SPEAKING ONLY GERMAN TO MY BOYFRIEND! ㅣInternational couple 💕 Language challenge
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SPEAKING ONLY GERMAN TO MY BOYFRIEND! ㅣInternational couple 💕 Language challenge

Hello 24 hours language challenge where I talk only German and he is actually
studying now Germ an! for that occasion we partnered up with Lingoda,
online platform , you can practice speaking with teachers I think it is good for us to learn Koreans can’t not speak English well in my
experience They only learn grammar from school what I
heard from Changgun here are a bunch of classes with different teachers.
So you just have to book a class depends on your schedule a special Deal for you guys ! When you use
link down below and attend class everday for 3 months You get cashback for everything in the 3 months But if you are busy as you go to school or
work, just 15 days practicing a month, can get you half back Sign up before March 24!! So now we are going Grocery shopping and buy
food But now just German!! put on your jacket Oh today’s weather is so good. A lot of sun!! “gesonnen” ?! A lot of sun My German is super good haha *akward* fine and you? Get the basket! Oh bag okay! Let’s see what we need. Zucchini we have. Puff pastry maybe. Mozzarella, cheese, spaghetti Spaghetti *Only thing I understood* ummmm, bread Do you have any other wishes?? What do I want to eat? What you want to have for food OH eggs!! Almost forgot. goulash That is like meat that is called in Korea
kalbi no it is not kalbi, kalbijim He is always saying he is cooking but at the
end he is not He said ” I was even was Chef” I think she is talking about that I called
myself as chef But what did he do there? He only peeled potatoes What ” Toffel”?? That is what you are saying.” I was chef” But what he really did was peeling potaoes. But I was really chef in the military In Korea you must go military at 20 and I
was Chef there Go!! No?? GO? ‘GEHEN'( go in German) *stutters trying to find excuse* Yes but in
German we also say go Now I have to concentrate Oh you have to concentrate on driving My dad says always park far away from other
cars Actually manual driving is so hard for me Yea he even failed the test Oh she says that’s how German drives I can drive very well. I am the best driver haha It is so crowded at the front. Maybe I could scratch a car I parked well But I want to know what is in my package She is keep saying good at parking I think
haha First thing you should do in Germany! Get the card with a coin *We always bring a bag so we don’t have to
buy extra bags* What do you want to buy? Make up remover You can buy everything here in DM And it is cheap That means Expensive! Oh no it means cheap haha make up remover Removing makeup? But I don’t want you to do it haha Yes he was like” You didn’t do make up for
2 weeks’ Shampoo ? Also in gemran called? sometimes it itches itches dry scalp All empty!!! So small. How about bigger ones? They are not on sale *always down for deals* Ramen section Yea kind of Kind of Oh macaroni, mushrooms and onions. she is super happy here Because I am lazy Oh chopsticks CH:What is that? chopsticks Now we are going back to home! Yes we are driving home now To home nothing to do here in Germany The weather is also not good Earlier it was sunny now it is cloudy cloudy clouds *Oh talked in english…* I am doing trash and you are filming?!! cheesy Here are coupons from Burger King My favorite, Chilli cheese fries! my favourite burger Oh it got more expensive!!!! back in the days It was 7 bucks or 7,50 and
now it is 8,99 Delicious!!! My dad said it tastes really German taste really German delicious 1 and a half hour to cook you want to try? no hhaa what did you say 60 minutes Good I made it Now thee bug is outside Not everyone has this at home Hello there we are again What did we do today! First we went grocery shopping? And cooking that’s what we did haha We also argued before because of language barriers so we should learn We learned our lesson study!! study more *Thu’s face “he didn’t understood
anything”* Thats it for today and we will see you next
time Byebye~~~~~~


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