Planning The Wedding a Year Later – Justin Bieber: Seasons
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Planning The Wedding a Year Later – Justin Bieber: Seasons

You gonna trust up, J? – Yeah.
– What are you gonna do? I’m gonna trust fall
with him. Man:
Oh, this guy’s good. This guy,
he’s gonna catch me. – You think?
– Man: I hope so. Woman:
I’m gonna get the angles. All right, ready? – Welcome back.
– What up, man? – Nice to see you.
– How are you? Doing great.
We’ll take care
of it for you. ( chattering ) – Hey, what’s up, man?
– How are you? ( woman laughing ) Woman: He got him!♪ Keep running over me
with your loving ♪
♪ I’m only right here
for your consumption ♪
♪ Keep running over me
with your loving ♪
♪ Looking like you… ♪( music fades )( revving engine ) Hailey:Justin loves
to pick up a new hobby
and learn something.
Like, right now he’s trying
to learn how to unicycle.And he’s just good at
everything. It’s annoying.
He has these little hobbies
that he picks up
and then he’s
really good at them
and then there’s nothing
he can say that he can’t do. ( shouting, cheering ) – Man: Whoo!
– You already know, baby. I play just pretty much
any sport.I love playing hockey.– I love soccer.
– Oh!I like to bike ride,
ride motorcycles,
snowboard, skateboard. – ( chattering )
– Oh, see? – Look at that.
Bulls, baby.
– What? Boom shakalaka.I think everything’s
just a lifestyle
of just who I am,
what I enjoy.
I think it all plays in.Like, I love fashion, and I think I get fashion
from all sorts of walks of life.You know, like,
skateboarders have a vibe.
There’s so many things
that you can kind of take
from just different people
and styles
and all that
sort of stuff, so…
– ( laughter )
– I love it. Ryan:
About a year and a half ago,
he brought up this idea
that he wanted to start
a clothing brand. He wanted me to creative direct
and help him get it going. Justin:
We just wanted to create
something that has,
you know, substance,
something that brings
some sort of joy
to people
when they look at it.
He wanted to just create,
another lane
for him to create,
and, um, I think
that’s the most fun,
is that we get to
do it together.He’s really,
really involved,
finding different artists
to work with and just different
silhouettes, and, “Hey, we should make
this and this.”It’s been cool, though.
People have responded
very positively to it.
I woke up this morning
and I have a Drew mat, a bath mat in my bathroom. And I was just thinking, like, “Here’s something
that came from nothing,an idea that’s now,
you know, drying my feet.”
It’s just cool.
It’s cool to see the fruits
of it, I guess. Hi. ( Hailey laughs ) Hailey:
You know we’re about
to eat all the sugar – in the world this weekend.
– Justin: I know. So, maybe not eat
the whole Snickers? We’re gonna eat so much
sugar together this weekend. I know I’m about to get a cake
smashed in my face, so… No, you’re not. You’re not gonna smash
cake in my face when we feed it to each other? No, we got too expensive
of outfits on for that. I disagree.
Maybe I shouldn’t
have told you, ’cause I’m doing it
to you for sure. It’s actually really funny
’cause we got engaged, and we were like,
“Yeah, we’re not in a rush
to plan a wedding. We’re chilling.” And we wanted
to live together, we wanted to move in together. And we didn’t believe
in doing that until
we were married, so we got legally married.And then moving in together
and living together
and getting to share space
with each other
and just keep learning
more about each other…
Baby? Baby? – Aah!
– Can you just– …just took away
all the pressure of the scary part
of getting married. This is what I have to say. You know what the problem
is being married to him, is that it’s so hard to stay
mad at him or annoyed. – Man: ‘Cause he’s so funny?
– He’s so cute! Is he, though? Hailey:
You know, I knew that
I wanted to have a wedding,
’cause I didn’t ever
want to look back and say,
“Oh, I never got
to be a bride
and get walked
down the aisle by my dad.” And I just wanted to be able
to show our kids those photos and be able to have
those memories.And the timing for me
felt so perfect.
I didn’t feel like there
was unnecessary pressure.
Woman: Oh, my God.
It’s so little! Allison Kaye:
I think South Carolina
was where they wanted
to do the wedding
because it was this beautiful,
romantic spot,
and he had been there before. And I think– the story goes
that he said he wanted to get married there one day and then kind of
forgot it existed, and then when they went
to go pick a wedding venue, remembered and asked for it. I’m not really
a big bridal person. I’m not crazy about it. I’m obviously involved
in the planning and I know what I want, but I’m not letting
the details stress me out. I’m not getting
worked up about anything. – Can I wear a hat?
– Right. On the wedding day? – Down the aisle?
– No way. He is not very involved,
to be honest. I think he trusts my vision. She was involved
in pretty much all of the decision-making as far as, like,
the wedding was concerned. I just basically showed up. Hailey:
He tried the cakes.
He helped pick out
color schemes.
He looked at
all the vision boards and said,
“This looks cool.” As soon
as we’re done, baby. We had one original seating table vision. And then I showed him
the photos of all of it,
and he was like, “Yeah, actually can
we change this completely?” I mean, there was too many
flowers on the table, and I told her
to take off some flowers. I had this original idea
to do flowers all over the tables
like a little mini garden. He’s like,
“People aren’t gonna be able to see each other
across the table. You’ve got to get rid
of all this.” I was like,
“How are we supposed to eat with these flowers
in my damn face?” I don’t even care.
I’m so not a bridezilla. Anyone who’s working
with me for this wedding will tell you the same. Is there anything
you hate? I don’t love–
I don’t love it,
but if she loves it, then– – No, we have to both love it.
– It’s pretty, but… Yeah, that’s what I mean. Like, super sleek
and, like, yeah. So let’s just stick to that
and, like, just white. Like, we’ll do everything
very, like, clean. – Okay.
– Okay, well, that’s it. – Okay.
– I’m glad we asked. ‘Cause you would’ve
come in and gone,
“Oh, what is this?” – Yeah.
– All right. I come to him
with the yes or no questions. “Do you like this color?
Yes or no? Do you like this flower?
Yes or no?” But aside from that,
I think he’s just kind of, like, “Throw me in a tux
and let’s go.”We just decided
that smaller and intimate
was gonna be the better
situation for the two of us
because we wanted people
who had been
very super involved
in the journey
and who were still
super involved
in our life currently,and who are still part of
our day to day lives right now. – Are you getting
– No. – ( laughs )
– I’m not crying. You got teary-eyed. It’s because of
the dust in here. – ( laughing )
– I swear. Ryan:
Justin’s got, like,
the biggest heart
of probably anybody I know.I just have always
had confidence
that he’d be okay
and he’d be
who we actually see now.I just kind of always knew
that he’d be all right.♪ I just wanna know
your ETA ♪
♪ ETA ♪♪ Out the window,
got me looking out the street ♪
♪ What’s your ETA? ♪♪ Distance only made us
grow fonder ♪
♪ Of one another ♪♪ Be honest,
what’s your ETA? ♪


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