Nick Lachey Shocked At How Quickly Men Cried On ‘Love Is Blind’
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Nick Lachey Shocked At How Quickly Men Cried On ‘Love Is Blind’

– [Kelly] So well, let’s talk
about “Love Is Blind” though. – Let’s do it.
– Yes. – So how does this show work? – Well like you said, it’s
like the dating version of “The Voice”, so that’s
all people can go off of, is they, we have 15 single
guys and 15 single girls in these dating pods, and
they talk to each other, for days, weeks, with no
cell phone, no television, no computers, no family
and friends in their ear, and they just get to know each other. – [Kelly] First of all, this
just sounds like vacation. (laughs) – You know what, all they
have is communication, like the old school way of
getting to know somebody, like talking, and asking
questions about ’em. It’s not about the superficial stuff, what you look like, or what do you, it’s just really about who are
you, lemme get to know you. – And it’s what you look
like, not a filter (laughs). – Yeah.
– Right. – Not the picture you chose
to be your profile picture. These are all people who–
– And you showed up and they were like what? (laughing) – To some of them I’m like,
“Did he describe himself to you?” ’cause we knew
what both sexes looked like and she’s like, “Yeah, he said
he looked like so-and-so.” and I was like, “Hm.” (audience laughs) (claps) No but honestly, people fell so in love, so quick, that when
they did see each other they were like, it’s even
better than I thought and there were a couple that were like, okay, we got– okay, okay, we’ll just try this. And then they’d hug and they were like okay, okay, okay. – I’m mean pretty much every
scenario you could imagine playing itself out on the show, it played itself out on
the show, it was wild. it was wild.
– Cause was ya’ll worried that people wouldn’t, ’cause
don’t people end up getting engaged, right,
that’s the whole thing, right? – So you have to purpose
to someone sight unseen and accept their proposal
without every having seen them and only after you accept do
you finally see the person you’ve been talking to for
hours and hours and hours. – But we didn’t ask
anybody, nobody was forced to purpose, so we actually, after week one we were like if nobody purposes– – There’s the show.
(laughs) – Then Netflix goes, then we have to figure out what the show is, ’cause then the social
experiment would be nobody found love without seeing
each other physically. Well we got plenty of proposals and again, everything you could imagine
going down, did go down. Even, well.
– It’s a whole lot. You need to see it. – And you got ride of, like,
any of the uncomfortable kind of vibe ’cause when I’m
going to be meeting people it’s always like, “Oh my God.” Like and you’re just,
you get to be yourself behind that, that’s why
it’s like “The Voice.” – And you get away from other
people in your ear like, “What do you see in her? “Why are you talking to her?”
– Or going home and googling somebody
– You’re friends or your family. – That’s annoying when people, I’m like, “Did I ask you?” (laughs) – It’s all about the
connection between you and the person on the
other side of that wall and the connections they formed were like, just crazy strong and in like two days, grown mean weeping. – Tears. Just broken. It was crazy. – They’re like, “She’s the
one.” and he’s like, “Really? “This show’s going to be great.” (laughs) – [Kelly] Exactly.


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