Obsessed with dogs, and you? Their eyes, superpowers & friendship. Love, Bisa Lisa Studio
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Obsessed with dogs, and you? Their eyes, superpowers & friendship. Love, Bisa Lisa Studio

Hello, this is Beatris from Bisa Lisa Studio a.k.a. the only employee …and I use ‘we’ on my website sometimes to make us look like a lot of people… but it’s just me! I love drawing dogs if you can’t tell by now I tend to draw a lot of dogs some cats..I love drawings cats too but a lot of my customers are dogs… I was talking to a dog owner about this and she was like ‘Yeah I’d get a portrait of my dog but not
my cat… why!? I don’t know… cat people, please let me
know what this battle is about cause I think cats are just
as personable however, everyone is a dog or cat person aren’t
they….and I am secretly a dog person…secret’s out! I’m also horrible at secrets… I love drawing their eyes, I think that’s
my favourite part …just the connection that we have with our
dogs is usually through looking at their eyes and
the best reactions I get …. mystery… are ‘Oh my goodness, those are her eyes, that’s
exactly her… you’ve captured her’ and I absolutely love
when I get those reactions- it’s the best feeling – I love
that it’s able to sometimes if it’s a dog that passed away,
it brings back that sort of love back a little bit and you’re
able to sort of look at it and connect with your best
friend again …or for people that have our dogs around
which we’re so lucky to… too bad they don’t outlive us…
a piece in their honour is something you see all the time,
it could be a picture of when they were a puppy and it reminds you
of the good old cute times… I don’t know if they were good though cause you know they might have ate your shoes
a couple times but you know, it just brings back those
memories. Another thing that you might not know is that
I actually donate $5 of every pet portrait to BCSPCA and they are just amazing for domestic, farm,
wildlife animals and they use their money really wisely so
I’ve researched this quite a bit and am so proud to donate
to them every year. Last year I did 5% so we got up to $110. This year my goal is to maybe hit $300 – if you guys
help me out we can do this together AND you can get a gift
for yourself or for your friend! Did you know that dogs can feel when you’re
sick this is a huge part of them being your best
friend …heal you through just cuddles and love
.. or just make you feel appreciated or just make you enjoy
your pity for yourself just as much because they’re pitying
you. They don’t speak back to us… which a lot
of us love… and having a dog in the house makes you not
crazy for talking to yourself like I do. Umm so yeah I hope you enjoyed this video I’m gonna enjoy this coffee… and probably
go to the dog beach and pretend I have a dog. This is Mr Bentley and Sir Wallace And this is Rudy. They’re going out to their owners soon. Currently working on this one… which is
little… so mini! Bubba and Gump and they are two bulldogs in Vancouver – so these will be available
soon too. Anyway, See ya later!

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