• Freckle Loves You
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    Freckle Loves You

    – Oh, hi guys. You’re probably wondering what this is. Well, it’s my phone calling center. I have a landline. Yes, I have a landline. Uh, but unfortunately, it doesn’t dial out, so, I’m just constantly, waiting for the call. My favorite thing about love is that I can feel it in my toes. From my toes, to the tip of, tip of my head, to the end of the follicles of my hair, I mean, I love being in love. ♪ I’m a dragon ♪ Dating is interesting because half of the people know who I am. And I love that. And other people don’t. And it’s really hard…

  • Why you should NEVER use a marriage/matchmaking agency in UKRAINE
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    Why you should NEVER use a marriage/matchmaking agency in UKRAINE

    – And sometimes we have another problem they sure to accept presents from men and they really need some time to get used to the fact that man can give her presents – So a couple of weeks back marriage agency owner or matchmaking broker sent me a video from a rival don’t you just love how they like two dox each other in and in this video the … I guess matchmaking service they review or they react to one of my videos my I guess infamous video at this stage five reasons never to date a Ukrainian in girls part of a series of course I made a…

  • How to Overcome Arguments In Your Marriage
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    How to Overcome Arguments In Your Marriage

    you’re married now and sometimes you that’s just kind of bump heads but does your arguments really need to be all that all the time hey girl hey how you doing one thing you have to understand is that you’re married you’re in it for the long run and I’m pretty sure in your vows you said that you were there to love them for better or for worse that just kind of seals the deal and letting you know that there will be worse times there are gonna be some bad times you guys are gonna have some disagreements well you’re gonna want to do is you’re gonna want…

  • How To Get a Girlfriend? Follow These (15 Actionable) Tips
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    How To Get a Girlfriend? Follow These (15 Actionable) Tips

    In this video, you will learn how to get a girlfriend Fast! So Keep Watching: Hi everyone, I’m Sachin Khanna from Wheon.com and let’s start this video: (Intro Music) So, here’s the list of my 15 best tips that will help you to get a girlfriend. The first tip which I’ve for you is: Stop being needy If you find that girls are interested in you and then pull away, stop being needy You might be scaring girls off with your eagerness (which can come off as desperation). Just get some hobbies and work on self-improvement to take up your time. Do something you always wanted to do or start?…

  • How To Be Natural In Love!
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    How To Be Natural In Love!

    – How to be natural in love. Hello guys, and welcome to my YouTube channel. I’m Alex Cormont, your French relationship expert. Yesterday, I received an email from a woman who told me Alex, I wanna be natural. When I’m watching your video, I feel like there is a game in the love and relationship space. And this is not what I wanna tell you, and I answer this woman with my French accent and I told her, listen, I know it’s not easy to understand that there is sometimes some action that you need to change, okay? It’s not that I don’t want you to be natural, but I…

  • Alternatino (Web Series) – Borderline Racist Girlfriend – Uncensored
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    Alternatino (Web Series) – Borderline Racist Girlfriend – Uncensored

    [laughter] – Hey, Arturo, what’s going on with you and Ashley, man? – Oh, yeah. – She is dope, dude. – Super hot, beautiful. – Yeah, not so good, you know. I think she might be a little racist. – What do you mean? – Dude, she can’t be racist. She listens to Pitbull by herself. – Fine, she’s always complimenting me on my English. – Hm. – Not gonna lie to you, man. Your English is on point, bro. – Very good, very good English. – I’m from Connecticut. – But still, in spite of that, your English is good. – Anyways, you think that’s racist? You know I’m…

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    Hi everyone, we’ll come back you with a mirror and this is your pick a card Who is your future love interest or love? Relationship partner for 2020 by request there were some requests that came through So thank you for putting that out there that you’re waiting for this reading to come out all the links are here below in the show more section to Connect with me in any way and thank you also for subscribing to my new channel It’s a dating channel called dating Queen and the link is also here below So thank you so much for your support for that as well as this…

  • Is Marriage Dead?
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    Is Marriage Dead?

    The concept of marriage has been fed to us from an early age by family and society. The minute a girl turns 20 she is chased down by energetic aunties and well-meaning uncles with questions like “Will you marry?” “When will you marry?” and “You will marry.” Being single in your 30s is considered unthinkable. But lately, global marriage rates are dropping steadily. Data gathered by the UN for about 100 countries shows that marriage rates have dropped in over 80% of them. So, is marriage dead? Let’s poke it and find out! Outdated Institution With the changing last names and the legalities and the till-death-do-us-parts… Marriage can sound extra.…

  • Hey Steve: Is She Made for Marriage || STEVE HARVEY
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    Hey Steve: Is She Made for Marriage || STEVE HARVEY

    – Hey Steve. I’ve been divorced for 10 years now and in the meantime I’ve been in three serious relationships. The first two were long distance and the current one is local. So in the long distance relationship, I really controlled the amount of time, the energy that I put into it. Because it was long distance. Now I’m just having trouble with giving so much time and energy to the dating process. You know, the communication it takes to learn each others likes and dislikes and avoid confrontation. And repair confrontation. I’m just wondering, does it take a lot of time to… I’m just used to being by myself,…