• Marriage Story: A reflection of modern divorce | IN 60 SECONDS
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    Marriage Story: A reflection of modern divorce | IN 60 SECONDS

    Noah Baumbach’s “Marriage Story” is less about marriage than it is about divorce, depicting the souring of what started as an amicable split between an actress and her theater-directing husband. Like 69% of divorces in the United States, the wife initiated the separation. We learned that she felt oppressed in her marriage, believing that her career and ambitions were consumed by those of her husband. But the marriage was fairly egalitarian by modern sensibilities, with both husband and wife working and sharing domestic responsibilities. This gets at what is one of the most important social issues shown in the film, though likely not Baumbach’s intention. Studies show that women on…

  • Love life again…!!!
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    Love life again…!!!

    Hey! What are you doing? Why aren’t you out enjoying life? Instead of sitting here watching videos on your computer on your phone? I know… I hear ya… I’ve been pushing myself a little bit too much lately. Been hitting that nine-to-five button a bit too much! It’s time for me to quit and I’m doing it, I’m doing it! I still can’t believe people still think that the nine-to-five is the best way to make a living, or myself I’m doing it six-to-four! I know crazy hours! We’re always out there trading time for money, and never having enough time when we get home to enjoy the things that…

  • Climate Change Drives Child Marriage in Bangladesh
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    Climate Change Drives Child Marriage in Bangladesh

    The rate of child marriage in coastal areas is double compared to other parts of the country. Parents claim that, during the course of climate changes the recurrence of natural disaster, loss of crops and poor financial condition compels them to marry off their children early. During his expedition to the remote coastal areas of Bhola, Saurav Rahman has made two episodes of reports on this. Visuals has been taken by Jahirul Huda. Sharif para Primary School. The only place for education in this coastal village, Char Patila. In this school there is an average of 50 students in class three. But the number falls down to 30 in class…

  • Miami University Love & Honor
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    Miami University Love & Honor

    “How much more lovely “the dull gray block upon which we walk “when interrupted, broken “and torn at the corners “Showing instead a patch of earth “How much more lovely these old red bricks “Found ever framed by oak and beech and cherry “How much more lovely to walk out of your door “and bid good morning first to the walnuts and maples “Because the sun is still struggling to make his way “through their loving arms “And the dreamy haze of promise that accompanies each day “How much more lovely.” MALE STUDENT 1: I was walking through academic quad. That perfect moment where you see all the sun’s glistening…

  • Let’s Make Friendship Necklaces | ft. Tim Kubart | Classroom Activities For Kids
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    Let’s Make Friendship Necklaces | ft. Tim Kubart | Classroom Activities For Kids

    (lively guitar strumming) – Hey there, this is my friend Tim Kubart. – Hey friends. – And we have this plate of colored pastas. – [Tim] We sure do. – Yes, in different colors of the rainbow. We’re gonna sort them out and put them on the right plate so all the colors match and then we’re gonna make something special with them. – Can’t wait. – Yeah. Well, first let’s sort them. We see a couple different colors here. – [Tim] Okay. – [Caitie] We’ve got blue, so that’ll go on the blue plate. – [Tim] And I see a green one so I’m gonna put it on the…

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    Ruben Henao, Student Affairs in Higher Education Alumnus

    A little background information about me: I’ve obtained my bachelor’s and master’s at Fairleigh Dickinson University, a small private school in Jersey, and I was looking at different master’s programs and actually, through vice presidents and other people, alumni of the Student Affairs program at IUP, they suggested this was a great program in terms of practical experience and theory. I looked into the program, I was offered an assistantship, and I decided to come here. I had no idea where Indiana, Pennsylvania, was, and it was one of the best experiences I’ve had. I think what makes the Student Affairs program at IUP unique is the fact that one…

  • GPS-Reflectometry
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    Have you ever thought about doing remote sensing with a GPS receiver? Yes! And it’s called GPS reflectometry. But what is GPS reflectometry? We already know that any GPS receiver gets signals from GPS satellites to estimate its position. But this is not the whole story. The receiver also is able to receive signals reflected from the surrounding area. Now, these signals are playing the role of a remote sensing tool – a free one. So, they contain information about the reflective surface. Based on what the surrounding surface is, this technique can be applied to measure soil moisture, snow depth, ice thickness, and so on. This is GPS reflectometry.

  • Brain in love: The science of attachment in relationships | Helen Fisher | Big Think
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    Brain in love: The science of attachment in relationships | Helen Fisher | Big Think

    Along with the evolution of pair bonding millions of years ago came to brain circuitry for feelings of deep attachment to a partner. And I and my colleagues have put over 100 people into the brain scanner and studied not only the brain circuitry for romantic love but the brain circuitry for deep feelings of attachment. We know some of the basic brain regions that become activated when you feel that cosmic sense of union with somebody. And we know some of the chemicals too. The oxytocin and vasopressin system are now linked with feelings of calm and attachment. So we’ve really stumbled on not only the brain circuitry of…