SEVGİLİME ULUDAĞ SÜRPRİZ TATİLİ | Surprised my Girlfriend with a Trip to Uludağ | VLOG 🎿⛷🇹🇷
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SEVGİLİME ULUDAĞ SÜRPRİZ TATİLİ | Surprised my Girlfriend with a Trip to Uludağ | VLOG 🎿⛷🇹🇷

hi guys, todays is Sunday 26th of january. I’m waiting for my girlfriend, she is coming to Izmir right now. as you can see from the title below, I wanna surprise my girlfriend today:) little did she know that i’m gonna take her on trip to Bursa 🙂 apparently, right now i’m going to pick her up and off we go to Bursa. we’ve just arrived in Bursa we’re gonna have a quick breakfast hi… are you tired? can you help me pleae? she’s still sleepy, look at her cute eyes 🙂 as you can see That’s the cafe where we’re gonna have breakfast right now. What time is it babe? her: it’s 6:30 am
me: yeah as you can see it’s still a bit dark

00:01:24,320 –>00:01:27,295
we’re heading to have breakfast there after we will resume the journey, by the way, we’re already in Bursa That’s our bus yes, bye bye …. music.. and the journey continues, heading to Uludağ as you can see we’ve just arrived at Uludağ we are at the changing rooms, here is where we get to rent skiing equipment I had to choose a snowboard over regular skis my girlfriend has chosen Skis two years ago i tried using skis But it was’nt easy, hardly could I maintain my balance. That’s why today I chose nowboards i’m curious, let’s see how it’s gonna be we are about to climb to the summit my girlfriend is okay, she has a stomach upset due to the journey and cold weather are you scared? …
her:a little bit because thi is my first time here no problem, don’t worry. I can’t feel my face snowboard and skis I’m scared I guess I will fall we are gonna take cable cars to the summit keep on babe you can do it you can do it, keep on
00:04:10,360 –>00:04:12,980
Yess, be careful, watch your knees very good
00:04:19,300 –>00:04:20,300
keep on be careful you’re going, keep moving
00:04:31,360 –>00:04:32,620 very good
00:04:36,360 –>00:04:37,360
00:04:40,460 –>00:04:41,460
she’s fallen down on her feet, she’s trying again ooh she’s fallen again,
WAIT LET ME HELP YOU HELP ME. ‘I’M ON MY WAY’ how wa it? 🙂 It is really interesting I’m loving it here despite being your first time skiing, I think you did a great job her: really!
me: Yeah you did a great job help me 🙂 don’t worry 🙂 you can do it go haha Babe haha haha ha a jump jump let’s dance haha shake it keep on you can do it, go go should I push you? haha see you did it! look at me babe haha don’t fall please I hope this foggy weather won’t harm our lens you know I’ve done a good job eh? alright i’m gonna push you again haha you aren’t moving if at all I head towards the steep slope down there, I’m definitely gonna die :))) haha wait let me push you, but let the people pass first this side side haha he’s falleeen ah he’s just run into a girl I can’t believe! hey… you good? do you need my help? I ought to help my boyfriend he can’t stand up haha didn’t you say that snowbords are way easier? how do you feel, this being your first fall but I skiied pretty well yeah, especially this side do you need my help?
NO, THANKS YOU LISTEN if I go to the other side, It’s gonna be amazing i guess we must do more practise before going there believe me or not, if you go to that side you WILL FALL 🙂 babe that side isn’t easy, you might not be able to stop you will fall I wanna head to that side I will try again We ought to go pick up my skis or else someone might steal them my love i made it
yeah you’ve done it better on this side We’ve won huge boots it’s even harder to walk babe my equipment are up there no let’s go start together up there alright you can start here and I will follow you behind but can you give me a push It’s about time to head back to the city
00:09:34,360 –>00:09:35,560
from uludag mountain our time ha gotten to an end are you taking pics for instagram? yeah but unfortunately it’s foggy so all pics aren’t so catchy but here it’s neat and sound Then we will head to try Bursa’s famous dish called ISKENDER We hope it’s gonna be good I love you Love you too bye bye … After skiing we came here to try iskender, Bursa’s famous dish as you can see iskender delicious did you like it? yeah, however I prefer chicken iskender to beef iskender Bursa’s famous stadium TIMSAH ARENA ( CROCODILE ARENA )


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