Naati Pinky ki Lambi Love Story – 4th March 2020 – नाटी पिंकी की लंबी लव स्टोरी – Full Episode
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Naati Pinky ki Lambi Love Story – 4th March 2020 – नाटी पिंकी की लंबी लव स्टोरी – Full Episode

Listen, sir..
The matter is just that.. Listen, I told you. I need time
to understand the situation. It’s better you leave
from here now. Goodbye! Shraddha, do you see how your
Sister-in-law Pinky has changed? It’s all because of Arjun. This is the effect of
spending time with him. But, listen, we have to support
brother in this battle. Understood? There lies an advantage for us. Okay, Mom. Try to understand. Come. What are you thinking, dear? You did what you wanted to do.
And what you did was right. Grandma, I’m wondering how bad dad would feel. They say that when girls
don’t have anything to do they spoil their mood and start
feeling bad and lonely. And when boys don’t
have any work they taunt others
and act like a dictators. We should not be sad about
things we don’t have control on. But being sad is also
not in our control. It’s simple. When a part of our
body stops working we should ampute it. And what if something has
hurt us deep in the heart? How do we get rid of that? We have to get it treated. At times, we have to go
for a heart transplant too. But it doesn’t necessarily
be successful every time. At times, the body doesn’t
accept a new heart. But when the body
badly needs a heart we have to take the risk or end up losing life. Arjun, I’m sorry. But my parents mean
everything to me. I can’t separate them
from my life at any cost. And, shall I say something? Can you take your parents out
from your life? Mom’s call? You can love others only when you know
how to love yourself. You don’t have the courage
to love yourself. Arjun, Pinky has showed
enough courage. She recorded a video and sent it
to her angry father. She will learn things gradually,
dear. Give her some time. ‘Dad, I’m sorry.
I can’t fake this anymore.’ ‘I’m going to file
for a divorce.’ ‘I want to divorce Gagan.’ Dad, I know. You must have felt very bad after watching
the video I sent you. But, Dad.. When you defame someone and then console them
you are actually an imposter. You laid thorns in my way. But now you think you
are doing me a favour by saving me from these. No, Dad. You have broken my trust. You made everyone question
my upbringing. I am not related to you anymore. You have rendered this shawl
impure by touching it. Hence, I give it up right now. Pinky. Mr. Arjun, please. Don’t say anything now. Why? Are you my teacher
to ask me to keep quiet and I would obey you? Pinky, you have made everyone
go against you by deciding to take a divorce. So everyone will be against you
in this family. Look, if I have to say
it in your language you have created this mess and got yourself into trouble. Go to sleep now. We have to meet the lawyer
in the morning. Come on. ‘No matter what happens’ ‘I won’t let this divorce
take place.’ Where is Shraddha? Shraddha, come quickly. Did you bring
what I had asked for? Mom, you make me do
stupid things. Take this. Just wait and watch.
This will be great fun. I’ll keep this there. Let’s see how Pinky and Arjun
go to meet the lawyer then. Do it quickly.
– Let’s go. Come on. Let’s go quickly. Grandma, hurry up.
We’ll be late.. What is Nandu doing with
the matchbox and bottles? Nandu. What is all this? What are you doing with
the matchbox and bottles? Kids shouldn’t try this. But, Aunt, I’ve to show a magic
trick in school tomorrow. So, I was watching
the video and practising. Yes, Nandu. But you should try this under
the supervision of an adult. Yes, you are here.
So, you show it. No, I don’t have time now.
I have to leave quickly. Aunt, please show it once.
Please. Please.
– Okay, fine. But you promise me
that you won’t try this alone. Okay, Aunt. I promise. I won’t try this alone. Pinky and Grandma, come quickly.
I’ve to attend a meeting too. Okay, I’ll make a move. Also, promise me
that you won’t try this alone. Okay, Aunt. I promise. You will go to school right now. Give me the matchbox.
I’ll keep it in the kitchen. Aunt, I’ll keep it. Will you keep it?
– Yes. Bye. Bye.
– Bye. Pinky, come. Mother-in-law, good morning.
How are you? Much better than you, Asha. Grandma, why are you
closing your eyes? What do I do?
I’m going for a good deed. I shouldn’t see
an ominous person. Always complaining! Good morning, Aunt. What good morning? You are saying good morning
after humiliating the family. Come, Pinky. Hurry up, Pinky.
The lawyer has messaged me. We have to leave. Oh, my God!
– Mom. Did you see that, Mom? The potato which you used
to fail Sister Pinky’s plan has hit you on the head.
– Keep quiet. Your plan has failed.
– It hasn’t failed. I saw it on TV. The car will stop
after going some distance. Come, let’s go inside.
– Let’s go. I am telling you.
They will come back. Both of you use your strength
and push the car. Come on. We have reached. I am so tiny
and I’m using all my strength. Thank you so much
for such a great lift. I am not God to know that the car will breakdown
halfway through. How can I complain about a car when my life-partner
has left me? Did you see that? I drove
the car so easily. Right? You just have to turn
the steering wheel. It is very easy. Come, Grandma. You know what, Arjun? I wanted to drive a car
since childhood. Look, my wish has been fulfilled
because of you today. Arjun, I’ll drop you
to the office. Come. No, Grandma.
I know that you are talented. Please come.
The lawyer is waiting for you. Come.
– Grandma! Let’s complete the work
for which we’ve come. We’ll take you for car racing
at Buddh Circuit, in Noida. Okay? – Truly.
– Promise? Yes, it’s a promise.
Come on. Come, Grandma. I’ll drive the same car.
– Okay, absolutely. You can drive the same car. Pinky, all the best. I know that you will handle
everything. But call me
if you need anything. I have spoken to Ms. Renuka.
She’ll handle the case. Will you sit in the car
and push it? Pinky, I think all the Delhiites
are here to file for a divorce. Grandma, please sit.
I’ll register my name. – Okay. Have you guys also come
to apply for a divorce of your granddaughter? What did he say? Fix your teeth first.
Talk only after that. All my life
I have been saying this. But you never listen. I have come to get a divorce
from him. Wow! Ma’am, you are very brave.
– Well, are you also here for.. No.. I am not so lucky. He is already dead. She.. Over there.. She is my granddaughter. I am here for her. She is very troubled. Hello, ma’am.
– Hello. Excuse me. Lavanya Kashyap? Arjun Venkatraman called me.
Please come. She is so smart.
She identified me from my height. Divorce petition. I’ve marked it.
Fill it. Pinky. Don’t think so much. Take a deep breath
and fill the form. Come on. Leave it. You will not be able to do it. Why? Why won’t I? Your fear will stop you. You are feeling so scared now.
How will you give him divorce? The lawyer of the opposite party will question you
what will you do then? Greetings, Mr. Shastri. Greetings. – How are you?
– Good. I’ve heard a lot about you.
– Where is Mr. Ram? He is here. Brother-in-law
is waiting for you inside. Please come in..
– Sure. – Come. Welcome.. Mr. Shastri, greetings. Greetings, Mr. Ram..
How are you? I am good.. – All well?
– All well. Take a seat.
– Thank you.. Your PA told us you had an appointment
with the minister. Thank you for giving us
time immediately. What are you saying, Mr. Ram? We know each other since long.
How could I refuse? This is not possible. Tell me. How can I help you? Well.. Tea. Take it. Be careful, Nalini.
– Yes. Sorry. Aunt, give it to me. Mr. Ram,
is Ms. Nalini all right? Yes. The weather is changing. Women can’t handle it. You are the best lawyer
in the city. I want to discuss a divorce case
with you. ‘I want you to fight the case
on my son-in-law’s behalf’ ‘against my daughter.’ What are you saying, Mr. Ram? Instead of your daughter,
you want to fight the case for your son-in-law. Do you understand
what divorce means? The journey from filing
for divorce till you get the divorce is very difficult. And the life afterwards is tougher than that. Ask yourself if you are ready
for this journey.


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