T.K. and Carlos Relationship Part 4 ( Gay | Love | Kiss | Is This The End? )
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T.K. and Carlos Relationship Part 4 ( Gay | Love | Kiss | Is This The End? )

Hey guys! What’s going on? -Waiting on you. -Me?Why? -Cuz you’re coming out with us tonight. -Nah! -We’re not taking no for an answer. I guess he told you about me. -What? That you’re straight? Yeah, I don’t judge. Are you sure we’re still in Texas? I wouldn’t stereotype if I were you, man! Good point! Keep Austin real, baby! Everybody say hello to the newest member of the 1-26: Buttercup. -No way, you mean we get to keep him? -I’m dying of cuteness! Oh fine! Seriously, dad? -What? -I begged you my entire life for a dog and you’ve always said no. We lived in an apartment in a high-rise, who was gonna walk him? -He’s also got the exact same type of lung cancer as I have! No! It’s so sad! Oh, come on, toughen up, Buttercup’s a fighter- like me! Oh, someone has been a very curious boy. Guess we can take pie off the menue. -That is not a chew toy! Leave it! From all the shoes you’ve got to choose, why you got to pick mine? -Cuz he likes you. -No, it’s because he’s messing with me- look at his face! He thinks this whole thing is funny! You knew I was gonna fall in love with it! And you knew that it was sick and it’s gonna die and I won’t be able to take that. I can’t fall in love with one more thing that I know I’m gonna lose, dad! I can’t do it. Possible cardiac event. -VTOL bedroom southwest corner. -Copy! It’s okay to love him. Even though you might lose him. You choke a brother up. -You know, I’m never gonna forgive you for this. -It’s fine! I love you, too! -Austin Fire and Rescue!!! Please help, he’s not breathing! If you can hear me, I want you to squeeze my hand, okay? You’re good man, Owen Strand! You saved my son’s life. Any hope he has… is because of you! Would you like some time with him? I don’t want to impose! No, I think that… I think he’d appreciate it. I know I would.


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