You came for an interview
without informing your husband! You will do a job
without my permission? Don’t create a scene here.
– I will. I want to create a scene here. My wife is supposed to work
in the kitchen. – Hold on.. What’s this?
What’s going on here? Can’t you see?
I am talking to my wife. And who are you to interfere
between us? From management.
– Which management? Wife is the biggest management. You won’t say anything. By the way, you have hired her,
right? – Yes. Then you will have
to pay the price. Because I will come here daily,
create a scene here and shout to my heart’s content. Because I don’t want my wife
to work here against my wish. You have started
it again, right? Sir, nothing will happen.
I will explain to him. Are you sure?
Can you give us a guarantee? Yes, sir.
– Whom will you explain? And who is he?
Why are you talking to him? I don’t want you to work here
against my wish. I will create a problem here
for sure. Daily. Look, we don’t want you
to come here daily and create a problem here.
And it’s your personal problem. Go home and solve it.
– No, ma’am.. – Sorry. We can’t hire you. It’s our final decision.
Please leave. Leave! Sir..
Ma’am.. What’s wrong with you? I would have loved to throw
mud at your face. But I am not
as shameless as you are. I still have some sense. You didn’t do this right. You shouldn’t have thrown mud
at my car. You are right. It wasn’t right to go against
such a disgusting man. And what you did inside..
What was that? What’s your problem? Did something wrong happen
to you in your childhood? Did you fall down from bed? Or did the nurse make you
lick chilli instead of honey that you are troubling
everyone? How can you talk so rubbish? I have been tolerating you
for a long time, right? I am warning you. If you interfere
in my life again I will scream
and get you thrashed by people. They will make you
mend your ways. Husband..
I am your husband, Pinky. Perhaps you are forgetting this. But when people will learn
about this no one will interfere
between us. Husband? Won’t you let me
lead my life on my own terms since
you’re my husband? What wrong did I do to you? I just want to make my future. What’s your problem?
– Problem.. I have forgotten to tell you
what my problem is. Return my file.
– This is my problem. Gagan, return my file. Your future
is my problem, Pinky. Gagan, return my file.. My degree..
My certificates.. You and your certificates deserve to be here. In this mud. Mrs. Gagan Bhardwaj you can have only one future. You have to stay with me
as my wife. Wow, ma’am!
I love samosas! Stop! Stay away from the samosas
until Pinky is home. Stay away from all the food. But I’m hungry. Oh, Pinky! Pinky. What’s wrong?
What happened? Grandmother I’ve decided
to file for divorce. I don’t want to continue
as Mrs. Gagan Bharadwaj. I’ll establish my own identity. Wait.
Let me clean this. Mom, what are you doing? I’m getting this dirt off you
before you enter the house. Mom, this dirt will help ruin Pinky’s future. And, Mom,
watch my acting inside that’ll compel Mr. Ram Kashyap
to take a big step. But, son, do be careful. Ram Kashyap is an eagle eyed
and experienced individual. He senses everything. A tiny mistake
can prove costly, son. What if we don’t get
our hands on his property.. Oh, Mom, I won’t let
that happen. I’m just waiting for the day
I take over his property. I’ll neither spare Ram Kashyap,
nor his wife. They harass me
at every opportunity. They insult me. But it’s my turn now. Hold on a minute. Mom!
What are you doing, Mom? Son, your act
needs to look real. Mom, we don’t need
any over acting. Let’s go in. You’re unbelievable. Better late than never. At least you now realise
where your life is heading. Grandmother, before I file
for divorce I want to talk to dad. Are you crazy? Why would you
want to talk to him? He’s not worth it.
He’s such a scumbag. But he’s my dad. So you expect him to agree
with you? Whether he agrees with me
or not I can’t take this big decision
without informing him. And anyways, no matter
who I marry I’ll always be his daughter. Every decision I make has
an impact on my dad’s honour. We ditched our home but not our relationships. Ananya always regretted that
she never told dad what she really feels. I don’t want to go through
that in my life. In all the decisions
I’ve made in life I’ve always consulted dad. And it’s important that
dad is aware of this decision. So, you want to tell him,
but how will you go about it? Are you going to use
pigeons to deliver the message? You’ve never been able
to say anything to him. I say, you send a legal notice,
he’ll understand. I was baffled. First she threw mud on my car then on my cloths and then on me. Look what Pinky did
to my son. Do you see, Nalini? First your daughter tarnished
our reputation and now she has started
splashing mud on us. Mother-in-law, I can understand
your pain. I also understand that a mother
worries about her daughter. But believe me, all my actions are aimed at
bringing Pinky home. I have changed. All I want for Pinky
is to come home to me so I can tell her how much
I love her. Do you see, Brother? Look how much Gagan
loves Pinky. He’s always trying
to convince her. He follows her around. But Pinky just won’t
give him a chance. I’m sorry, Brother, but Pinky is gambling with the image
of both the families. Oh, no way! Pinky isn’t that stupid to forget her family and the
values her dad taught her. It’s.. It’s just that she has been
brain washed by that lady. That’s why she’s doing all this. Otherwise, Pinky is
actually very innocent. Here you go. What do I do what that now? Gagan ruined it with the mud. It had few certificates
which can’t be replaced. If you like handing out
verdicts why don’t you apply
for the judge’s post? Why look for any other job? Mr. Arjun! How did you do this? Listen, Ms. Pinky,
we’re wedding planners. We bring people as well as
other things together. And it was merely some
pieces of papers. One guy tears papers, whereas
the other one joins them. There’s Gagan, who tried
destroy my future and then there’s Mr. Arjun who saved it. You fixed these pieces. But will you help me to break this relationship? Pinky did what she wanted to do. But now.. I will send her a legal notice
under Section 9. It says if the wife
is staying away from the husband
no matter for what reason she has to come back. Son-in-law, what are you saying? Why are you taking it to court? Nalini, thank God. At least he’s informing us
before taking any step. Otherwise, nowadays
people directly send notice. Are you getting it? ‘Pinky’s message!’ Sir, no matter what Pinky belongs to this house,
right? Do you think it’s a good idea
to take this matter to court? Ma’am, please make him
understand. ‘Dad..’ What did Pinky say? Show it to me. ‘Do you remember this photo?’ ‘Do you remember
when it was taken?’ ‘This is the photo
when my pink ball’ ‘fell into a flowerpot.’ ‘I was trying’ ‘so hard to reach that pot.’ ‘But I couldn’t.’ ‘Then you came there.
– What happened?’ ‘Where’s the ball?
Is it in that pot?’ ‘You also tried.’ ‘But you’ ‘also couldn’t take it out.’ ‘Then you saw my sad face’ ‘and made me sit
of your shoulders.’ ‘What shall we do now?’ ‘Now Pinky will help me
get the ball out.’ ‘Very good.’ ‘Now we have the ball.
Right?’ ‘Then I got the ball back, Dad.’ ‘That day I felt like’ ‘I can win any battle
if you are with me.’ ‘We make a awesome pair.’ ‘We are always good as a pair.’ ‘But today,
forget about shoulders’ ‘I didn’t even get a chance
to touch your feet.’ ‘Dad’ ‘I have decided something
for my life.’ ‘I hope’ ‘you will help me’ ‘just like that day.’ ‘You always say’ ‘when the foundation is weak’ ‘there’s always a fear
of losing.’ ‘Dad, the foundation
of our relationship’ ‘has also fallen weak.’ ‘I can’t continue’ ‘this relationship
with Mr. Gagan.’ ‘I couldn’t have taken
this step’ ‘without informing you.’ ‘I am filing a divorce.’ ‘I want a divorce
from Mr. Gagan.’ Wow, Pinky took a bold step. Mr. Gagan, you were just
talking about the notice. But Pinky told she will file
for divorce. Look what she did. She acts as an innocent girl. But by doing this
she has gone so far. A divorce! What will happen to my daughter? Who will marry her
after such a family reputation? No.. Whatever is happening it’s not right. Ma’am, don’t talk about
what’s right and what’s wrong. Your daughter just ruined
your family reputation. She didn’t even think about
Mr. Ram’s status in the society. First she went to her
ex-brother-in-law. And now this video. Excuse me, but Pinky should
be ashamed of this. Pinky is doing all this because she’s hurt from inside. Oh I see. If you still support her
then I can’t blame her. No.. I am not supporting Pinky. But how can I forget
I am her mother. And she’s my daughter. Tell me something. If people start talking
about your son won’t you get hurt? Why do you blame my son
for everything? Your daughter
is responsible for all this. Anyways, why am I talking
to you about it? What to expect when a mother doesn’t want
to sort out her daughter’s problems. Let me tell you
something, ma’am. To save this relationship my son Gagan tolerated
the slap from Mr. Ram. But your daughter Pinky..
– What is it? Please tell me.
What has my daughter done? I’ve a lot of complaints
about her. Ever since the wedding..
– Be quiet! Enough of this!
Please be quiet. Lady.. It was your son who started all
to ruin this relationship. The situation has gone so bad that we need to time
to take out a solution. Sir, please understand..
The matter is.. As I said, I need to understand
the situation and the problem. As of now,
I would request you to leave.


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