T.K. and Carlos Relationship Part 5 ( Gay | Love | Kiss | Season 1 Finale )
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T.K. and Carlos Relationship Part 5 ( Gay | Love | Kiss | Season 1 Finale )

TK? Are you okay? Dad, where am I? -It’s all right- you’re okay! You’re in the hospital. You’re okay! I’m here! You were shot. Is she my doctor? -Who me? Oh no. No, I’m his date. You brought a date? Last thing I remember is seeing you at the station that night talking to you, petting Buttercup. And after that, it’s… It’s all black. -It’s probably for the best. -What happened, who the hell shot me? We were responding to a possible cardiac event by a locked door. Forced our way in and a seven-year-old boy with his grandfather’s gun shot you. He thought we were intruders. That poor kid. Does anybody know how he’s holding up? I hear he’s been meeting with APD counseling. He comes from a good family, goes to a nice church. It’s so like you to be sitting here with a hole in your chest and still think about somebody else. Right, I’m gonna go home tomorrow, but I can’t even remember it. Is that kid gonna be able to forget it? I used to love Legos, too – What are you building over there? -A police car. -Very cool. You like cops? They help people. -Yes, they do. Colt, do you know who I am? I shot you. -Yeah you did. You know what, I’m here and I’m okay and I just want to make sure that you’re okay, too. You’re not mad at me? -No, no, not at all. I know it was an accident. Besides you were protecting your family, which is super brave. Sorry I shot you. -I know you are. I won’t do it again. Okay, deal! Deal? Tapiocas are like blobs of snot, but uh delicious blobs of snot. What? You filibustered a solid six minutes on boba. How long are you going to avoid talking about it TK? -What? The elephant in a juice bar. Us? -When I saw you in that hospital bed Not knowing if you’d ever wake up again. I had all these feelings, strong feelings, which is crazy because I still barely know you. I’m just confused. What are we? Are we even a WE? Honestly I have no idea, Carlos. -I have no idea. Yeah. That’s it. -You think you’re confused? I don’t even know who I am anymore. Alright, I don’t know if this is the life I want or I’m even in the right career or in the right state. I feel like I need to figure that out first… -Before you’re gonna figure this out? I got it. I’m sorry. I sound like such a narcissistic dick, right now! -No. -Thank you. You sound pretty reasonable, actually. -Hey look at least let me get it. -No! -Let me get it! -No! From what you said you are going to be unemployed. -Are you upset? -No, I’m good. If it’s not meant to be it’s not meant to be! Not like it’s the end of the world. What the hell? -You okay? -God, yeah! Oh my god! Why are both lights green? -What? Go back to the sidewalk! Are you guys okay? -Think we’re all okay, but he driver, she is stuck! Hey, I’m coming for you! What the devil is going on? -What’s your name? Ma’am? -Oh Ellen. -Okay,Ellen. I’m TK. I’m here to get you out. All right? We’re making progress. Water level’s rising! We got to get out of here! You’ve done everything that you can! Hold your breath! You are going to be okay! Thank you, thank you! You saved us! You saved everybody here today. Come on, get in there! He’s an impressive guy! -He is my son! What are you thinking? Thinking… we make a pretty good team! We really do, don’t we? -I’m afraid so!


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