Stranger Kitchens – Episode 11: Tinder Loving Care
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Stranger Kitchens – Episode 11: Tinder Loving Care

I don’t know, I think it’s gonna be too sunny Nah Are you in focus here? Well you’re not at the moment You tell me Well you are now Maybe I can come up from below frame? Maybe come in through that side? Hey! Yeah? Go on? OK…well…welcome to episode 11, it’s a special one so we thought we’d have a little bit of extra fun, So we went on Tinder. We set up our account, and we made it clear in our bio what we were looking for, Then we put up some cute pics of us on the show to grab people’s attention, And although at the beginning we had to deal with some people who clearly didn’t understand art, After hours of swiping, feeling like we’d never find the one, we bumped into Farhan, and he was more than happy to have us over to lunch with him and his neighbour, so that’s what we did. Alright, so we’re in the spot, in the place That’s 1, we’re looking for 2. OK so maybe round here Hello! Thomas! I’m Ed, nice to meet you Farhan, nice to meet you Hal, I’m Thomas nice to meet you How are you doing? Good! I’m moving out in two days. Wow So thanks a lot for having us It’s a bit of a tiny place…that’s my room. That’s our kitchen So sorry where’d you say you were from? You’re an international student? So my parents are from Pakistan, I was born in Oman and brought up there I have one friend who’s from there, Oh that’s good and obviously because they’re the only person I know I feel like you must know them? It’s a very small country, so probably yeah… Just two people So do you have some ingredients in here? OK so, starting off Parsley In here, minced beef Coriander, so, let’s confuse those, An onion, Some couscous, Garlic. Flaked. Almonds. Wow I know. Pushing the boat out Yeah Dried apricots A lemon And some cinnamon sticks Well we’ve never had this many ingredients before We always improvise a fair bit I’ve seen yeah Shall we set up outside? Can I ask you about those two photos there? Yes so basically they moved out the building, but we still want to include them in our parties, so we have them there. Nice alright, I think we might actually be good to go, sorry ready to go sorry about all the setup. That’s fine See! We have a camera over there now for the couch. Finally! Have you wanted to have a camera for the couch? There is the story of the couch behind all of this Yeah, so we were coming back from a pub down the road, After watching a football match So we saw the couch thrown out in front of a house And we were like let’s just get the couch and put it outside So we just grabbed the couch and put it down here And we’ve been chilling here since…early this year I think…February? This is for me isn’t it right? Or is it for both of us? Errr…it’s for both of us. Yeah yeah it’s quite a big onion You wanna see a big onion? Oh my god… You got a big onion? Have you got a big onion? It’s in his fridge yeah… Oh My God. That is…shall we just… Look at this big onion. Yeah that’s my onion. Shall we put this cooking? Feel free to gossip about us while we’re gone, we’d love you to actually So how’s our first Tinder date going as a company? Well they’re lovely guys Yeah they’re lovely! Let’s keep going Yeah I wasn’t suggesting we leave What the… 🎵We got a cinnamon stick, going in the pan 🎵 By the way the tap’s broken Oh yeah I’m glad you said it because I had a nervous moment in there I was probably going to tell you, I was weighing it up Ed, quickly read out some of the big poster on the side Miley Cyrus! Miley Cyrus. I love her… Her new song’s come out, Charlie’s Angels, please check it out Is it good? It’s good, it’s Miley Cyrus, Ariana Grande and Lana Del Rey Wow Woooow Power team. It’s a good combination, perfect for me. Please support Miley Cyrus!! Could you help me with a mixing bowl please? Yep I’m gonna take this in Please talk to the camera Byee Where do your flaked almonds come into this? They’re a garnish at the end Yeah this is almost…I’m just going to put this on a low heat but this be basically ready whenever we want it. Life’s not fair This is our second use of a cinnamon stick and I’m… I like cinnamon sticks I’m a fan Yeah You see that’s my favourite building I’ve literally never used one not on the show No neither have I But they’re good But you can’t see. It’s sad. Could I just have uh, like a regular spoon please? One regular spoon. What’s going on? I was telling them, your stories, and how bad you are Which one? All of them Did your beer freeze? That’s perfect oh yEAh yeaH thAt’S PeRfeCt… It’s actually worked pretty well That’s great I’m intelligent Do you not want it very cold? That’s too cold, you can’t drink it. Yeah you can! You can drink it No no no no no I can’t wait for winter to get home and cuddle up with a warm mug of beer. I know! There we go there’s Miley Yeah say hi to Miley Hi Miley Say hi to Baris and Frencesco So shall we bring some plates out here and we can eat out here? Yeah See! Neighbour! Alright! Hey Rom What are you doing? Chilling brother You hungry? We’re filming an episode Hey there, how are you doing? Good, nice to meet you As-salamu alaykum What are you guys doing? We are on a cooking show Don’t steal our thunder! You alright mate? How are you doing? We’ve got plenty of food if you wanna come and join us? He’s leaving tomorrow, so… Yep, the day after tomorrow That getting it? yeah well, there’s the meatballs Are you gonna have some of this wine? No I don’t drink No of course we know this
He doesn’t drink! I drink grape juice, grape juice… Yeah nice grape juice This is the thing I want to do, video Sorry, say it again? I want to do movies, video Oh really? What do you do?
What sort of stuff? I used to do skate [photography] but for the moment I’m stopping skate photography Yeah yeah And the project is to do… Making film yeah Film maker, film director… Oh lovely, that’s cool Yeah nice That’s the dream Do you watch a lot of films? Do you watch a lot of films? Me? Mmmm Honestly I hate watching movies But I love music, music inspires me to make movies So do you want to make music videos or something? No I want to make movies but You know when I listen to movies with music, I have a vision Like uh, like this, for example I could take this, what we’re doing now, and make a movie out of it A movie, but then you put music Mmm yeah I don’t know how to explain it Cindyyy Cindy You’re looking like a bitch Because it’s so hot! Hi! Hi I’m Ed Oh nice to meet you Should I go?… Byee Oh yeah there’s one thing we need to do, before you leave guys Play UNO Ooooh Yesss We’ve have to play UNO with them Byee Could you put this on the table thank you. NEXT Where’s my straw glass…oh it’s inside Oh UNO’s happening Which order are we playing in? This way Your turn Nah it’s his turn No you’re playing It’s reversed No it’s not Can you focus?!? Ah! UNO! Yeah I’ve got a +4 it’s fine Wait, wait! Yeah give her a +4 It’s your go it’s your go Nah it’s Ed’s go NOOO WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT YOU IDIOT YOU CAN’T DO THAT DON’T DO THAT Yeah good good This was our whole plan… I hate you Oh nooo NOO Instead of having one card I have three But! You’ve got two sevens… I’ve got these two! UNO! What’s your last card? Why should I tell you? Oh go on! Shit’s getting real Oh wow! It’s not her turn it’s not her turn Oh no she’s done Bye Bye bitch!


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