|RolePlay| Falling asleep together | Korean Boyfriend JINO
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|RolePlay| Falling asleep together | Korean Boyfriend JINO

Can’t you sleep? Why do you keep your eyes open? It’s good to be together, isn’t it. when you can’t sleep, You told me to speak Korean. So, now I’m here to put you to sleep. too noisy outside It’s noisy outside, It was hard today, right? It was hard today, You’ve been under a lot of stress. right? How about I sing you a lullaby? I’m not good at sing I’m sleepy now. I almost fell asleep. you are so cute We lay down together, It good to be with you. I wish I could be like this every day. So, tomorrow You’re going to work at eight? I’m also go out that time. After you leave the office, How about go to an Italian restaurant? How about go eat your favorite Chinese food? I like everything. If you want, I’ll eat McDonald’s, too. It’s already past midnight. Do you want me to count the sheep? (Count sheep..)


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