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    here comes my rant, as expected.

    guyssssss, I'm still sobbing after episode 7. I want to start this off by saying that this edit took me an ETERNITY to finish but I am so happy it's finally done. I decided to start cutting off the logos from my edits because it looks much better, however that means that it takes me almost twice as much time to finish a video. I also had to upload this 3 times because every time I wanted to fix this or that lol so I am sorry for the late upload. if there are still mistakes I am sorry for that too, I just edited 2 videos in 24 hours and I should really go to sleep. but now for the most important part, SAIFAH AND ZON GOT THE SCREEN TIME THEY DESERVED! (most of it, at least)

    this episode was by far my favorite, I loved how we got a little bit of every couple and how the story progressed. it was a turning point for FTTT and brought saizon even closer than they were (ZON NEEDS TO STOP ACTING SO CUTE – but actually he doesn't because we love that) HE KILLS ME EVERY TIME. at one point I totally forgot that I wanted a kiss in this episode and I got lost in their cuteness. that tummy kiss?? even better!!! please it makes me cryyyy. saifah is the softest boyfriend, so patient and caring towards his zon, we don't deserve such a precious human being. and don't even get me started on baby zon??!! ugh I love them the most. I'm really going through it right now, sorry. this song is one of my all time favorites so I obviously HAD TO use it for my all time favorite couple. so, naturally, this is my favorite edit that I've ever done. I was putting off using it for a long time because I was waiting for more scenes but I couldn't wait any longer.

    WE'RE GETTING THE GIG NEXT EPISODE AND ALSO A KISS (I swear to god if they end the episode with it I WILL scream) and maybe a confession (hopefully, most likely not) AND I CAN ALREADY TELL THAT THIS WEEK I'LL BE IN HELL WAITING FOR FRIDAY to come faster

    I feel like next week's episode has a fair share of saizon scenes and I am the happiest, or at least that's what I got from the teaser; maybe they are finally balancing the screen time (?) well I'll end it here, you know where you'll find me for the next 6 days. (yes, crying. yes, in hell.)

    let's be mutuals on twitter pls I need people to watch the show and freak out with me: https://twitter.com/softforsaifah

    also please watch the show using the official links for interfans, you can find them here: https://mydramalist.com/discussions/why-r-u-the-series/45915-official-why-r-u-the-series-episode-links (I JUST REALLY WANT A SECOND SEASON :(.

  • Leidy Bach

    Oh God has been a while since I have heard that song and it fits so perfectly with them you've done an amazing job congratulations is my favorite Saizon video so far ❤️❤️❤️

  • Dream World

    Oh my God I love it it's beautiful, 💞💞💞💞song suits alot….. Yes I am in a love with this couple, 💞💞💞💞😍😍😍Thanks God they gave them proper screen time that they deserve 😙😙😙😙me also love tummy kiss awwwww so cute 😘😘😘💕💕💕Sai and ZON both killing me there eyes contactsss and there cute smile😘😘😘😘💞💞and yes next Friday my God😍😍😍😍it's seem a year for me…….. To wait for see there kiss🙄🙄😒😒😒😒but wt we can do

  • haz ett

    I love Saifah's character so much.
    he respects Zon.he don't push Zon to love him.he always try to understand Zon more from Zon's perceptive,be gentle with him, comfort him, there for him.Such an amazing things if this kinda people actually exists in this world

  • Marissa Corley

    ahhhh im so excited for the next ep! i tooootally agree that this ep was my fav so far and that it was super easy to get lost in their cuteness omg. ur edits are my faves tho i do gotta say, I LOVE EM!! BUT YAY SAIFAH AND ZON ENTHUSIASTS RIIIIIIIISE

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