Naati Pinky ki Lambi Love Story – 5th March 2020 – नाटी पिंकी की लंबी लव स्टोरी – Full Episode
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Naati Pinky ki Lambi Love Story – 5th March 2020 – नाटी पिंकी की लंबी लव स्टोरी – Full Episode

I’m sure that your marriage
must have got fixed with great difficulty
due to your height, right? Yes. 11 boys rejected me. And I have rejected the one
whom I’m married to now. By the way, what do you work as? I am not working anywhere now. But I’ll message you
as soon as I get a job. How will you manage
your expenses in future? What are your qualifications? Your qualifications
are not that great. Your family is not
supporting you either. Where will you stay
after the divorce? Divorce!
It is a word. But it is a shame for the world. Will you be able to carry
the tag of a divorcee lifelong? Why are you talking
to her like that? Calm down, Grandma.
– You are scaring her. Actually, if you take my advice,
cancel this idea of divorce. Divorce is against our values,
Mr. Shastri. The seven circumambulations
are considered holy in our society even today. That is why I want
the present day kids to know this and remember this. You are the best in this city. You can turn the case
in a second. That is why I want to give
this case to you. Take this.
Fill the fees as per your will. I’ll fill the fees, Mr. Ram. But it is about your daughter. So, I would advice you
to think once more. Mr. Shastri, this case is your responsibility now. Accept it. Ma’am, don’t worry now. Pinky will return to your house
before ‘Holi’. And you will eat ‘Gujiya’
on ‘Holi’ from Pinky’s hands. Thank you, Mr. Ram.
– You’re welcome. Now?
I cannot come now. ‘Ma’am is at home.’ ‘How will I conduct
the fire experiment?’ Okay, I’ll come. Wait for five minutes.
I am coming. ‘Thank You, Lord.’ ‘I can perform
my experiment now.’ Did you recollect
what had he done to you? ‘You tell me how cute I am.’ ‘You are so cute’ ‘that I can deal with
your tantrums lifelong.’ ‘I feel insulted to even
call her my wife.’ ‘I feel disgusted with her.
But what do I do?’ ‘I am helpless.’ ‘You will keep getting
some respect’ ‘as long as you continue
being my wife.’ ‘This is the real place
of your certificates.’ ‘In this mud puddle.’ Pinky, come.
Let’s go home. Get up. Get up.
– Wait a moment. Thank you. Thank you, Ms. Renuka. You have not just opened
my eyes, but my mind too. I have no confusion now. I have only decided
to walk on this path so far. But you have given me
the confidence to go forward. You have encouraged me
and given me the confidence. No matter what difficulties
I face now I am ready to fight. Then I’m really proud of you. Actually, I was testing you whether you are really ready
for this journey or not. Sorry if you found
my behaviour rude. Come on, let’s discuss
the further details. Wow, you are a great lawyer! Just ruin the lives of Gagan
and his family. That’s it. I’ll definitely do that. Just keep doing as I say. Your fees? You need not worry
about my fees. Arjun has said this. He has already given
the cheque. Did Brother-in-law Arjun
give the cheque? Dad! I am slim and trim. But I’m feeling very light after
signing the case’s petition. I can guess it
from your broad smile. Grandma, I’m getting the feeling
of the freedom that the pigeons feel
when they are flown from the Red Fort
on August 15th. Brother-in-law Arjun was right. ‘Life can be enjoyed’ ‘only when you respect
your self-respect.’ ‘And that is when
you can sense freedom.’ Wait. What are you doing, Grandma?
– Warding off the evil eyes. You are moving forward
like a brave woman. I am very happy. I am very happy. Why are you shedding tears
if you are happy? And send your tears to gym now.
They are quite heavy. Hey, these are tears of joy. The path that you have chosen
will not be easy. But you don’t lose hope because your grandma
will always be with you. Enough.
Don’t become sentimental now. You know what? I’ve got a thought
after seeing your courage. I’ll call your grandpa
from heaven and give him a divorce. He used to irritate me a lot. Grandma.
– Yes. You are crazy. Come, let’s find a rickshaw. Yes, Sunny.
I’ve just reached home. Yes.
– Dad! Dad! Nandu. Nandu.
Nandu. Nandu.
Nandu. Nandu. Dad. Dear, are you all right?
Can you breathe properly? Nandu. Nandu. How did all this happen? Dad, I was practicing magic. Practicing magic?
Who taught you? Who taught you?
– I did. What is this Pinky? How can you teach these to kids? Listen. – How can you
be so irresponsible? Do you know the gravity
of your mistake? Why do you do something
which you don’t know? Had anything happened to her,
I would have never forgiven you. But..
– Dad. You can’t do anything right. If you don’t know what to do,
you start crying. It is my fault that
I brought you here. Dad, it was my fault,
why did you scold her? – Silent. Go to your room and don’t
come out until I call you. This is your punishment.
Go now. Yes. – Does Lavanya
Kashyap live here? Yes. What is it? It is a courier.
Please sign here. Thank you, Sir. Family court, Delhi! Legal notice for defamation? What happened? Why was Pinky so tense and what is in this letter? Will you tell me something? Gagan has filed a defamation
case against Pinky and the lawyer has summoned
her for a meeting. What a rude man is he! He is filing a case against
his own wife. He is himself a worthless guy but will file a defamation
case against others? I am not worried about that. I am worried about Pinky. I don’t know how she will
react seeing this letter. I have sent the letter. In tomorrow’s meeting,
we will compel her so much that she won’t have any other
option but to come here. My selection is never wrong, That is why I selected
you for this case. By the way, there is one
good thing in our country. It is very easy
to frighten women. Since they don’t have
source of income so they are compelled
to go through their marriage because they fear about what
would happen after divorce. And there are some women
who are courageous. We destroy their courage so that they
withdraw their case. Nothing to worry. Your daughter will come
back home soon. Did you hear that? Now, prepare for Holi
without any worries. – Okay. Mr. Ram. I salute you. Once again, you have given more
importance to the Brahman caste than your family. Thank you, Mr. Shastri. And even though
you are a father you didn’t side
with your daughter but sided with your son-in-law. My dear, get ready
for the attack tomorrow. Yes, of course. Okay. Bye. Thank you, Mr. Shastri. Let me accompany you
till the door. – No. It is okay. It is okay. Thank you. I am making all the efforts
from my end. Just don’t make any mistakes
from your end or the lawyer who
favours you now can turn against you tomorrow. And what is this? It is the festival of colours
yet your face is so pale. Smile a bit and get ready to eat sweets from
your wife’s hand. Pinky, what are you doing? You know that by mistake
Arjun had been rude to you. He was furious at that time. Are you planning to go
to that insolent’s house? He wants you to do that.. He wants you to reach there
before Holi. Do you want Gagan
to come out victorious? Where are you going? I’m going nowhere, Grandma. By the way,
I can’t go anywhere. That’s because.. I’m like a football.. Being kicked around
all the time till I give up. Every time I muster up
the courage but someone comes
and crushes my confidence. Where are you taking this? I still have some courage left. So, without informing me the lawyer which Arjun
had given the cheque.. I’m going to return it. Listen, pal. I know,
you’ll not discuss this issue. Take my advice..
Apologise to Pinky and give this notice to her.
– You talk like a teenager. I’m not a highschool boyfriend to keep on apologising
for no fault of mine. Pinky has made a mistake
by teaching Nandu magic. She might’ve taught her magic but she didn’t tell her
to do it alone. Nandu is just a kid.
She must’ve made a mistake. If you like taking her side,
then, fight her case tomorrow. Stop showing
your capability here. Listen, friend. At this moment, you’re furious. I’d say, I’ll handover
this notice to Pinky. No, Sunny. I’ll personally give
this notice to her. Seeing this letter,
she’ll lose her courage which I don’t want. I need to handle
this matter deftly. Believe me, pal.. Have you ever had an ice-cream
topped with boiling milk? Hot and cold..
Hot and cold.. One goes berserk. The same is happening with you. Sometimes you get furious and sometimes
you worry about Pinky. Your mood is very unpredictable.
– Better don’t understand it. Thinking too much
is bad for your health.


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