Sara Haines Says She Loves Herself: “Belly Pooch & All” | Daily Pop | E! News
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Sara Haines Says She Loves Herself: “Belly Pooch & All” | Daily Pop | E! News

GMA3 co-host Sara Haines
is clapping back at her body shamers listen to what she admitted yesterday on
the show after one of our episodes aired last week and really honestly everyday
people reach out to me asking if I’m pregnant
and and specifically sometimes one I’ve had three babies but depending on the
angle you look at me I look a little preggers but I did post a photo on
Instagram and wrote I’ve had three babies and I love the way I look little
belly pooch and all it’s not okay to ask a woman if she’s pregnant it’s a
delicate topic and you never know what journey someone is on it is also
flat-out body shaming when you say someone looks pregnant being on
television for a while before I was pregnant I’ve gotten this question have
you ever gotten that question never liked my nose not like I’ve gotten that
question it’s annoying it is annoying and it is rude and I
agree you shouldn’t ask I’ve done it once yeah I remember the time the date
and the person I did it to and I think about it often because I put my foot in
my mouth so badly that it was horrific and now my new thing is if the umbilical
cord is not sticking out hooha are that baby does not move like the alien and
Sigourney Weaver’s belly I am NOT asking you by being pregnant yeah we got about
on the show before you both knew I was pregnant for so long before you said it
we just wanted to keep we were just every day like she gonna tell us good
about it for those friends like really close friends like this like people you
see every single day they’re like close close to you I wouldn’t have been
offended if you guys would have asked me we do you want OCD about telling us when
you wanted to tell us yes right so every day would be like when do you think it’s
gonna happen cause she likes to like do the whole leg guess what guys and it’s
like oh you’re six months pregnant like she loves to do that so much
experience yeah having twice of my life how to do it oh my gosh
that is hilarious that’s the only time I think it’s okay to ask someone if
they’re pregnant if one they’re very close friends of yours and you know it’s
not an offensive thing yeah you know they’ve been trying you know or they’re
asking you questions like I have a girlfriend who the other day was like so
what prenatals do you like to take and I was asking me all of these questions and
she’s like family so I was like do you anything you want to tell me and she’s
pregnant no but she’s prepping she’s probably got it so I’m excited for her
but I didn’t feel offensive asking that because she’s knocking me all the
questions that would make me think that she might be pregnant but I think now
with body shaming and people always feeling like every little thing is
against him I’m not saying that Sarah Hines is not right in saying that she
has body shaming because it’s your body you know what it feels like but I feel
like sometimes people aren’t coming from a malicious place and you have to take
that into consideration and we can’t be so sensitive to things
like if you will say listen I just had a baby three months ago for you guys who
didn’t know it you know my bad like all right I need to fart that day people
will just drop it but I just think that we take the body shaming thing a little
too far well I think her point was pregnancy is just so different it’s a
different level of because it’s so complex like somebody could be pregnant
or trying to get pregnant and they can’t and when you ask them that her point was
saying like that can really hurt them because this is the world that we live
in that people will ask you these things I just think that we are too quick to
make things a moment and to come up with these body shaming and you’re this and
you’re that and it’s like let’s save the body shaming you know tag for people who
are getting body shamed for being too fat or too skinny are not looking a
certain way or having a different color than other people like I just don’t want
us to start using that and the rubberband gets pulled so hard that it
never pops back oh don’t you think this qualifies I think so I think asking a
woman if she’s pregnant if she’s not pregnant
result asking in general is really dicey because it’s true you don’t know
somebody’s private journey and the way she put it was
is nobody’s business unless somebody decides to share it with you even if you
were to follow up with your friend she’s prepping right and let’s say four months
go by and you asked again she’s probably in her own mind like no I’m not fronting
and it’s been four months we’ve been trying a lot and it’s not happening I
like it exactly this boy I won’t ask oh because you don’t know I know you’re
trying you tell me I got a friend that recently she’s now six months pregnant
but it took two and a half years for her to get pregnant yes and I heard the
first four months was like oh you prepped like and then I was like it’s
not my business so I just think hey you shouldn’t ask if you’re uncertain and
somebody doesn’t you know offer up that information you just got to leave it and
also being called pregnant when you’re not pregnant is body shaming that’s it
for today’s daily pop but don’t worry we do it every day that’s right and be sure
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  • M K

    That 100% IS body shaming! The assumption in asking if someone is pregnant is that the person LOOKS like they COULD be pregnant! No one wants to hear that their belly is giving off got-a-baby-in-here vibes. On top of the emotional aspect of whether she may have been trying & struggling for some time with the process. I agree, just don't ask.

  • TheZarinah

    So asking if some is pregnant is wrong unless Carissa thinks it's ok, got it. Carissa is a so bias in the extreme when she feels personally affected by a topic or issue.

  • Justice Payton

    I don't think it's rude. I think people get extremely excited about babies. Has nothing to do with body shaming.

  • Rossy Contreras

    Listen from someone who was hormonally prepping, got pregnant and then had a miscarriage 10 weeks in. Please STOP asking, it’s uncomfortable. I wasn’t ready while I was prepping, and I was able to put up with the comments about getting heavier only because I was visualizing what a precious gift I would have at the end. When I had the miscarriage and the weight didn’t go away, the comments were devastating! Too many memories in that small amount of time 😭

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