Petco Foundation Surprises Animal Shelters Across the Country with Valentine’s Day Love!
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Petco Foundation Surprises Animal Shelters Across the Country with Valentine’s Day Love!

– One, two, three. (crowd cheers) – I am so excited to be here today on behalf of the Petco Foundation with my friends from Petco to deliver love to animals in the Cincinnati area. In addition to the grant investments we want to really say thank you to all of the staff who work tirelessly, day in and day out, to really fulfill the lifesaving mission
of the Petco Foundation. – At Petco Foundation we are dedicated to creating a better life for pets. (crowd cheers) – We are so grateful to Petco
for everything they’ve done. This is so impactful on
many different levels. Number one, the $50,000 donation directly will care for all the animals in our care here in the Cincinnati area. – We’re really excited about this gift. And we plan to put the money
hard at work in our community. We service Chester County, Delaware County and the entire state of Delaware. – I have the privilege of working with a very compassionate group of folks that give their hearts every
day to help save animals and make a difference for
animal’s lives every day. This is one of those extra
special moments that captures them doing what they do
best and what they love. – It’s a huge morale booster,
we cannot thank Petco enough. – This check means more lives will be saved, period, exclamation point. – It’s just so meaningful,
I just can’t get over you guys making this journey
here to do this for us. – Since 1999, the Petco Foundation has invested more than $260 million in our animal welfare
organizations across the country. And through our campaign
we are excited to announce an additional $10 million
of grant investments. – We’re excited to be able
to donate 100 pairs of shoes to the staff at the Escondido
and neighboring facilities. So they have a little bit of comfort while they’re taking care and
saving the lives of animals. – This investment, as well as other grants we’ve gotten from the Petco Foundation, have just been
transformational to our shelter and save countless lives
over several years. (upbeat music) (group cheers) – [Group] Thank you Petco (cheer)! – [Group] Yay! (upbeat music)

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