• Relationship/Marriage Goals Part 1 (God At The Center) – Pastor Mike And Natalie Todd
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    Relationship/Marriage Goals Part 1 (God At The Center) – Pastor Mike And Natalie Todd

    [Music] we think that this message today is going to help you if you’re single out you’re gonna be thankful that you’re not married tell them if they’re dating and and and you’ll value your singleness more today than ever before hearing this message if you’re dating and you’re engaged you are gonna find things that you’re gonna prepare for in future marriage or find ways to prevent humps that May or bumps that may come in the road and if you’re married this is gonna take your marriage to the next level or it’s just gonna be a nice little tune-up for your marriage and so this is what…

  • Aerosmith, Vegas & The First Time I’ve Seen My Girlfriend Cry
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    Aerosmith, Vegas & The First Time I’ve Seen My Girlfriend Cry

    Guarantee you I did not do that right. Oh yeah. Thank You. You’re Welcome. *clink clank* In a few hours we’re going to Vegas to see Aerosmith. Bloopie’s favorite band. Can’t you tell how excited she is? I’m VERY excited. It’s gonna be great. So, for a little bit of context, we’re going to Vegas to see Aerosmith. It was my Christmas Gift to MK. She’s a huge Aerosmith fan. So yeah, we’re going to Vegas. Welcome to Las Vegas. There’s a card and chocolates right there. I’m confused. And someone’s purse in that chair. So what do we do, just go back down? Like, did someone leave this stuff…

  • MEET MY GIRLFRIEND…. (I’m DATING a Youtuber)
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    MEET MY GIRLFRIEND…. (I’m DATING a Youtuber)

    – Yo, Team Morgz, this is like, this is mental seams right here. (screams) There’s an upstairs bro, there’s an upstairs, oi, oi. No way, is that a balcony? Yes, it is, holy no, no. Hello guys, and welcome back to another video which I seem to be starting in my car. – My car. – Oh, okay, mom’s car. Quick shout out to mom repping the Dior sunglasses. That’s a mom with swagger right there. Now I’ve been getting packed for the past hour because I’m going up to stay in London and that’s cool but it meant one thing, it meant that mom got away without a prank…

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    – So, you and your spouse agreed to do a weekly check-in, but then the time comes and you just wanna avoid it. I get it. Stay tuned and I’ll share three ways in how to overcome marriage problems and connecting. If you’re excited about this video, give us a like, subscribe, and hit the notification bell for a new video every Wednesday. Hi, my name is Danielle West, and my husband and I have co-founded intentionalmarriages.net. We have mentored over a hundred couples on these type of topics, and we find that most couples wanna just brush the little things under the rug, but what we find over time…

  • Boys Love Yoga! — Yoga Couple Challenge
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    Boys Love Yoga! — Yoga Couple Challenge

    Jakub: We are about to do the— Vitalii: We are doing the Yoga Couple Challenge today! Originally, we planned to record— We planned to record “Talking Russian to my boyfriend for 24 hours” But Jakub destroyed it all. That’s why we are going to record the Yoga Challenge! Vitalii: I want to do this pose. Jakub: Is this how it’s supposed to look? Vitalii: Not really… Vitalii: I like this pose more. Jakub: This one will be easy. Jakub: I feel like we are both using the same toilet… Vitalii: Let’s do this one! It looks like the letter “W”! Jakub: That’s it? Vitalii: No. We need to straighten our…

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    Can You Ever Trust Your Husband Again?

    Let me ask you a question: how devastating is a lie? Has your husband ever lied to you? How did you feel? Did you forgive him? Well then why does your heart still hurt? And why do you still feel angry? Well forgiveness and trust are not the same thing. Forgiveness is a gift you offer someone who has wronged you. The trust is not a gift that can be handed right back. It builds over time. So if you ever asked yourself the question will I ever be able to trust my husband again? It’s a great question and a heartbreaking one. And one I had to ask. You…